Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yours Truly and Charisa last Saturday somewhere along the Lake Henshaw loop. Is it just me, or is the backdrop reminiscent of Mordor from Lord of the Rings (minus the volcano)? I think so... Then again - this is an epic loop, and that's an epic movie...and my parched brain makes odd connections during times of great work/pain/effort. Thanks to Caroline for the image!

The past week has literally flown by. I've started and not finished four different posts. Either I'm loosing brain cells by the day (which it FEELS like after some of my training sessions), or just have a difficult time with time management. I'd prefer the latter, but have a feeling the first is a major contributor.

Who knows, though.

To keep it simple - I'll provide a few highlights. And I'll keep it short...more for my sake than for yours.
See - this makes everyone happy! Mer, Shannon, and myself.

Hello Open Water! Friday I swam in The Cove - AND DIDN'T GET EATEN! Yes, I ventured out for my first NON-RACE OPEN PACIFIC OCEAN WATER SWIM. And survived (cue me jumping up and down cheering). Thanks to Shannon and Stephen for taking me where I've never gone before. This deserves its own post...and I won't fail. I DID see two sharks - but they were baby leopards and not scary. And a huge bat ray. And lots of cute bright orange fish... And...I think I'll...go...back...? Yes - I've decided, that I will.

Indecent. When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. And yes, squatting behind your open car door in a casino parking lot before climbing Mt. Palomar is possible, just not advisable. Especially when the hedges on the other side offer little if no protection from automobiles of high stature. Like tour buses. Oh well. I wasn't the only one - Shannon set the trend and I'm not ashamed to admit I followed.

Gold Star Award! And it goes to Shannon. Not only did this amazing friend earn her PhD, but she braved SEVERAL workouts with me over the past two weeks. I was only half-joking when I suggested we climb Palomar together, and she agreed. Its one thing to climb this mountain when you're in full training mode...but Shannon has been diligently working towards her degree and getting ready for a move up to Berkley. Even she joked that she wasn't in shape for it. BUT SHE DID IT. If it was hard for me - and I've been doing a lot of training - I KNOW it was a beast for her. She is ROCK SOLID.

Heavenly drinks. Back in Florida after hot and long workouts, I craved Coke. After Wednesday's ride - it was Squirt. Perhaps it was the altitude? Who knows? Whatever it was 1) it was delicious and 2) it reminded me of my Dad, who used to drink Squirt all the time when I was growing up

Laying down. As soon as I do it, I'm nearly asleep. Trust me on....


I'm back! Sorry about that - but a common occurrence at this point in my training (JUST before my IM CDA taper begins) And yes, there are confirmed monsters under the bed. The Mini Monster is fierce when it comes to shoe strings....

I LOVE Nathaniel. I'm so lucky to have him in my my best My Other Half (okay, I'll stop before it gets out of hand). Putting up with me when I'm 1) tired from training 2) hungry from training 3) cranky from training 4) gone because I'm training - well, he gets The BEST HUSBAND OUT THERE award. This morning we celebrated by sleeping in and picking up donuts together. Aaaahhhhh..... bliss!

Good Girls! The kitties are actually, almost, sort-of, maybe getting along? Errr - well, Tabbitha was mostly asleep, therefore unaware of how close the Mini Monster was getting. She probably thought it was me, resting my arm against her girth or something. All I know is that I've NEVER seen Anabelle lay a paw on Tabbitha without consequences. I was too afraid to move - and Nathaniel couldn't resist getting the shot. Proof that miracles DO exist.

Holy Cow! I nearly dropped the computer when I saw Denis Menchov slide out on the final time trial of the Giro d'Italia. Although quick reaction time by both him AND his team saved the day. But eeks.... note to self: biking on wet slick cobblestones at upwards of 30 miles per hour is NOT a good idea... Not that I ever would or could do that... Watching the Giro these past three weeks has been GREAT! And inspired me to climb more mountains on the bike.

T.V. After pushing myself for x amount of hours holding y zone and z pace and...and...and.... I just need to zone out. Seriously.

Shannon. Yeah, I know I already mentioned her...but she's become one of my closest friends down here and its hard for me to see her go. I know that the move up to Berkley to pursue her post doctorate is the right thing for her - but its still tough to say good-bye. I'm used to being the one who has to leave my friends and move its tough. And I'm sad that I won't see her as often as I'd like. I know that she's just a few hours up the road...but still. Thanks for all the GREAT times Shannon!


ADC said...

That sounds like a perfect week. Yep it's always strange when other people move away because ww are so used to moving and the first time I found it quite hard but you get used to it.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I think it is just awesome that you faced your fears and swam in the cove! Sounds like you had an amazing training week. Can't wait to meet you at CDA and cheer for you when I see you out on the course.

Mel said...

How FUN is it that you get to hang out with such fun girls...Mer and Sassy S are so cute!!! Good for you Marit to take on that cove as we all know how much you LOVE sharks:)...and Little Monster is not so little anymore..he is sooo sweet..he looks like he is loving his home, he is such a luck kitty that you found him and took care of his injuries...and YES you got my cats name right Gizmo...I luv him...his whiskers grew back and he finally grew into his big ears..he is like a baby and falls a sleep in our arms:) Cats ROCK!!!

Angi Axmann said...

I heard about the Cove Swim when I was in Cali, and about the orange fish!!! But I didn't have the guts to go-you are soooo brave!!! And you didn't even run out of the water after seeing the 2 sharks? (Baby or not, I would have been out of the water:-) cause I am a chicken!!!).
Nice work on all the training, have fun during Taper time, and after all the good training your race will be GREAT!!!

Missy said...

Sounds like you've turned into an irontard;) Yep, hypoxic, don't make sense, can fall asleep on the toilet. Actually, sounds perfect, you're ready!

Always sad to see friends go, that's for sure. Onward and upward.

Mmmm, donuts....

Roo said...

My dad and I used to drink Squirt too! Thanks for the memory!

Beth said...

Sounds like some awesome and wonderful training Marit - with good friends and training partners! Can't ask for more than that!

I had to look up what a "bat ray" was. You are brave to swim in that ocean but getting over those fears is awesome.

Enjoy the taper!!! You've certainly earned it! :) I can't believe we are already getting to that point. You are so strong Marit, time to let the body soak it all in.

Charisa said...

Great ride - thanks for the fun! You're going to have to go race a bunch up in SF so you can hang out with Shannon and see her lots :)

Trigirlpink said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.. you are gonna kick some serious butt at CdA there sista. Losing brain cells? IM training does that! MMMMMMMM.. donuts!!!

OH! I almost forgot!! The kitty kat pic. I can't believe you actually got the *paw on* shot!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Great training weekend! Love the kitty photo!

Runner Leana said...

Sounds like some great workouts Marit (as usual)! Nicely done!

Sorry to hear your friend Shannon is moving away!

Heidi Austin said...

two sharks! eeek.... you are soo brave marit. I think the ray would have scared me too! Way to face your fears girl! Must say-I'm very impressed :)

Caroline said...

Good job on the open water swim. I've been here for years and I'm still scared (was out there last yr on THE day and rarely go back. I need to though :( ).
GREAT riding with you on Sat. Happy we fought through the rain. You're so so strong! Super stoked to have found a new training partner- especially since you're a fellow big ten rower! (I just remembered the name of the boat I raced in at Wisco- Red Ribbons. haha!)

Anonymous said...

i know two marits so YOU ARE famously known as ZORA in our household!!

Congrats at all the IM training! Phew! I don't know anybody else you has as much STRENGTH mentally and physically as you! WOW, you can fly on the run and this gal (YOU!) can haul it on the bike! You my friend have overcome many obstacles and after persevering YOU have gone BEYOND! what a feeling it must be! SUCH an inspiration you ARE!

Your cats, awhhh soo sweet!

I have a question for you about the sizing on your Plasma..... since you are practically the same size as me....are you riding the XS or S? I emailed linsey corbin, she's taller than us (5'8" and is riding the S)

Thnx for your help in advance!
i don't have a blog so if you would prefer you could shoot an email to me ....Steph
OR you could just respond here, whatever works will work for me!!

oohhhh only 20days left before some more memory -making events!!!

Shan said...

Oh Marit!! I feel honored to be a part of your blog post - thankfully you didn't write about how much I suffered up Palomar... ;)

It's only been a few days and I miss you SO MUCH! But we'll be seeing each other before you know it - and it's going to be FUN! I promise I'll scout out all the epic rides up here so I can show you them all :).

Love ya! xoxo I'll write/email/call you soon!!!

Kim said...

What a great post Marit. So great to see you enjoying your training and having fun! You are just doing amazing! Open water swim! GO GIRL.. way to not be afraid and tackle it! You are so cool, I'm sure they are lining up to be your friend out there. I miss you and am so excited to see what happens at CDA. Seroiusly, you are going to rock it!

Courtenay said...

i must say, you have impeccable fashion sense, particularly when it comes to spandex

Anonymous said...

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