Friday, February 5, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The (really) Ugly!

Its been an interesting week - between the plethora of sinus appointments, trying to figure out Nathaniel's flight schedule, meetings, briefs, work stuff and training - there have been some high points and...some errr interesting points.

So here we go - Enjoy!

The Good: Seeing US Olympian and uber-triathlete superstar Matty Reed swimming at the same pool I swim at - Yea Carlsbad! Sure - he was just finishing his workout - but wow! Of course - I was too nervous to talk to him. He is, after all - Matt Reed. And I don't think he would have appreciated some blubbering fool approaching him after his swim workout. But still. Matt Reed swims at the pool I swim at! OMG!
The Bad: The fact that I couldn't prevent my jaw from dropping when he got out of the water.
The Ugly: The fact that all the guys in Lane 1 and my lane made fun of my reaction to "that triathlete guy".

The Good: The very informative "Sinus Surgery" video I watched before my pre-surgery appointment.
The Bad: It was a little too informative.
The Ugly: There's a chance - if I only get the local anesthetic and am therefore "awake" for the surgery - that the "crunching" noise I hear/feel/experience is the bone within my sinus cavity being "removed". There was more to the video - but everything went blank after hearing the above.

The Good: My bike-run-bike-run-bike-run workout. Awesome! It was over in 70 minutes and I went HARD and FAST and worked my ass off. Fantastic! It was FUN and felt GREAT to go fast again.
The Bad: I nearly killed myself slipping on the wood floor while "transitioning" from my bike to throwing on my run shoes.
The Ugly: The expression on my face rounding the final corner. I knew I should have slowed down for traffic - but the lovely gentleman waved me through the intersection when I was already half-way through. I don't think I could have stopped regardless.

The Good: I discovered two new "treats" from the grocery store: Kimchi and Red Cabbage. Sure - both are cabbage, but they're prepared so differently. For some reason - they looked good and (so far) have tasted great.
The Bad: The physical side effects of eating lots of pickled/prepared cabbage in a relatively short amount of time.
The Ugly: I've driven Nathaniel from the bedroom.
The REALLY Ugly: Unfortunately, I also cleared out a small side-room at the gym that I thought no one would enter. Seriously - I thought (because no one was using the boxing room), it would be "safe" to flatulate in that room between leg press sets. Until... the couple walked in with boxing gloves. Seriously - they were in the room for less than ten seconds, before walking right back out. I was horrified. And though they gave me a suspicious look, I don't think they quite grasped the enormity of what I had done.

The Good: Playing my violin in preparation for an upcoming audition. I am SO excited!
The Bad: My G-string started unwinding.
The Ugly: 15-years ago when walking into a music store to purchase a new G string, I wouldn't have batted an eyelash. Today, I burst into a fit of giggles when I inquired about a G string. The 16-year-old kid behind the counter didn't look amused; probably because he gets that all the time from older people who can't resist. Ugh.

The Good: I avoided looking directly at the tray of Sinus Surgical Tools during my pre-op appointment.
The Bad: They were staring me down.
The Ugly: They were staring me down right next to me.

The Good: Wednesday afternoon swim workout. I swam with my regular lane and felt GREAT! Well...not great - but determined to hold on and make the set. It was rough and half the main set was under base pace. But...I only got lapped on the very final 50 by our lane leader. So...I'll take it!
The Bad: How tired my arms were after the workout - I had to use the ladder to climb out.
The Ugly: I couldn't pick up Tabbitha after the workout. Hopefully that says more about the quality of swim rather than the size of our House Monster. Oh well...

The Good: Weekend with Nathaniel - we're going to finally buy backpacking boots!
The Better: One run on Saturday (and there are "fast" bits involved!!!) and my "long" 2-hour bike ride of the week on Sunday.
The Best: Weekend with Nathaniel - yea!

Have a GREAT one everyone!


Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

OMG, I can't believe you cleared a room! haha. I still don't think anything is worse than quiffing (sp) in yoga though! I tried to play it off, and give a disgusted look to the chick next to me, but I don't think that anyone was buying it!

Missy said...

Cabbage can do that to a gut, that's priceless, drove them out of the room.

Good luck with your new Gstring and have a great weekend with Nathaniel...they DO kinda go together, right?!

Kim said...

I'm reading your blog from my trainer, during a snowstorm. Thanks for entertainimg me as always. Thinking of you as you prepare foe surgery!! Loved the good, bad ugly comments! Miss you lady!

Damie said...

Marit- I am just catching up on your sinus surgery...let me know how it goes. They have been begging me to do it for a while now, but I have not even started researching the process- I keep chronic sinus infections too and all the other stuff that goes with it. aren't you excited about training HARD again! short and go girl!

Tawnee said...

B-R-B-R-B-R workout sounds awesome. I'm going to try it.

How do you have time to practice music on top of everything else triathlon-related and beyond? I though about taking up piano or painting again... but NO time.

Hahaha on the cabbage stuff!

Good luck on the sinus surgery. My dad had it, and it's been life-changingly good for him :)

kerrie said...

i'm glad matty was only swimming....usually he changes on deck under a really tiny towel before and after swim(alongside a certain Craig A....). sometimes i just stop and watch and hum stripping music for them.

hopefully your surgery is just the thing you need!!

San said...

ROFL on the cabbage bit.

And on the Reed thing. At least it is a tri pro. I got caught following another female swimmer with my eyes. I don't think she's a pro, but she swims really good.

Good luck on the surgery and enjoy your weekend.

Love your blog, you have a wonderful writing style.

Beth said...

Oh, cabbage is a tough one. :)

Great job on all the workouts Marit!! You are going to be rocking fast! :)

cherelli said...

hey Marit, just went for a coastal drive down your way after seeing the Wild life park - what beautiful riding and running terrain, love all your hills! if I come back I'll have to get some recommendations on hikes - once you wear those new boots in :) Hope you have a great weekend.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Okay that cabbage story is hysterical. I read the rest of your blog but I can't think of anything but your cabbage story.

Mer! said...

I too can't get rid of the cabbage story.....laughing hard.....and I confess i've done that too-some random machine if i'm gassy just to get rid of the gas and not have people around me....always fails!!!

CALL ME if you have anesthesia questions!! Dave can definitely help with that!!! And, he can help you figure out what to "ask" for if necessary if you get nauseous from certain anesthestics or something!!

Actually, i'll just call you tomorrow anyway....=0

G-String.."that's what she said"

Trigirlpink said...

I will admit, the surgery thing is scary sounding. eeeks Marit!... but I figure if you did what you did on your bike and all of that surgery stuff after your fall, then this will be ROUTINE!

Just think, you and Matt Reed had THE SAME POOL WATER in your mouths!
That should have called for a sample jar of the pool water labeled MATT REED WATER. You might have been able to sell it on Ebay or better yet, Slowtwitch.

Charisa said...

Good luck on the audition!

Ginny M. said...

This is awesome stuff. Love your writing! Really glad I stumbled on your blog :)
I had something of a combo of your experiences while talking to the captain of my high school water polo team, involving mysterious bubbles while laughing a little too hard at something he said. TMI, I know - sorry!
Also a quick note learned during my sister's sinus problems - she ended up electing a balloon sinuplasty procedure instead of regular surgery as it was less invasive. Not sure what all the deal is there though.
Thank you again for blogging! Have a great day.

Lisa T said...

The whole G string thing? A friend of mine had a similar experience when trying to buy new flip flops, which she still calls "thongs."

Anonymous said...