Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Donut Run!

Nothing like starting your day off with hot, fresh, donuts, right? All week I've been looking forward to Saturday's workout - as it ONLY entailed a 60 minute run. Cue: me jumping up and down for joy. Oh wiat, and also cue: Nathaniel jumping up and down for joy.

I think this is the FIRST time in recent memory where my derriere hasn't been planted firmly on my bike seat for gobs of time. And that's saying a lot. But with eight (yes EIGHT) days out from Ironman Coeur d'Alene (knock on wood!), I'm supposed to be kicking back and taking it easy. So believe me when I say that I am.

But I still had to complete today's prescribed run.

I don't really know where I got the idea...maybe it was Nathaniel mentioning donuts yesterday...or perhaps I recalled all the point-to-point runs that Charisa has done...or maybe I was just tired of the same out-and-back loop. But two minutes after checking my schedule, the plan was hatched.

I would run 60 minutes towards the donut shop (looping back, if necessary to add extra time on the off chance that I arrived before my hour was complete), and Nathaniel would meet me promptly 60 minutes later at said donut shop, after I walked out the door. PERFECT! I would be (literally!): running for donuts.

I can not tell you how many times I've run or rode past that shop - hoping for a freak thunderstorm or a flat tire... But today it was my destination! YES!

I threw together a few things for myself post-run (dry, warm clothes, water, chocolate milk...the necessities), bid Nathaniel farewell, grabbed the camera, and headed out the door. This is what I saw...

Rain clouds between the condos near where we live. Hello "June Gloom!"

Looking down the tracks from where I came. No trains - not right now anyway.

One of the little "bumps" on my way out to the coast. I think the condo to the left near the lady and her dog is still for sale... Any takers?

Ah yes! That FIRST Ocean View of the run. Brilliant!

Okay - officially on the 101 and headed south! Note the power plant and lovely ocean view. I LOVE living out here, in spite of the May Grey and June Gloom.

I'm always amazed at the Bouganvalia bush across from the power plant. Oops - beware of puddles!

Couldn't resist this shot. The ocean was a bit choppy today, but waves weren't all that big. Just a little wishy-washy, I suppose. Than again, my vantage point was much different from that of a surfer.

Great little path, bordered by succulents. FYI: succulents are NOT cacti, but cacti are a type of succulents. I bet you were wondering about that... And I know this because Nathaniel informed me of it - he thinks the little buggers are fascinating. Bet you didn't know that either.

Looking south towards South Carlsbad State Beach, and then further towards Encinitas (and the donut shop!)

Wall of succulents on 101 for Nathaniel.

Another ocean shot near South Carlsbad State Beach. I took it across the street from the above succulent shot. I *think* the motorists and other runners though I was nuts - stopping every few minutes to take a picture. Well sheesh! Its not often that I run with a camera - OR give myself permission TO STOP and take pictures, so there you go.

Back on the 101 with a GREAT shoulder for biking (and running). I always smell campfires and hear laughter while running past this spot - the camping grounds are just to my right on the other side of the brush.

US and USMC flag. Need I say more?

A very weird plant "thingy" between Ponto State Beach and South Carlsbad State Beach (you can see the lifeguard tower in the back ground). I thought about taking a picture, but then kept going. About five seconds down the road I reasoned that I had already taken a zillion pictures and what's one more picture? Besides, it wasn't an ocean shot or US 101 shot.

Looking to the East, towards the hills I ride through. La Costa bluffs are on the far right...

Okay - finally leaving Carlsbad. Although I'm not very impressed with the sign. Especially when you compare it to....

Leucadia! Well, actually - Leucadia, a community of Encinitas! What does this mean? In 1986, the communities of Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Olivenhain, and Village Park incorporated into once city (Encinitas), but still maintained their distinct individuality. I think it had a lot to do with voting for local issues and the development of coastal towns between LA and San Diego...but don't quote me on that one...

First glimpse of the donut shop! YEA!! It looks busy, though. Good think I've still got a few minutes left to run...

Turn around at the tiki. I think he could most DEFINITELY use a donut!

Done! View from the other side of the donut shop, looking north. I like the south view more...

What a picturesque shop - complete with the token police car. I swear it was there when I arrived.

There he is! I don't know if he was as excited to see me as he was to eat donuts. Actually, I think I could say the same. But it was a FUN date we shared :)

Nathaniel eating his Maple Donut. YUM!

And me, with my favorite white-frosting-with-rainbow-sprinkles donut. Worth the run. Totally.

Can't forget about the post-run recovery drink, right? Chocolate milk to the rescue (with donut, of course).

It was great to mix things up a bit today...and in the end, the sun even came out. Perfect!

Good luck to EVERYONE racing, spectating, and doing all things (sports and non-sports) related. Hope that you kicked it off in a great way! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Oooh don't you just love when you can get out, take pictures and really enjoy your surroundings without peeking at your watch every couple minutes or counting steps or focusing on your form or... oh I could go on - HEE HEE! I am SOOOOO excited for you to race your first IM because I know its been a LONG time coming and you have done the work not once but twice so you are READY!!!!!

D said...

Marit, I'm rather disappointed in you. I mean, chocolate milk instead of Diet Coke? Really. We're going to have to discuss this in CDA. Guess who gets to hang out in 5 days!!!!! YAY!

Most of my runs finish at Starbucks. I love my post-run frappuccino. It's especially awesome with all this awesome sun & heat we're getting :D (I think it's actually been a bit warmer here that there)

Maijaleena said...

I drink the strawberry and vanilla versions of that for my recovery drink! Running for donuts is a fun idea!

cherelli said...

You're so lucky to live so close to the beach and you actually take photos on the fly - or "stop-click-run"?? Anyways have a blast at CdA, I hope it is a fantastic day for you, enjoy every moment, even the painful bit coz they're what you've worked to get through!!

Beth said...

So Oscar says to me on our run this morning..."did you see on FB how Marit RAN TO THE DONUT SHOP"!!!! All excited like that was the best idea he has ever heard of in his whole entire life!! I see a donut shop run in our near future too... ;) Sounds like a great day and thanks for all those pictures!

Marni said...

I was worried to read this post. I will close my right eye so I only see the chocolate milk :)
You are going to do great at the IM!!! :)

runningyankee said...

OMG i'm in love with where you live. how fantastic. you're giving me ideas for my own donut run... hmmmmm.....happy resting!!

Mer! said...

AHH! I LOVE the photo run!! Awesome, so glad you were able to capture all the moments. My favorite line is:

"FYI: succulents are NOT cacti, but cacti are a type of succulents." If you hadn't told me Nathaniel told you this, I SWORE it was a Marit statement (re: our discussion on sharks over the greasy mexican food)...=0

SO CUTE and the donuts and you guys are adorable!!

Runner Leana said...

A donut run, I love it! Runs with a purpose are great, and it sounds like a really fun time with your hubs. Love the pictures too!