Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy in Coeur d'Alene


I'm here.


And... OH. MY. GOSH!

I'm doing an Ironman in....well....a little over 32 hours. (Not that I'm counting or anything....)

And because of the late hour, this post will definitely NOT do my experience thus far any justice.

Coeur d'Alene is beautiful - a little rainy and stunning - but absolutely beautiful. While being pelted with rain and some wind during my 30 minute bike ride today, I thought that my Chicago counterparts would fit RIGHT in. Jen - with all the weather she's raced in this past season - in particular. But hey - it's a race and we ALL deal with the elements, right?

So far, the chips are falling into place. I've had a chance to meet some great people and make new friends - HELLO Blog world! You DO infact exist! And then my parents arrived from Minnesota earlier - so its been one thing after another. I'm happy to say that I've never felt alone. Which is great, and I'm sure will be vastly different from how I'm feeling while lining up race morning.

Other things? I met Sister Madona Buder, and to HER great surprise, insisted on giving her a hug. I think I blabbed incoherently about how incredible she is (and I truly believe that), and what an inspiration she is to ALL atheltes. And then - without permission - I gave her a hug. Wonderful. But you can't help but smile when you meet someone like that - she's just wonderful. And no - she's not racing. Instead, she informed me, she would be volunteering - helping out with the wetsuit stripping, at some of the aid stations, and then in the medical tent. "So I'll have all the bases covered!" she assured me.

And I had to hug her again.

I'm sure everyone else around me thought I was nuts, but oh well.

And in the BEST bit of news... NATHANIEL IS FLYING IN ON SATURDAY!!!! He finished his FINAL 2 flights of helicopter training and is OFFICIALLY done with flight school. YEA! So Saturday afternoon, he'll be arriving in Spokane - and I just can't wait.

I think that's everything from my end (for now). I'm sure there will be more later... plenty more.

I DO want to say thank you to everyone who has sent emails, texts, calls, and face book messages - they are all touching and it makes me feel incredibly fortunate and lucky to have the support from so many whom I have never had the pleasure of meething. Things should hopefully calm down a little tomorrow - but I am grateful to you all. THANK YOU!

Hope that wherever you are, you're happy and doing what you love. Because I know that I am.


Missy said...

Rock it sista and now that God is on your side - pretty sure that Sr. Madona Buder has a direct line - you're golden! And Nathaniel is coming, couldn't be any better. Sounds like everything is falling in place.

Shake down your equipment today, check it in early and get out of there - go sit down, watch tv, stretch and play games BECAUSE TOMORROW, IT'S ON!

Damie said...

Go Marit Go! Congrats to Nathanial too! Don't stalk Sister Madonna all weekend either...hee hee!

Pedergraham said...

Hurray! Damie's comment is so funny. I am so glad that you got to squeeze the Sister a little. We are all cheering for you Marit and I am hoping that tomorrow is just the BEST, BETTER, BESTEST day ever.

D10 said...

Awesome news about Nathaniel! Have a blast tomorrow. Trust your training. Can't wait to read all about it.

Jen said...

I'm SO HAPPY that the hubs will get to be there for your big race! That's great! Have an awesome day tomorrow :)

runningyankee said...

yea he made it!! that is fantastic. so glad he will be there to celebrate this day with you. sending you all kinds of good vibes out there :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

That is FANTASTIC news that Nathanial will be here!

D said...

GREAT to stay with you the first night and be just down the hall now (seriously, what are the chances?). It's a great weekend and I can't wait to get out there tomorrow to scream my head off for ya. :)

Maijaleena said...

I bet she gets hugged by a lot of people :) Sounds like you are ready and excited!!! And have a great support team there. Ingredients for a great race. It is really beautiful there. Take time to enjoy the scenery.

Bob Mitera said...

Hi Marit - Have a ball tomorrow. Madonna is a great lady. Once, racing in Missouri we had a great laugh.

You're right where you should be! Crush it.

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

I already posted on your Facebook, but I have to post here again too :-) GO GET EM' GIRL!!!! You are going to do GREAT tomorrow and its just a warm-up for Kona!!!!

Beth said...

Oh yeah!!! I'm so glad to hear that Nathaniel will be able to come tonight! FUN!!! I'm so excited for you Marit. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. We are rooting for you!!

Angi Axmann said...

GOOD LUCK!!! You will do so great!!! I am so excited to track you online and follow your race. Have fun out there!!! Angi

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