Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10+ Reasons...

10+ reasons why the apocalypse could happen at any moment:

1) Thunder and Lightning in Carlsbad, CA. For real.

2) Today, I dissected my HR monitor strap and replaced the battery. It involved an exacto knife, RTV Silicone glue, and more patience than I thought possible. The instructions are here, and they weren't too bad. Then again, I'm still waiting to test my work. I'll keep you posted.

3) Sinusitis has gravitated towards my...chest? So I may actually be dealing with...the common cold. But I'm still not taking any chances, and neither is my doctor.

4)Nathaniel's flights have been canceled two days in a row due to...lightning and inclement weather. Not since flight school in Florida (way back in 2008) has this happened.

5)Anabelle is a lesbian kitty, based on the attention she is giving to Tabbitha. Frankly, I could care less - if that's what makes Anabelle happy, then great. Tabbitha, on the other hand, seems to be greatly offended by Anabelle's advances. We're still working that one out.

6) I am swapping out an early season Half marathon for a 5k, and switching a mid-season Half Ironman for a Sprint Triathlon. Shorter, faster = BETTER! Something I would have never done in the past...but...I sort it (whispered). And am REALLY excited to exchange long-distance for FAST. I'm just waiting...waiting....waiting.... Ugh.

(At least I WANT to train! And am excited about it too! YEA!)

7) I am sooo behind on my blog reading. Ugh. And I'm carrying the guilt associated with that. Usually I'm really good about reading - and trying to respond - but ever since the whirlwind that was The Holidays, I've been "off". Can I blame Wisconsin and Minnesota? Yes, that's just what I'll do. At least until I feel better.

8) I'm actually curious about what happens on the Housewives of Orange County (blaming my cold, blaming the meds, blaming my morbid curiosity - NO! Blaming my cold...blaming the nyquil...)

9) The Awful Beet Salad I made yesterday (while destroying three perfectly good apples in the process), actually tastes kind But I still hate beets. Just the salad - well - it wasn't so bad. Bright pink, yes. But not revolting.

10) I ordered 3 bathing suits from Splish - THANK YOU Grab-Bag-Sale! Usually I'll only splurge on one or two suits...but three...? Now I really DO need to get my butt back in the pool. And luckily I'll be sporting cute swim suites (hopefully - they are grab bag, after all) in the process!

(PS) - One more!

11) Nathaniel's ring tone sounds like something out of the X-files. Creepy. I've never not liked a ring tone, yet I find myself reacting every time the bleeding thing goes off. Suddenly I miss his old "Ride of the Valkyries" tone.


Teresa said...

oh no...look out!!!

Excited to see the splish suits ;)

Maria said...

Tabbitha should be flattered by Anabelle's attentions. Just because Anabelle is gay doesn't mean she hits on any hot cat that strolls by...she has standards too! That being said, I'm sure there are counseling groups for cats like Tabbitha. Google that shit!

Anonymous said...

sweet, ride of the valkeries, did he use that because of apocalypse now?

sorry i've been blogging nearly every day so you do have some major catching up to do.

good to hear about the shorter stuff - i'm doing a bunch myself this year too.

Mike Russell said...

Oh man, you are skipping the 1/2? I think the training for a 1/2 is easier in some ways that training to race a sprint.

Sorry to lose you from the fold. :)

ADC said...

I like the list. Hope you feel better soon.

Kim said...

aw marit - hoping you feel better soon!

Beth said...

I ordered some of those grab bag suits too! I'm excited to see what we get! :)

Missy said...

A cold or flu will totally put you in the throws of the Real Housewives...the issue becomes - do you stop watching when you get well??? Yeah, it's a tough call. I do love me some trashy tv. Nyquil will take you there for sure.

Yay for short distance.

Kate Parker said...

I hear you...if Vicki and Donn can keep it together, why can't Tamra and Simon? ;)

Oh no, I think I must be coming down with something, too...

Cy said...

I'm getting the weather you had yesterday. Currently in a Tornado warning, flash flood warning, and high wind advisory-In Phoenix!?!

Also just ordered 2 splish suits. It sounds like so many people took advantage of the grab bag sale...We'll have to post what we end up with!!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Splish sale. Ahhhh, the down comforter and pillow could be a culprit in your sinus troubles. Lots of people (including self) are allergic to down. The pillow probably is worse since your face is on it. If you are allergic it could be triggering an inflammatory process. Asthma, allergies, and sinuses.....they are all in cahoots. I think you can get covers for the pillows but I'd probably switch them out given all you have been through so far. Good luck. Looking forword to riding when the rain stops and you feel better.

Anonymous said...
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GoBigGreen said...

Hey marit! Feel better soon:) you csn take a break
from blogs It is a time suck isn't it? Horray for short course and one tip- fresh beets are sooooo much tastier than canned. Just steam them or I bake thfm with salt and olive oil and throw them in salad :)

Courtenay said...

so i used to have mike oldfield's "tubular bells" as my ringtone. it's the exorcist theme song, and delightfully creepy. i'm going to have to figure out how to get it on my iphone.

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Heidi Austin said...

It's ok i have a homo-wiener dog! doesn't get much weirder than that. and yay for sprints and tris! this while LSD THING IS SO OVERRATED!