Friday, October 12, 2007

Hello World!

Well, I figured it was time to start a blog. I love writing, I especially love reading, and one of my favoite past times is curling up on the couch with either a great book OR the computer. So here we go! But that has little do do with one of my other favorite pasttimes - triathlon. There's just something about this crazy sport that I love - weather its the challenges of training, the fantastic friendships that I've made, the awsome highs and yes, even the lowest of lows - I find myself constantly learning. It's not always easy, but I guess that's how life is - not always easy (or fun), but we all have to get through it. But it's how we handle ourselves in these situations, that can be true testaments to our character. I guess this blog will be a great outlet for me as I prep for my final races this season (yes, I'm STILL racing), and as I get ready to attempt my first Ironman (Arizona, here I come!). And yes, like most of the tri blogs that I read, they're not all about triathlon, but more about life. So I'll have a bunch of stuff that's non-tri related as well. So if you're ready, hop on that couch, curl up, and enjoy!

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