Friday, October 1, 2010

The NEW Month!

Am I the only one, or is everyone else happy to have September behind them? Yes - it was a long month, filled with lots of learning, growing, contemplation - serious bits like that. But there was also some fun stuff thrown in as well, for good measure. Just because.

Well - you know. Just because.... this is life and The Fun Stuff is important. (Alright - how many times can I say "stuff" in one post?)

A few highlights....

But before I post pictures - I just wanted to thank everyone. The comments were awesome, and the emails and phone calls really wonderful. Words can't express my gratitude, so I won't even try. I haven't gotten back to everyone, but I'm doing my best. Thank you - to each and everyone of you. It hasn't been an easy road, has it? But we ALL go through difficult times. Please know that your support and love has made all the difference.

Oceanside Pier Swim - I didn't get eaten. And I deserve the coke, even if I could only get a few sips down.

May Lake, High Sierra Camp - Yosemite National Park.

Annabelle, my friend's daughter. I wish I had a green straw like that.

Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out. Restaurant Week in San Diego...thankfully I was one of the designated drivers.

Oceanside Pier.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a threesome with a helicopter and my husband.

Big Bear Oktoberfest! Sponsored by Bud Light. Cheers!

I didn't have the heart to weigh my pack, but Tristan's came in at 32 pounds. Note the dust - there was LOTS of it!

The Symphony is in Session! Excerpt from Mahler's 1st Symphony. This means we're supposed to play really really really really really fast!

And with that - I'm off to practice Mahler. Cheers for October!


San said...

Well then Marit play in October with great savageness, not only Mahler. ;-)

Have a great weekend. said...


Beth said...

October is always an awesome month!!! :) Play fast! :)

ADC said...

It's October, it's October! Can you believe it, I have been so excited the whole day. Next month is just around the corner :)))))

Jule said...

Yes, Marit. I read your blog for 3 years now. I can read (and understand) English language very well, I understand spoken words, I am able to small-talk to somebody - but writing in English is a very big thing for me. I don't have any idea if my words are correct and if you understand my words the way I want to say things. So I didn't comment your last postings although I really wanted to do it. In Germany you say: "It burned under my finger nails." But in suffer to say anything wrong or been misunderstood I better said nothing.

But now: "Mit gro├čer Wildheit" means not only really really fast, but although being a little bit crazy. Like a little dog that is only a few weeks old and rolling over a wet lawn, or a cat that is playing with a ball or some teenagers in the discotheque or kids on the fairground. It is something like turbulent, hilarious.

So my words (my best wishes) to you (I hope you understand me the right way now): Don't forget to be wild and hilarious. Life is serious, more than enough.

Zora, Marit's mom said...

To Jule

Thank you for the wonderful comment. I understand fully - as I think Marit does - the part about life being too serious, and the need for us to be a little crazy, and wild and hilarious. Your comment made me remember my little blond girl who was always wild, running and laughing as if she were a little crazy. She brought so much joy and wonder into my life - - some sadness and worries too - but what mother does not have those.

I worry less now: Marit is SO strong, SO courageous, SO smart. She has the spirt and speed of a cheetah and the wisdom and soul of an ancient leatherback sea turtle.

Marit C-L said...

Hi Jule-
THANK YOU.... I understand what you mean, and am so grateful for your comment. It took my breath away - it means a lot that you wrote.

You know, I never thought of looking at my Mahler passages with "great hilarity" - I've always erred on the more "serious and FAST" side of it. But you are SO RIGHT - not just for Mahler, but for life in general. With wild abandonment, a bit of hilariousness, and plenty of fun - I embark on this path...with Mahler and with the rest of it as well. But it's one thing to say it, and something completely different to intrinsically feel and do. Like a little girl running around her back yard mostly naked and yelling at the top of her lungs (that would be me :). I think it's easy to forget that side of who we are. Thank YOU for your message - I wish my German were better so I could thank you properly! You said it beautifully.

Hope that you're having a great weekend - CHEERS!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Marit, the pic of you drinking POP in your wetsuit is priceless! HA, I love it! :)

Mer! said...

OCTOBER IS AWESOME!! =0.....My favorite is Jen's favorite---the one of you drinking coke in your wetsuit..I love it because your face is so Marit.....I miss you so much!!!

Ange said...

Hi Marit...
Yes, that dress is HOT! you look awesome. And, I am super impressed with your violin playing skills and would love to hear you in a symphony some day...
I Just read about your Lupus diagnosis. wow. You have got to be the toughest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I say that with all honesty. Reading all your stories over the past several years (I jumped on board right after your bike crash) has left me with a new approach to my own life. My gosh, Do you realize that you NEVER Ever whine or complain? You are amazing. I know you have had such struggles but you have such love in your life and such personal strength, I know your future will be full.
You know... I credit you to some of my IM success last year. I know I have told you that. You nailed that IMCdA and I was on a mission to copy those times :) And to know now how lousy you must have felt in Kona last year and yet you rocked it!! wow Marit.
I'm thinking of you!!

Kiet said...

Marit, that was awesome of you to accompany C on her two hour swim workout, that's definitely taking one for the team!