Sunday, July 5, 2009

I AM alive! (and survived - mostly)

Holy Cow!

I'm back - well, almost. My current locale is back on Bainbridge Island, Washington - but (hopefully) within 48 hours, I'll be home for good in California.

The past two weeks since Coeur d'Alene have really flown by - with the recovery week in Seattle/Bainbridge and then the Alaskan cruise...'s been a bit much. And I really don't feel like myself at all - out of sorts, is the best way to put it. But to keep things simple and convenient, I'll supply a handy list of things I learned.

And before I forget... my race report is mostly written. I just need to tweak it here and there, and then find time to upload it from my computer. Yes, I'm willing to go all out and spend oodles of money on all-things-tri-related, BUT, paying the astronomical internet fee on the cruise ship...well....that's another story.

Sit back and enjoy!

Things I've learned (brief list!):

-I'm not a cruise person. Post to follow later. Next time Nathaniel and I visit Alaska, we'll do it with a back pack on our backs, good hiking boots, and bush plane ticket in hand. Yeah.

- Massive vats of oatmeal are just gross. And wrong. I miss my steel cut oats and good old fashioned Quaker Oatmeal. So does my GI tract.

- I would rather hike up the mountain than take a tram. So we did (me + Nathaniel). However, the beer sampler, Alaskan beers on tap, and dinner at the top of Mount Robers in Juneau were wonderful. And we gladly took the tram down to the base.

- A man in uniform will attract lots of attention, especially from women in their 40s, 50s, and 60. After wandering the 7th floor deck of the ship in search of my lost mother, I came upon a photo frenzy involving my husband. Yes, Nathaniel was wearing his dress blues and did indeed look dashingly handsome. And apparently, every other woman on the cruise ship thought so too. I caught him, slightly dazed, posing for random pictures with very inebriated people. Yeah.

-My sister is in love. I'm totally serious. And every time she spoke with her boyfriend, she either called him "Baby" or "Honey". If you were to substitute a 'ding' for every time you heard the Baby or Honey word, the conversation would be extremely difficult to follow.

-There are 113 stairs from the 5th level of the cruise ship to the 14th level. I know - I counted. Several times.

-I enjoy beer samplers. Not LOTS of beer. But just a sampler - I like to experience them all. The Alaskan Brewing Company was my favorite.

- Usually (and please don't take offense), the more obese or larger crowd sat closer to the buffet, while the more-normal and non-hefty folks sat further away. Hhhhmmmmmmm.........

-I am tired of being offered jewelry from Eastern European women who worked on the ship. Yes, they may be attractive and have cute accents, but I'm not falling for it. And no, my fingers don't look good with opal on them. No matter how many times you try to tell me and my husband.

-Kayaking is fun. I enjoy being on the water and doing all-things-sporty. BUT. But. But since being an uber-compeditive rower who was very sensitive about taking the straightest line possible, being in ANY sort of water craft that doesn't take the straightest route is not fun. I'm working on it...and luckily Nathaniel was a good sport.

-If the just-baked-chocolate-chip cookies are set out, herds of people devour a stack of 50 in less than 60 seconds. You need to watch, wait, and pounce and JUST the right time. Not that I did any of this, of course.... Okay - you got me. Nathaniel and I waited one time for said cookies. And they were delicious. And then we took the stairs.

-I love Alaska. But I think I saw it the wrong way. While wandering the streets of Ketchikan after hiking up Deer Mountain, I inquired about some pottery. The store owner asked if I was visiting on a crusie, and I found myself apologetically answering, "yes! But I'm here with my parents...."

- We all know I love peanut butter and chocolate. Give me a peanut butter cup and I'm happy. Make me walk all over town to find the biggest and the best, and GAME ON. And I've got the photographic evidence to prove it.

-I get sea sick in seas over 10+ feet. Thank god I don't drink that much - it would have been ugly. Really ugly.

-It took me about 9 days until I decided I was happy that I'm signed up for IM Hawaii and IM St. George. I've got the itch to get training and get back to my life. And I'm really happy with what I do!

-Physical activity is important for me - so as long as I'm active or doing something, I'm happy. Hence the 113 steps between the 5th and 14th level. After 3 days at sea, I was a little stir crazy.....

-Swimsuit tan lines and ball gowns = ugly combination.

-But put a Man in Uniform next to you, and no one notices. Again - more photographic evidence.

-I love spending time with my family, but its always good to have a break now and again (hence climbing Mt. Roberts instead of taking the tram. The things we do.....)

And yes - the list could go on and on (and on). But it won't.

I'm just happy to be back to the continental US, with only one more leg of the journey to complete until I get home. Fingers crossed, in 48 hours I'll be playing with the House Monster and Mini Monster, sitting in my own bed, eating a bowl of oatmeal and greek yogurt, with Nathaniel reading at my side, a book open on my lap, and Le Tour on in the back ground. Aaaahhhhh yes, I can already hear Phil and Paul's voices in the background.

Where do I sign up?


Stef said...

Welcome back! My husband and I felt similarly about an Alaska cruise we took three years ago. Totally not cruise people but it is soooo GORGEOUS up there!

Charisa said...

Haha - sounds like it was great, but you will enjoy being home :)

GoBigGreen said...

Welcome home! OK I need MANY MANY notes from you as we leave on the same cruise ( I think it is Celebrity?) in about 10 days! AHHHH...I am NOT A CRUISE person either...HELP!!
HA, kidding, sort of.
I cant wait to see pics of you and N all dolled up!

Mama Simmons said...

Welcome back!! I'm not a cruise person either... at least, I don't *think* I am. Never been on one. But I'm totalyl with you on the steel cut oats. ;)

Donna said...

Hey, you're back! Yipeeee!

ADC said...

Sounds great Marit, glad you enjoyed it. We've missed you in blogland and on FB.

Dave said...

Welcome back! Glad you guys had some fun recovery time, even if it wasn't your preferred way of doing it. Now you know what to do next time!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Glad to have you back. Joe and I joke on our "wander where we want, when we want" vacays that we'd much rather be on a cruise with all of New Jersey--NOT! I hear you on the closeness thing. While I love my husband and children dearly, their company 24/7 for 18 days was ALOT. Luckily Joe starts his new job today, and the kids will start camp soon, so then I'll have time for myself again. HUGS!

Roo said...

Too funny about the ladies taking pics of Nathaniel!

Missy said...

Thank you for cofirming what I already thought...I'm not a cruise person either (though I've never been on one).

Good stories, family, still very good times BUT why is it that NOTHING feels like home? Especially, your own pillow?

Beth said...

Marit!!!! I missed you - glad you are back. ;) FB and blogs aren't the same without you! Sounds like a great time - although I agree, cruises are tough. I also went on one years ago with my parents and I was STIR CRAZY! I bet you can't wait to see those kitties again!!!

Shan said...

Agreed on the cruises - I went on once and was totally bored. I like to be in the thick of things rather than watching from the side line. That said, I'm so glad you had some time away for rest and relaxation :).

Big YAY to you coming back home, to FB, and to blog-land. We have so much to catch up on!!!!

LOVE YA!! xoxo

BreeWee said...

Welcome home! Its nice to see the blog wasn't worth the high price of boat internet fee!! Hope you are recovered and ready to rock n roll for your next race!!

Molly said...

Glad you're back, I've missed your blogging! And I know what you mean- the boyfriend's parents are trying to get us to go on a cruise, but so far I've been flat out refusing.

Kim said...

Ha! I love what you learned! I need a personal catch up.. I'm calling you missy. Glad you had fun sorry it wasn't exactly the way you thought it might turn out but good to learn things like that anyway. I'm sure you'll be back ot your normal self in no time! Miss you my friend and again.. great job at IMCDA! You're my hero!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Welcome back to our sunny state!

I've never done a cruise but suspect I would not be a fan either.

LOVE steel cut oats!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Welcome home, Marit !:)