Friday, November 16, 2007

Tagged: 5 Things about me

I've been tagged - thanks Bri!! Tough list to come up with, but here we go. Enjoy!

1) I grew up speaking Czech until I was 3. Then I declared to my parents, "Ne mluvim cesky, boli mi usi!" (Don't speak Czech, it hurts my ears!). Then we lived in Czechoslovakia for a year when I was 5 and 6, at which point my speaking skills returned. After we got back, I vowed to never speak the language again. Too bad, because now I'm kicking myself. I still understand quite a bit, and if I were to return again, I'm sure my language skills would come back.. but its not the same. The moral is: little kids learn languages really fast - don't let them quit!

2)I play the violin. I was planning on making it a career until I turned 19. Then it was rowing (I had Olympic aspirations) or music. I choose the rowing. Now I don't row, but I love playing the violin.

3) I've always hated having wet sleeves. When I was little and washed my hands, I would always forget to roll up my sweatshirt sleeves, so they would get wet. After a few minutes, they would be cold and damp. It was yucky.

4) Nathaniel's last name is just Lauterbach. I decided to hyphenate. Chrislock-Lauterbach. Lovely. At our wedding reception, my Mother-in-law turned to me and commented that my new last name sounded like a celebration. Then she got a concerned look on her face and confirmed that Nate was just keeping the Lauterbach part. She looked relieved and it made me laugh. It was hilarious!

5) I love pottery. Every state that Nathaniel and I live in, I try to collect a pair of matching coffee mugs from a local artist. We've got a few other pieces - nothing big. Just interesting. But yeah - coffee mugs, pottery coffee mugs.

So that's it. Weird stuff, I know - but just a part of who I am.

Hhhmmmmm.... who to tag? I'll go for Alicia P, Jen Harrison, Beth from PA, Ashley Long, Kelli Sweet. I don't know a lot of people who read my blog... but these are a few. I'm sure that most of them have already been tagged - but if they haven't, I look forward to reading their response!

Happy Friday night everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this game, learning about everyone! I meant to tag you, but then kept wondering "who I was forgetting" and then I saw BRI tagged you! I swear, my mind is gone. :) Jen