Monday, June 14, 2010

Support BALLOU Skies! (and some other odds and ends)

Originally, I did it for the Peanut Butter.

You friend Kim was sponsoring a contest for Peanut Butter...and I really love the stuff. Like - really LOVE the stuff. As in...I've been known to sleepwalk and eat peanut better. The empty spoon next to the sink is the only record of my midnight encounters. But...still...proof.

But then I got to thinking...and doing something just for Peanut Butter (while very tasty and delicious) seemed so wrong. Especially when the cause is so much bigger than, well, Peanut Butter.

It was originally through dynamo Kim Schwabenbauer that I became aware of Ryan's story. Ryan Ballou is an incredible young man - not just because of all the amazing things he can do. But because he does so much while fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a degenerative muscle disorder that affects all muscles within the body.

I know that my health issues post Ironman Hawaii were not easy. But it doesn't hold a candle to what Ryan and his family endure on a daily basis. And still, they work through the daily challenges, raise an incredible amount of awareness and funding, and refuse to stop fighting this degenerative disease.

Ryan: even though we have never met - you and your family are an inspiration! I pledge to raise awareness through my blog for Ballou Skies. And I encourage my readers to check out Ryan's site and support the cause as well.

I'll leave you with this, a great quote from Anne Frank:
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

THANK YOU Ryan and Kim - the two of you truly are an inspiration!

In other news....

Today I went SPLAT on my run. You may find yourself asking: how does this happen? Well...let me tell you.

S: Sailing through the air was I, due to my

P: Poor eyesight and concentration. You see...there was a helicopter flying overhead and I couldn't help but wave at the Crew Chief...They were less than 30 feet off the ground, flying at 60 knots or faster. You would have waved too...especially if your husband flew one of those things. Because they are pretty cool. And I was hoping it was Nathaniel and I was just captivated when it appeared on the horizon and couldn't help myself - like a little kid at the fair, running faster and faster because you're excited and you want to keep up! There it is! RIGHT THERE! YEA! And before I knew it, I was

L: Landing face first in a pile of dust and mud. Hopefully alone?

A: Absolutely not.

T: There was a group of Marines out training, thirty feet away.


While I was airborne, I do remember thinking 1) This landing is going to hurt and 2) I hope I don't wet myself on impact. Yes to number one, and most definitely NO to number two.

Although a few minutes later after some highly embarrassing moments (for me AND the petrified Marines - clearly they're not used to seeing a runner bite the dust), I did reflect that I'm grateful for all the core strength and push ups that I do... because it could have been very ugly with my collarbone.

And if you - my friends - ever find yourself in this position (picking dust out of your teeth and wiping the mud off your cheeks with an audience present) - don't be alarmed! Crack a few jokes, smile, pretend you were supposed to trip (duh!), say something funny about something, and then RUN LIKE HELL TO GET AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WITNESSED YOUR CLUMSY FALL.

The end.

But not yet.

Seriously folks - check out Ryan's site. I'll provide the link just to make it easy. And ANYTHING you can do...wonderful. Even if it's just clicking the link. Thank you!


hundredtenpounds said...

UGH! How embarrassing! I hope you owned it and strutted away with style! LOL

Teresa said...

to the site I go!

Stay on two feet. :)

San said...

ROFL on SPLAT. I just LOVE your descriptions and humour. So funny.

Core strength always wondered about the use of that, since yesterdays ride I know.

PS: checking out Ryan now.

ADC said...

Ugh, peanut butter. And when it's for a good cause how can we not eat it ;)

Kristin said...

I bit it in Central Park during a long run last year in front of tons of people. I fell so hard I thought I had broken my arm and I totally lacerated my elbow and tore up my leg. But I was so humiliated that I took off running immediately after being helped up by strangers who offered to call an ambulance. I think they thought I was insane!

Kim said...

You are so awesome Marit.. thank you for helping with this and darn it, for bringing more peanut butter to great triathletes! THANKS THANKS THANKS! You have a ton of readers, and I know this will help! 300 new facebook friends by the end of the week or BUST!

cherelli said...

Ok Marit I have contributed to your "must get peanut butter" cause...I am now supporting the Ballou cause on facebook...I wonder what those helicopter guys said to N when they got back to base? :)

Midwestern Dot said...

Peanut Butter for a cause? Count me in, Britney is a PB monster! Thanks for the heads up on a great cause.
I love SPLAT!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Awesome of you to help raise awareness. And I've fallen like that a few times, but it never happens when I'm alone. In college I was running with my boyfriend and he ran around the corner and died laughing at me and a homeless man helped me up.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I think it's great that you're posting about Ryan to raise awareness! :)

I love PB too...especially when it's topped with little chocolate chips on a spoon!

Sorry about your fall, but how you posted it was hilarious! I would have been so embarrassed, but what are you going to do? Splat happens!