Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun with Friends!

Things are always easier in pairs, I've found. Two peas in a pod. Bacon and eggs. Biscuits and gravy. And before you think this is ALL about food, let me assure you, it's not.

Other examples:

Running shoes, belt and purse, earrings, pancakes and syrup (oops, couldn't help it).

But you get the idea.

Yesterday Kim Schwabenbauer ( Mar-sh-mellow, Ma-rit, right?) flew into town for a few days of sunshine, fun, and training. In that order.

Well, almost.

Today began with an early session of Master's swimming. Nothing like jumping into a cold pool from a colder pool deck (temps in upper 30s this morning) under the inky black sky. But I swear the water felt warm after 10 minutes or so of desperate flailing and swimming. It was all I could do to keep myself from sprinting back into the locker room and under the tepid showers.

But we survived the workout, the cooler temps on deck, and were no worse for the wear. And by the end of the swim, Kim was cruising along with the best of them, keeping her new found lane friends in check while she pushed the pace. I think I caught a glimpse or two of her under water, but I wasn't sure. Instead I was trying my best to keep from hyperventilating during our 400s. Holy Cow and Happy New Year from the Monday coach!

But we survived, and hot coffee, tea, and all sorts of breakfast food awaited our return. It was wonderful!

The rest of the day passed in a flash. Between putting together her bike, picking up mine from Solana Beach (power tap is finally hooked up: my ability to figure the darned thing out is another matter all together), window shopping, lunch in Encinitas, functional strength and core (thank you Jen Harrison!), lots and lots of chatting over dinner and a glass of wine (no wine tasting YET, that's for after we climb Palomar tomorrow), the day is finally done.

And now it's late at night: I'm sitting in bed, Nathaniel asleep next to me, Universal Sports on in the background. I'm reflecting on everything that happened today. The laughter, the training, the good times, the discussions - even though I only met Kim for the first time yesterday, I feel a connection to her, similar to the bond that I share with my Camp HTFU girls. Like she gets me, like I get her, like we've been friends for a long time - instead of just through our blogs.

There's something so wonderful about this sport, the people in this sport. And while I enjoy my solitude, enjoy the long rides and runs on my own, there's something so special about getting through a tough workout, a hard set, a ridiculous amount of lunges with someone else by your side.

And affirmation, perhaps, that you're not alone. That you're in this together, and that if the other person can survive, can get through - then you can too.

Tomorrow I'm going to need all the help I can get.

We're climbing Palomar.

And while I love the mountain, have an incredible amount of respect for it, and grow leaps and bounds with each climb - it's so much sweeter to share the experience with someone else. To know that another person is there with you, is working towards the same goal as you are.

I feel like I found myself, discovered who I was when I first climbed the mountain with Liz, Chris, and Sherpa Tomas back in March of 2008. The experience was that profound. When we first moved to California, I told Jen that I wanted to return to Palomar, to climb it again.

And again I discovered myself, at a much deeper, more reflective level this past December when I returned on my own. It strips away your layers, forces you to face who you are and what you're made of.

But I'll save the introspective stuff for later.

After all, I don't want to give away all the surprises, if I can help it.

I DO know, that training with friends, spending time with people who just get you, understand why you are the way you are, is absolutely fantastic. And being able to share those profound places, revel in the moments that have touched your life, make it all the better.

So today was fun times in the pool, and even better times with Jen's functional strength workout. Tomorrow is Mt. Palomar. And trust me when I say that when we make it to the top, we are so getting hot cocoa.

Until tomorrow! And here's hoping that wherever YOU are, you've got a great training partner, a great friend to share those special moments with. I feel so incredibly lucky that I do!


ADC said...

Good luck tomorrow. And enjoy your hot cocoa.

Laura said...

Great friends and training partners make it all worth it! Have fun on the mountain.

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you and Kim are having a great time! Yes, when we have great training partners, nothing is better! HOPE Polamar went well today. I am sure it did.

Maijaleena said...

I hope Palomar was good and you had fun! Sounds like you two are having a blast.

Chris said...

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