Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Quote for the Weekend

All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one... characteristic we must posses if we are to face the future as finishers.

-Henry David Thoreau


Kim said...

Love it. Thanks for the awesome quote Marit. I was just thinking how you decided to hyphenate your last name. If I would have done that to mine, it would have been DeNovellis-Schwabenbauer. Our kids wouldn't have passed first grade trying to spell that! Ha! Hopeyou had a great weekend!

Amber Rydholm said...

This has been a good quote for me heading into IM taper, thanks for sharing it! Hope all is well in the C-L household. The rydholms are holding down the fort, but getting ready (very ready) to fly the coop. take care!

Sally said...

Marit - I love reading your blog! Your spirit comes through each time you write. And I feel like I'm talking right with you. Can't wait to see you in person. With Love to my friend Marit!!!

Anonymous said...

OK Marit...I'm officially worried about you. No post in over a week?! Hope all is well.