Wednesday, May 20, 2009

8 Thingies!

This has been going around on a few blogs lately, and I kind of enjoy stuff like this. Especially when stuck in the doldrums of California's May Grey and my final big push towards Ironman Coeur d'Alene (there - I said it!).

So...without further ado....My lists of 8 Thingies:

8 Thingies I am looking forward to:

1) Spending time with Nathaniel over Memorial Day weekend. Even though I've got a lot of training on the docket, he's got some time off. We plan to make the most of it!
2) Seeing my parents at Ironman CDA. Both Mom and Dad (and hopefully Nate!) will be out there for the race, and I can't wait!
3) There's this thing called Ironman in my not-too-distant-future...
4) A piece of sheet cake after my 7+ hour ride on Saturday.
5) Reading on the back porch, surrounded by flowers.
6) Nathaniel finishing up his final phase of helicopter training and re-joining the fleet (mixed feelings, as this means he'll also start deploying again. Let's just take things one at a time...)
7) Going to Hawaii for the FIRST TIME EVER in October (for this race thingy...)
8) Post IM CDA cruise/vacation with Nathaniel (as long as he's DONE with his training squadron), Mom, Dad, and Karyna. Best post-IM, heck, post-race trip planned EVER!

8 Thingies I did yesterday:

1) Practiced writing
2) Bike + Run workout (4 hours total?)
3) Told my ART therapist that I would rather be giving birth. To which he replied, "You're the fifth woman who has said that..."
4) Ran errands: Petsmart for stuff for kitty cleaner, grocery store for diet coke and feminine products...the essentials.
5) Deadheaded the Jasmine plant - by far the MOST NEEDY plant that we've got.
6) Went to Barnes & Noble to look for a book, but got a different book.
7) Shouted at riders in the Giro d'Italia replay on though they could really hear me
8) Cleaned around the house - though you could NEVER tell (small sigh).

8 Thingies I would like to do:

1) Get over my fear of sharks. And the belief that I will be eaten within 30 seconds of going in the ocean past my hips.
2) Not be nervous whenever Nathaniel has a flight.
3) Figure out what I want to do with my life - this is a biggie. We move a lot - yes. And I've worked many different sorts of jobs in my life. Sometimes I wish we could be in ONE place, and I could settle down and figure out what it really is I wanted. I don't know if this is just a 1)military spouse thing - because many of my counterparts have managed beautifully 2) or the fact that there are so many different directions that I could go is it just a Marit thing? And its hard because I think about long term, and I really don't know where we'll be even in 3 years, 5 years... I have thought about going back to school - but for what? I love writing and literature, am fascinated by nutrition and exercise physiology. But what if I start a program and we move in the process? Or what if its just wrong for me and I waste a lot of time, energy, effort, and resources? So...I really would love to find my niche and run with it. It's out there... I just need to be patient and figure a few things out. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? I'm always open...
4) Ironman. Yes, I'm jumping the gun on this... BUT...the first one I was supposed to do didn't happen. KNOCK ON WOOD - I'll be good to go for CDA and beyond. So it goes on the list.
5) Write a book
6) Travel with Nathaniel - races DO NOT count!
7) Keep my tomato plant alive (not looking so good at the moment)
8) Accomplish my season goals.

8 shows I watch:

1) Survivor (need I say more?)
2) The Office
3) The Amazing Race
4) That Crab Fishing Show Thingy with Nathaniel (Deadliest Catch)
5) British Comedy (when its on, even though we own a lot of the series)
6) Ghost Hunters
7) Anything sports related on Universal Sports or Versus (read: cycling, triathlon, swimming, track & field, bull riding if the timing is right and I'm trashed from a workout)
8) Football with Nathaniel


Jen said...

I'm with you on the "what I want to do" thing. I always call it the "what I want to do when I grow up" thing :)

Who knows. As long as you are happy with who you are, the rest will follow.

Jen Lynn {hearts} sheet cake!

Missy said...

I love Crabs, great show, I don't know why!?

Great lists and yeah, Ironman does not count as a vacation. Got to take a real one every once in a while.

What IS it about pilots (of any kind)? Flying is just in their blood. I don't think they can help it. You never met a pilot who said - I hate my job! They all love it.

Can't worry about 3-5 years from now, you gotta do what's best for right now. If it's school, it's school, can't obsess about non-transferring credits!

ADC said...

I know what you mean about worrying about Nate - I do that all the time with Shaun and he's kind of got used to having to call me etc.
Wanna travel more with Nate - how about come over to the UK to visit us - you will both love it and Shaun can give Nate a nice little army tour.
Military spouse and jobs - uh uh. It is all so difficult. Being a military spouse i know exactly what you mean. I have somehow managed to work for the past 5-6 years (but that meant spending less time with Shaun) but I definitely plan to eventually retrain as a primary school teacher because I can always get a job wherever Shaun gets posted. If I could turn back the clock I would become a doctor and not a lawyer - my best friend who is also a military spouse is a doctor and they have moved every 2 years for the past 10 years but she always worked and managed to get a job easily. Let me know if you find something that really interests you. The problem is whether to do something that interests you or something which will be good for moving every few years.

Maijaleena said...

Great list of 8's! I love these sorts of things! You have a lot of travel coming up for you. The cruise should be fun! Good post ironman reward!

Ryan said...

When you figure out what you want to do will you give me a little insight please. As a fellow military spouse I am tired of people asking, "so, what do you do?"

I travel across the country every 2 1/2 years blowing any opportunity of having a real career. That being said I would totally work at trader joes or fresh market to secure a sweet employee discount...except my lovely part of country doesn't have one right now, but they are building a new Tractor Supply Store down the road.

Happy Memorial day to you and your fellow.

Train safe!

Sherry Lynn said...

Figure out what I want to do with my life.
I think this is a more common feeling than most folks are even aware of. I think about it ALL the time! I just can't nail it down; I have so many interests. If you discover the 'secret' of how to figure this puzzle out, please let me know. :o)

IM CDA... very excited for you!