Thursday, June 10, 2010

Telephone Pole Hill, June

As a study in Southern California seasons and seasonal changes, each month I've been taking pictures of (what I'm calling) Telephone Pole Hill. When we first moved here at the end of 2008, I was amazed at how green everything seemed. Within a few short months - everything green was gone, replaced by dust and brown.

This year, I've decided to see if I can actually keep track of the changes. And yes, I realized that I missed April. But still - we've had a great start.

It was Nathaniel, during last weekend's hike who reminded me to take the picture. What a guy.

March 2010
May 2010
June 2010
What you can't see is the June Gloom. It was definitely present during our hike, but only extended a few miles inland. Yes, it's always nice to see the sun.
(Even if you have to work a little extra harder, or walk a little further to experience it's rays).

And finally, proof that we CAN survive activities that involve coordination, balance, and fun in salt water. Yes, we Stand Up Paddled in the Carlsbad Lagoon. However, even though we saw plenty of jumping fish and one very small ray, I was never fearful of (ahem) sharks. Whereas, had I been swimming - well, I just wouldn't have been swimming.

Open water in a protected lake. Yes.

Open water in salt water where there are big things with bigger teeth and you never know what's under you and anything could happen and your imagination is working overtime and it's just not fun because you're fearful that every stroke could be your last? No.

I think that's why I managed to stay upright the entire time. And had a blast in the process. Next time the goal is to bring a water-proof camera because you just never know. But for now, this is the post paddle glow.With Rachel and Jessica, at the Carlsbad Stand Up Paddle Club. And yes, I think I know what my shirt says... I love peace is Chinese or Japanese or Mandarin or something. At least that's what the people up in Minnesota told me. I just liked the heart and fit, and the peace thing - that's nice too.

It should read I love not being eaten by sharks, yeah. Or... I love Stand Up Paddling...even better.


Beth said...

I can't believe the difference in a month or two of those pictures!! Everything really does turn brown!! But still, the sky is so amazingly blue. Beautiful!

cherelli said...

Love the change in colours in those pictures! I've always thought that stand-up paddling looked kind of fun - as long as I wasn't in a hurry to get somewhere :)

Kim said...

Love the pictures of telephone hill and hope to see some of you paddling.. I have ALWAYS wanted to do that! Like bad!! Glad it was fun!

Trigirlpink said...

Wow.. that is amazing the way the landscape changes out there. Now being for New England, I guess I don't understand why everything is ICK in June. The growing season is over then?? Weird... it's just picking up here!! Stand up paddling is really catching on it seems!

ADC said...

Wow, those photos really show the changes in colours - that is soo cool.

Mer! said...

Awesome pics Marit!! What an awesome day with stand up paddle...i'm sure it is an awesome workout!!!


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

That's cool documenting the changes. People say we don't have seasons in Cali, but we do.

Midwestern Dot said...

It's too bad it goes from green to brown so quickly! Here in Iowa things go from brown to green (after winter). Congrats on no sharks!!

Kim said...

marit - those are some phenomenal photos! beautiful! i love your tshirt - i used to collect I heart tshirts, so im totally a fan of that one!

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