Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend's weather & workout!

My first track session of 2010 was, well...interesting, wet, hard, challenging. The above photo was taken minutes after I had finished my cool down. I think its appropriate that the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital is in the background, as I wasn't sure if I could (or would) survive my main speed intervals. The standing water around much of the track in lanes 1, 2, and some cases 3 - only added to the joy.

Driving out to the track I was greeted with rain, wind, clouds, and...more rain.

However, I also saw a rainbow behind the air station - and even though it's difficult to see, I considered it a good sign.

Especially since the day's workout would be the first time I had visited the track was I last at the track? Oh yes - since before Kona. Wow - the middle of last September then. Suffice to say - its been a while. Assuredly, I would need all the good vibes, positive omens, and rainbows imaginable.

The run itself was H.A.R.D.

What does that spell?

Hard. As in: Help. Abnormal (pain). Rough. (and now I'm) Delirious.

Who ever tells you that Ironman training is more difficult than short-course is wrong. Misguided. Confused. Pick-your-own-choice-adjective. And they clearly don't appreciate the difficulty of SHORT, HARD, MAX EFFORT workouts.

But that's a different post all together. (And before all you IM people get mad - I mean absolutely NO offense, whatsoever. Though the activities of swim-bike-run are the same, you're training your body in a VERY different way. 2.5-hour run zone 2 OR 8 X 800 meter MAX EFFORT repeats with 1 minute recovery between segments? You pick...neither is "better" or "more challenging" than the other. Just different. And they each have their own purpose.)

The 20 minute warm-up was the easiest part of my day, although I was absolutely soaked within 5 minutes. And no...not just a little wet. Soaked - like I had just jumped in the lake. Dodging puddles became pointless, so I didn't.

I was so drenched that...not only did I have to worry about the rear wedgie...but I was seriously concerned about the front one as well. At any moment, I was sure of a wardrobe malfunction; my soaked shorts were going places they've never gone before. I was quite offended.

Eventually I ran to the track to complete the final bits of my workout. It was covered...absolutely covered in standing water. The gale-force wind and driving rain only added to my joy. Hey - at least there wasn't lightning. Or snow. Deep down though, I wanted the challenge, wanted to test my limits - even if it meant sloshing through never-ending puddles.

And while wearing my sail-like windbreaker in the process. No WAY was I going to remove that thing during the "fast" bits. Driving rain + wind + 50-degree temps had me absolutely chilled. On the one hand the jacket provided a great push with the tailwind. The headwind...well...(shudder)....that was hard. I felt like a giant rubber band was tied around my waist and I was getting pulled backwards - and no matter how HARD I ran, I made little, if any progress.

But through it all - I had a blast. And kept going - as hard as I could. And even if I wasn't as fast as I once was - this workout was the first of many that will hopefully remedy that. And I relished the opportunity to tear around the track - because in spite of the elements (or maybe because of them...?) I loved it. Challenges and all.

Because that's what life is about - pushing beyond our comfort level, venturing into the unknown...growing and learning in the process. Add in the key-ingredients of fun, joy, happiness - and you've got the perfect equation, regardless of the weather.
And no - I'm not grim. This is the closest thing to a smile that I could muster post-workout. Thank you Jen Harrison! Oddly enough, I'm excited about my next go-around at the track. Here's to happy training, in all weather!


ADC said...

Ah the perfect British weather came to SoCal :)))
That weather makes you stronger, just think of that. Often at the European races it is commented how, if it is raining on a race day, it's only the Brits who do not seem bothered by it. It's just another typical day.
Hey well done on a great workout.

BriGaal said...

Oh the track...I am sore for you after reading that :) Just gotta keep at it, right!

Maria said...

Way to push through the weather, I would have bailed! I'm sorry to hear about the misbehaving shorts, it is very unfortunate that their parents did not teach them better manners.
Congrats on a job well done, Track workouts: 0, Marit: 1.

Molly said...

Great job getting it done! YES! This short course stuff is a whole different beast. I need a sports massage and I need one soon... I love these hard workouts but they do hurt. Rest up!

Jennifer Harrison said...

AWESOME! So nice to have your smile and "get em" attitude back, Marit!!! It is all good. And, you know...I love that you did this in the rain! As you should have! LOL :)

jennabul said...

Great job, Marit! Glad you didn't have a wardrobe malfunction! I bet it felt great warming up once you got home.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Nice job! Way to suck it up. I have my first track workout and I will not be sucking it up and dealing with the elements. I will be on the treadmill. 12 inches of snow makes me a big fat wimpt.

And short course stuff sucks (but in a good way!). The intensity is killer.

GoBigGreen said...

Yea for Track wko's, Now if i could only see my track:) Snowshoes anyone! ?

Heidi Austin said...

YAY for track workouts! i was so stoked last week to see 8x400s on my schedule. Ironically, the first day i'm actually allowed to run fast and let my heart rate go out of control- it snows and the track is covered! glad you survived the nastiness :) and had almost a smile afterward!

Kim said...

way to hang in there marit! i am 100% with you - i was excited for 2010 for the shorter and speedier workouts, and now i take it all back. this speed shit is hard!!!

Ange said...

awesome!!!! How fun to be back on the track! we've had so little snow I bet I could actually get on mine too. (sshhh...dont' tell Jen. Just kidding. I'd like it too I think.)
You are so tough working through that weather...which is Very odd for San Diego! GREAT JOB!
(I agree...the short/hard stuff HURTS!!!) but we love it don't wel...

Teresa said...

Wow rain! and some amazingly hard workouts (I do think shorter is harder...or it is all relative). Capris are the answer to all your wardrobe malfunctions :)


Lisa T said...

Great job sticking it out in the rain! Those pesky shorts!

Damie said...

It does look like a hard day with your pics! I agree, though- track, hard days, all AWESOME!!!! Hey...does someone have a birthday coming up????? :))))))