Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricked by the Treaters

Or lack thereof, I should say.

Yes, this year, I am sorry to say that we had ABSOLUTELY NO TRICK OR TREAT'ERS visit our place. Sure, we've moved to a condo that requires not one but two security gate codes to enter (yes - having friends over is a royal pain. Just ask my friends. Or my parents (who got very befuddled on their inaugural visit. Heck, Jen Harrison and hubby Jerome circled the parking lot and ended up YELLING into our unit from the street. And I thought those 2 X 20 min threshold pieces were to better prepare me for CDA. Hhhmmmm) Anyway - difficult for me on the giving-directions-part and for them (friends), figuring out said directions PLUS our complicated gate code system. But I digress).

Or perhaps it was the fact that we've moved to California?

Perhaps people are too health-concious around here to actually eat candy and junk food? Thus making the kids give up all together? I shudder at the thought of giving tooth brushes and floss to little witches and wizards on Halloween Night.

All I know, is that Nathaniel and I ended up with 4 bags of candy - 2 snickers, one butterfinger, and one highly addictive bag of "fun sized" Reces Pieces Peanut Butter Cups - and we all know that I will do just about anything for a PB cup. Even race.

Yes - even three weeks after an Ironman.

Luckily it won't come to that, as we have EVERY single last piece of candy still present and accounted for. Except for the ones that we ate together. And then the additional ones that I ate on my own.

So with all things being equal, we've still got about three or so bags of candy left over.

While waiting, Nathaniel and I amused ourselves greatly: the fireplace was roaring, the lights were on (to make our place look "friendly" and "inviting"), and the House Monsters could just sense something in the air.


To pass time, Nathaniel and I watched a Halloween episode of "Frasier", and then turned to "Friends". And eventually he got bored with old episodes and pulled a book, while I googled "Halloween TV themes" and...low and behold... "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" popped up.

I must say, that its been a good 10 or 12 (maybe longer...?) years since I watched Buffy. It was a cult-classic at my high school, and rarely did I or or my friends miss a week. Yet, never for the life of me, would I have EVER pictures myself - on Halloween night, at aged 28, eating as much candy as I wanted, sitting next to my hubby, watching old episodes of Buffy. Either we are the most boring couple ever, or I have sooo got it made.

You pick, because I don't have the heart to.

Actually the scariest thing about today was our visit to Old Town Temecula, or Southern California's response to Napa Valley. As Nate and I aren't really the window-shopping type unless we have our parental units with us, we made a quick forray through the town and then found ourselves at a local pub.

That wasn't the scary part.

The part that WAS slightly disturbing was - in spite of just finishing my race season and getting over a sinus infection - I earned the respect and admiration of six fellow (and slightly inebriated, if I do say so myself) pub patrons, when I not only ordered, but completely finished the 6 X 5 oz beer sampler in commemoration of Oktoberfest. I could have sworn they gave me a round of applause on my way out. But who knows.

Now...Nathaniel is asleep, the fire is still going, I've got two kitties who are both vying for my attention and trying to ignore each other at the same time. The candy is still out and there's another episode of "Buffy" with my name on it.

Who knew that one could enjoy Halloween so much?

Here's hoping that yours was GREAT (and that you didn't get too sick from 1) chocolate 2) beer 3) chocolate 4) peanut butter cups or 5) chocolate).


D said...

Check your e-mail. My address should be there. Uneaten candy gets sent directly to me. You have your chance.
(I think it's the wine talking... you're a bad influence)

ADC said...

Yep, we had none as well. And Yes I did open my packet of Cadbury's. Ugh!

Nicole said...

We had absolutely no trick or treaters over here either, but it is Germany. Thank goodness we don't live on base because that is where all the Americans take their kids to trick or treat. I heard it was a frenzy! Instead we watched a marathon of Halloween Simpsons! It was lovely!! I feel like we are old!

Good job on the beer! I'm impressed!

TriGirl Kate O said...

You have soooo got it made!

Missy said...

We hid from our trick or treaters - it was an adult only, no costume party at my house..only half the lites were off. Still tried to ring that bell a few times, damn knee biters;)

Heidi Austin said...

hahhah too late... i most definitely got way sick from too much beer last night. Let's just say...It was one of those mornings I decided to swear off drinking ever again! enjoy your chocolate (and beer)!

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,
Came by to say hello and wish you a good Halloween weekend.

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH my gosh! We had so many we had to sit outside the entire time - went thru 200+ trick or treaters (my neighbor keeps count b/c the 150th T or Treater gets a HUGE Hersey bar, like 3-4 feet!

Mary B said...

Yep, you've got it made! ;)

Teresa said...

Yep, learned that the first year I moved into a trick or treaters :( So now we just go with the fam.

Candy from October to January doesn't count. Eat away!

Alili said...

We only had a handful which was great for me since I had already eaten half of the candy in our house...I blame the baby. :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I've never actually seen a Buffy episode.

We are also in a condo and had no trick or treaters which is too bad because I would have given them some of the chocolate I won yesterday. Now it looks like I will have to eat it.

Charisa said...

A fire on Halloween is AWESOMELY fall-like, even in Cali :) PB cups, YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

Anonymous said...

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