Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to life, back to...reality?

Not that I ever really liked that song, but its a start. And its all that I could think of while slogging through the last 3-5 minutes of my transition run today. I think even the mailman felt sorry for me; you know its bad when he gives you a sympathetic glance and inquires about your health.

Hello summer training in Southern California!

Back to the reality of our lives, I guess.

Not that I'm complaining: far from it.

Nathaniel has checked into his new squadron (The Gunfighters!) and because of his affiliation, I am now a "Gunfighter Gal". Ha ha. You think I'm joking - but I'm not. And the handy tea towel that I was given at the first spouse's meeting last night confirms that fact. But I know The Hubby is very happy to be out of flight school and back in the fleet.

Even though one of the women turned to me and delightfully shrieked, "So YOU GUYS are the boot!" (For all those non-military types, "the boot" is reserved for the newest and generally youngest person at the squadron. FYI - not exactly a term of endearment).

I just stood a little taller (all 5'4 of me) and replied, "Yeah, for a Captain with seven years and two ground combat tours, I'm sure that term really applies to us."

What else could I do? Some people (read: spouses) get really caught up in the drama and hierarchy of the military. Which is why I've kept myself at a distance for the most part. Luckily, most of the women seemed pretty nice and down to earth - and I only had to answer a few questions about what type of helicopter Nathaniel flies. (The squadron that we're now with contains both the Yankee (Huey) and Cobra. 2/3 of the pilots fly Cobras, and most of the women asking that question were Cobra wives.)

As for me? Well, I'm just happy that he's happy. And the new squadron seems to be really good (thus far).

In even better news (because this is my blog!), I'm happy to report that I'm back to "normal" training (whatever that means). Not as long or as hard as full-blown-IM training; but plenty to keep me on my toes. Yes, the distance is (mostly) there, but I've got some good intensity to keep me honest.

Oh, um and also help me gain speed (which I'm severely lacking since my first round of IM training).

And let me be the first to say that after taking a good chunk of time off and away from The Sport, getting back into it hasn't been the easiest thing. Uh - yeah (total understatement). I spent my first week or so swimming in a slower Master's lane, spinning on the trainer while watching the tour, and just going on "easy" runs.

Jen's instructions to me read: smell the flowers!

Yeah. Those kind of workouts. Super easy, fun, and meant to get my body used to moving again.

Last week we re-introduced two-workouts per days and this week...well...let's just say that there's both higher distance and more intensity. Which, while making my palms slightly sweaty with anticipation, also makes me happy.

And I also really appreciate the extra time I get to spend with Nathaniel and friends. I can't begin to explain how much easier it is to be sociable on the weekend when my only Saturday workout involved swimming for 75 minutes versus biking for 7 hours.

Yes, biking that long tends to put a damper on breakfast date plans. And beach plans. And staying-awake-long-enough-to-carry-on-a-decent-conversation-plans. Which is why I'm grateful for the time now - because in a few weeks I know things will be different. And I'm okay with that, excited even.

So that's where I stand. Back to the reality of life, I guess. Or something like that. YEA! Let's just hope I can keep the excitement on as the training becomes tougher, the hours longer, and the fatigue greater. Let's find out together, shall we...?


D said...

Spouse's meeting? *snort*

Mama Simmons said...

I'm right there with ya, Marit! I've actually got a recovery week this week which, for the first time (ever?) I'm actually really liking and appreciating.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I LOVE THE REST cycles and even this entire month of July not racing has been dreamy. But, at the end of the day....it is nice to be back. GOOD !
Oh, and I forgot to tell you when I got back from Tucson - in that 112F temps that our water bottle drinks got so hot that they were like piss and I could barely drink the bottles w/o feeling like I was burning my throat. Now, of course, Kona is not that hot, but that is exactly what I REMEMBER from Hawaii - drinks that were scortching hot! ick!

ADC said...

Hey you Gunfighters Gal :))) Well we talked about that whole military spouse thing and you know how I feel about that. But it is all coming my way when Shaun gets back next week . Urgh!!! Glad to hear that the training is picking up - yay!!!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

YAY! I am glad your back in the swing of things :-) You are going to be GREAT in Kona... what is it, a little less than 12 weeks now?!? WOOHOO!!!

BTW... I LOVE that Jen got a taste of what its like for me to train during the summer in AZ. HEE HEE

Runner Leana said...

Woo hoo, bring on the training! Glad that you have been able to enjoy some downtime since Ironman though. Are you still racing Lake Stevens in a few weeks?

Missy said...

Gunfighter Gal, the boot - love those women that have nothing else in their life but to extend their 'welcome' to you. Like being hazed as the incoming freshman class.

I DO love a rest cycle, I won't lie. Good to get back at it but staying up past 8pm is nice sometimes;)

Charisa said...

Oh wow - you have a whole other military life don't you?! :) Crazy!!

Welcome back!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I love all the military lingo. You could have a complete conversation in what is technically English but those outside the military would be clueless.

Enjoy reality! I loved my week off after Rhode Island and am getting back into it. I am living vicariously through you and Michele in your build up to Kona.

Heidi Austin said...

hahah i love military wives. they amuse me.(the stereotypical ones that is NOT you lol).I stay FAR FAR away from the drama and all that goes with it too! And it's also funny because when scott finishes flight school his next tour will be his third kinda like Nathaniel. I can't wait till it's all over though. He is MISERABLE! Luckily he should get his wings in september :)

But welcome back to normalcy or whatever you want to call it! Sometimes normal is good :)