Saturday, October 10, 2009

A few quick notes from the Other Side...

Well - its done! Its been 'dided', so to speak. And at times it was GREAT, and at times it was SUPERHARD. But I did it, and I'm happy. It's over, its done...and I did the best that I could - which in the end is all you can ask for.

A few quick notes...

- I am done with Ironman. Hello Short Course! I like the idea of being done racing before noon. Ten am for supershort! races.

-Then again, I will NOT make any of the following decisions for the next two, maybe three weeks: financial, race, body (ie piercing/tatoo), pet, car, or anything involving the sport or massive amounts of money.

- Thank God for: Sunscreen, volunteers, ice, sandals, pizza, aloe vera, wonderful support from family and friends, volunteers, not being eaten by a shark, ice cream, and beer. Not in that order. Oh, and compression socks, Motrin, and body glide. Seriously.

- In an effort to get a head start before my ankles, my hands started swelling around mile 15 or 16 of the run. I wasn't too concerned. I think that's concerning.

- I still believe the CDA start is way way way worse than the Kona swim start. At least I had open water and didn't get clobbered - too much.

- Nope - I didn't have a mechanical issue on the bike; I just biked a heckuva lot slower than I thought I would. But in the end, it didn't matter because I finished. AND I stuck to my heart rate and kept my nutrition down. I would happily spend an extra 20 minute on the bike and NOT throw up with every gel/water/carbopro and go faster. Trust me.

- I think Kona and Hawaii is beautiful. And whenever it got tough, I would look at the ocean and think how absolutely lucky I am to be doing something that I love and so few have the opportunity to experience.

- Tradewinds really CAN blow you across the entire traffic lane. But it wasn't as bad as I had prepared myself for.

- I was THIS CLOSE to clobbering a little kid for her snow cone. Some gigantic monstrosity that had multiple colors and flavors, and was filled with about 5 pounds of crushed ice. She was lucky. And had there been no one else around - I would have so stolen it.

- Though she could have outsprinted me. I AM taller though, so I just would have held it really really high.

- It doesn't seem to matter the Ironman, I WILL cry while running towards the finish line.

-I think I saw the green flash at sunset from about 2 miles out from the finish while running down the Queen K. Highway. The sinking sun was beautiful, and I could have sworn that there was a briefest green flash just as it dipped below the horizon. Then again, I was 138.6 miles into my race, and probably delusional.

- Nothing can or ever will compare to treading water before the start and listening to the conch shells blow, hearing the Hawaiian drums beating and waiting for the cannon to blow. It is something that I will always and forever remember. And it still gives me chills.

- I heard Mike Reilley say my name after I crossed the finish. This time I was listening.

- I told Nathaniel that I would NEVER sprint to finish and IM...but .... when I entered the chute I saw another girl from my age group and I just felt the urge. So I went...and ended up beating her. Not like it matters after 11 hours and 27 minutes. However. I like to think my short-course instincts are returning. So there.

- I got passed my a million people in the first hour of the bike. And then another 500,000 in the next hour. Oh well. But I didn't get a drafting penalty.

- BUT - I was really really annoyed at #1136. Constant drafting. And every time she would re-pass me, she was on someone elses wheel. I kept my mouth shut, because I didn't want to let her affect my mood (which I tried to keep upbeat as much as possible). But seriously.

- When someone tells you on mile 2 of the run that "You're looking GREAT!", they lie. And I will call you out on your lie. Even if you are my husband.

- I really enjoyed seeing my friends and training partners out on the race - we did it! YEA!

- I have no idea how long my race report will be. There are parts that I want to remember and some things I would rather forget. But that's Ironman.

- It was hot. Humid. Windy. And everything I expected Hawaii to be!

- I thought of my incredible family, friends, and support every time I crossed a timing mat. But I didn't cry. Not until the end. And I even though of you guys during the race. So there. THANKS!


Shan said...

Wow, it amazes me that you had the energy to even write something tonight after the race!!!

AMAZING JOB OUT THERE! I was glued to my computer all day long hitting "refresh". I am so proud of you!! It sounded like a brutally hot day out there.

Now that you're resting for awhile, let's talk about that little trip to NorCal, despite the fact you mentioned not wanting to make any big decisions within the next week involving sport or money :).

Yeah - you ROCK!!

Nicole said...

Good job, lady!!! I'm with Shan about you having enough energy to post coherent sentences after an Ironman, especially Hawaii. Yay! You did it!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to read the race report. Way to finish strong.

Missy said...

Congratulations Marit! I was watching you. What a time, what an experience, even if it does mean the return of short course.

Now rest already and congratulations.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I loved your description of treading water and hearing the conch shells. That sounds like an experience that I would like to have some day. I told me husband just now that you thought the CDA swim start was worse! He is still haunted by that experience. Glad to hear that Kona wasn't as bad.

Congrats again on an amazing season. I have enjoyed following your blog because it is proof that even if you experience set backs, it is possible to return and have an amazing season!

cherelli said...

Awesome effort Marit, I was trying to keep track of how you and Mama Simmons were doing throughout the day; what an amazing year you've had and you were so dedicated to training and achieving your goals - superstar! I look forward to seeing how you go on the short course having spent the last couple of years building up one heck of a base :) I hope the ankles take it easy this time and don't expand too much!!

Karie said...

Hi Marit, I don't remember how I found your blog, but I enjoy reading about your training and your House Monster. Awesome job in Kona! Enjoy your recovery!

Kim said...

marit, i was tracking you all day/night! YOU FUCKING ROCK!!! i got goosebumps just reading your little write up. im so happy for you. kudos friend. im so happy for you. now enjoy your recovery!

D said...

Liz was instructed to send out a cheer or two (and give a hug) from me. She better have done it!!

Mer! said...

AHH!! I totally clicked on your blog this morning ...jussst to see if you had written anything and you DID!!!

I was totally a stalker yesterday, ELF must think i'm insane--like "that Mer chick won't leave me alone"....I don't care, I needed the nitty gritty, she was great with updates!! And I felt like an idiot because I didn't know they were staying with you so I asked her if she had seen you before the race start..d'oh! =0

Marit, you had the perfect perspective---there were things you'd rather forget--but there were things you'll always remember--don't ever forget you worked your ass off to be there and all the things that you balanced so that you could work hard to be there! SO proud of you..never a doubt in my mind that you'd do awesome and finish...but still proud!

Love all the details and was going to ask you about the drafting--love how you remembered #1136!! HA! And I think it's ok if Nathaniel lied..just this once =0

CARBO PRO 1200 all over...ugh, I literally cannot imagine--it's my drink of choice as well and sticky doesn't even begin to describe it.

And...i'm all for sprinting the finish of Ironman, I did it in both of mine--and the tears came as well!!

You stayed strong, savvy and focused...way to ROCK!!

On to short course--and i'm with ya!!
Much love, Mer

Pedergraham said...

I have this wonderful image of you being chased down the road by a little girl and you holding a shaved ice up high, looking over your shoulder at her!

Wytosk said...

What a fantastic year. You've earned it, and such a great attitude about it all. Congratulations on a wonderful race!
Erin in WI :)

GoBigGreen said...

Marit, you are incredible. And thanks for being willing to share your feelings and experiences with us. I cant wait to read the race report, whatever you do or dont remember! Hope PB cups and cupcakes are finding you about now.
Hugs from MN ( um where it snowed today on my 90 min ride MINUTE NOT MILES! can you say winter?)

Beth said...

So happy for you Marit. I hope it was all that you imagined and more. Congrats on yet another awesome race. Can't wait to read the full report! :)

Damie said...

cute, Marit. Glad you had the experience. xxxxoooo

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I am SO happy for you and the opportunity you had to race KONA! You earned it, you deserved it, and I think we all feel lucky to have joined you in the journey.

Meredith said...

You'll do another one--you're already signed up and I know you can't let that go.

Dave and I are SUPER proud of you.

Marni said...

So proud!! I tracked you all day! You should be so proud .... you sprinter you!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I am so proud of you and so happy for you. Your attitude throughout has just been so inspiring. Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii!

Molly said...

You are a rockstar!!! I followed you all day and was so excited for you throughout. Seeing you cross the finish line was wonderful (and FWIW you DID look better and happier than at CDA). Enjoy your vacation now!!!

Sarah said...

I know I haven't read your blog in months but of course I keep tabs on you on Facebook and I have been WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR MONTHS!

I am SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!! Way to go on an amazing job out there. You are such an inspiration to me and I am so happy for you for finishing such a great race. CONGRATS!

p.s. Yeah I'm with Shan - come up to Norcal soon!

Charisa said...

Congrats!! You are a kona ironman!!

Kim said...

You did it Marit.. with the great attitude and fortitude that I knew you would. I couldn't be more happy for you and all the things you said are so true.. so real..and just beautiful. I'm so happy for you.. now R & R.. you deserve every second of it!!

Kate Parker said...

Hi! I found your blog through Jen (she coaches me as well) and wanted to tell you a big CONGRATS!!

You made me cry with the description of the intense and beautiful.

Happy recovery!!

Sherry said...

Congratulations on your AMAZING accomplishment, Marit! I had a blast stalking you online all day! Wow! Terrific, TERRIFIC race! Enjoy the R&R... I'm totally looking forward to those 'race' decisions that you will be making two weeks out from now! :o)

PS- I soooo would have grabbed that snow cone! Gone!!!

wonderwoman said...

I can't believe you could write this soon after the race either! Congrats on an amazing accomplishment. Looking forward to your 5 or so race reports and seeing you tear up short course next year.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! Looks like you were smart and did a lot better than most in tough conditions. And, you're a musician? Did I miss something? So talented! ;-)

kerrie said...

Yes, you are a rockstar and you raced an incredibly smart race....and yes, #1136 is on my shitlist too - ugh. Sad that you didn't stay longer to hang out on the big island and enjoy all of the fun stuff here but i'm sure you are deserving some much deserved rest on oahu.
you have such a great perspective and attitude - i loved seeing you out there!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...


You are a superstar. I know you need a rest and you are done with long course. For the love of pie and lots of laughs you have to ride to Julian with Stacy this winter.

So proud of you and amazed by you. I can't imagine being that strong or fast, much less coming back from an injury.

Enjoy your recovery.

Trigirlpink said...

Yikes! After 29 comments are you still reading??? Yay! You did great!! What an experience. You have a great attitude, outlook and perspective. Enjoy your down time and recovery.

IronMatron said...

This is a great list!!! Congrats on an awesome race! I can't wait to read the long, detailed account. Also, at SOME POINT down the road I would like to chat you up about CDA, which I plan to do next year. If the swim is worse than the swim Ange described at Hawaii, I am f-ing scared.
Congrats again!

Amanda said...

Damn good race! Love the list! Can't wait to read the RR

X-Country2 said...

Can't wait to read the report! Congrats!!

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,

Well done, sounds like a hell of a race and a wonderful one at that for you.


Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the after glow of your magnificent race.

Have a brilliant weekend.