Saturday, November 3, 2007

2321, 232, 7

What a day. I'm exhausted, and I didn't even race.

This will be a relatively short post, as it's late (for me) and I've just been on an emotionally charged, roller coaster of a day. Phew.

First: Ludi - you are amazing. 2321, my new favorite number. Way to go at IM Florida. Fantastic time, beautiful race, and I only wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Sorry for the 6 voice mails on your cell phone - I realize now that in my excitement, I was calling your phone and giving you updates on your race. Sorry about that, my error. And my apologies to Katy. Because I also called her and gave her 6 phone message updates on your race, and she was the one out there. They sound pretty much the same, except my decibel volume tended to rise as the excitement grew later on in the day.

Second: Tonight I had the honor of accompanying my Nathaniel to the 232 annual United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Ooh-rah! Happy (early) Birthday Marines! The Naval Aviation Museum was beautiful, as always, and everyone looked so elegant in their dress blues and ball gowns. The history of the corps is truly inspiring, and the sacrifices these men and women have made, are truly astounding. I'm looking forward to having birthday cake on the 10th (after my race).

Third: 7 days until Clearwater. Enough said.

Today was a blur. The workout went amazingly well (I must have been getting lots of good vibes from Panama City - it was pure magic in the air!), and I felt faster and stronger at the finish than I ever have before. So that was a great thing. I was sad to not be able to make it out to PC today - I so wanted to be there, but realized by the time I made it out there, I would only get to be at the race site for 4 hours or so - and then I would have to drive home for the ball. Nathaniel was really wonderful and supportive - he saw how manic I was about checking, re-checking and triple checking the splits all day. He even offered to set the computer up the the TV, so I could follow the video feed live. At that point I had to get out of the house - it was a little too much. I was sad no to be out there, supporting my friends. I was also really looking forward to meeting Jen Harrison, but she was totally cool on the phone and really understanding about my not making it out. Jen - I really hope that you enjoyed Waffle House! I know that IHOP just isn't the same (believe me - I've been to both!)

After taking my bike into the shop for a quick check-over, I headed over to Target. Partially because I knew that if I was at home, I would be drooling over the computer. So a little aimless wandering through a super store never hurts... plus, I got a chance to finally hunt down double sided tape (for my ball dress. Because I'm still racing, my dress is a little more loose. I don't want any straps falling at inopportune times. Different story, different blog. There was WAY too much tape to choose from.)

Finally, after spending a mere 20 minutes getting ready - an actual record (again, because I was drooling over the computer, clicking the "refresh" button every few minutes), we were on our way.

I had a wonderful time at the restaurant with Nathaniel, Jessica, and Mike. The food was great and the company wonderful. The ball was phenomenal - very elegant, and historic. It's a great way to pay tribute to the past and to the US Marine Corps.

And now - I'm off to bed. My dress is put away, shoes are in a heap on the floor, the earrings were abandoned LONG ago, and the beautiful wrap my Mom lovingly made is folded and carefully put away. Thanks again Mom, the wrap was beautiful - and I got so many compliments on it. We've got pictures, as promised. Thanks for making what was already a special evening, even better. I love you!

Finally - congratulations to everyone who toed the line, raced, and competed in IM Florida today.

7 days... tic toc.

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Anonymous said...

HEy girl!!
THanks for being there all the way on my IM. I felt the good vibes every second!!
NOW IT IS YOUR TURN!! You will have an amazing race. I am there for you always,