Sunday, March 1, 2009

A few interesting things...

You know it's going to be an interesting weekend when you wake up to this:

Actually, Tabbitha in the sink was my view on Sunday morning. But it was still an interesting weekend nonetheless.

A few other tidbits, for your pleasure:

-While walking along the beach Sunday afternoon, I overheard a Dad ask his four young children if they wanted to, "jump off a cliff." I turned and looked, just in time to see the youngest whippersnapper sporting a Charlie Brown shirt and "jumping" off a shelf of sand. But seriously, how many parents get the opportunity to "jump" of a cliff with their kids? Not many.

-For some reason I couldn't find the spinach in the fridge. Low and behold, Sunday afternoon I located it. In the freezer. Last time I remember handling it was after Saturday's ride. Perhaps I was more fatigued than I realized. Or maybe Anabelle was the culprit. After all, she does enjoy leafy greens.
Yes, she did finish her lettuce. Spinach isn't her favorite. She prefers red leaf lettuce. We've tested.

-While riding for long periods of time in the bright California sunshine, it's important to remember that what you wear matters. Shorts and jersey weren't the issue. It was the arm warmers. I wore them (and gloves) while descending and throughout most of my ride. Save for the climbing and last hour or so. Then they were peeled down to about here.
It's pretty hideous. And I think the striped shirt only accentuates the red sunburn and white skin.


-If the waiter at dinner on Saturday night noticed my stripes, he made no comment. Instead, he was surprised at the amount of food I ordered (and consumed). Though I am (somewhat) little, I eat. A lot. And after spending 5+ hours in the saddle and climbing in excess of 7,500 feet - I was hungry.

So I ordered spring rolls to start. Then lots of nigiri sushi (smoked salmon, tuna, and shrimp). And then the large soup (because small was also an option) with tofu and extra veggies. Our waiter - assuming I had ordered for Nathaniel and myself promptly walked away.

He was pretty embarrassed when I called him back and made him take Nathaniel's order. After all, I was hungry and wasn't planning on sharing. Plus Nathaniel really wanted the Yellow Curry Chicken. Good call on his part. I had a few samples.

-I ended up using my Vanilla Powergel as a stress ball during the 15-minute "hard" part of my long run. It was pleasantly squishy, and as my heart rate rose and breathing increased, mashing the sealed gel pack in my fist while trying to run really fast! made me feel slightly better.

-I have great self-control when it comes to cookie dough. Most of it made it onto the cookie sheet (I made cookies for my ride companions).
However I forgot to pack the baked cookies into my jersey and was thus unable to enjoy them atop Palomar.


-WE have little self-control when it comes to homemade, day-old, chewy with extra chocolate chip cookies. Before Sunday arrived, they were gone. Not really sure how many I ate, or when exactly. I know two were gone almost as soon as I turned onto Palomar Airport Road in San Marcos. Three more were enjoyed after dinner. And my other half must have been responsible for the rest.

Or maybe it was Anabelle?

-Couldn't find the compression socks. But the wool socks felt just as good, if not better. Add them to boxer shorts, and I had quite "the look" going.

-I returned from my long run - after fantasizing about walking to the Daily News Cafe with Nathaniel and ordering French Toast - only to discover he had eaten breakfast 15 minutes before I got back. Bummer. Timing is everything!

-Nathaniel made STRONG COFFEE, which made up for us not going out to breakfast.

-I saw either a really big fin or a seal in the water while I was on shore. But because the surfer dudes (and dudettes) were so relaxed, I figured it was the latter of the two. Then again, surfer-people are some of the most relaxed people I know - so who knows?


-You know you've had one too many gels when you find a wrapper stuck to your wool socks. I swear that the gels are following me!

-I'll leave you with this shot. Because really - who can resist a cat in the sink?


Jen said...

Oh my gosh. I love the way the stripes on your shirt bring out the stripes of your farmers tan :) It could be could be in a cold climate on your trainer in the basement. Tan arms are happy arms!

Ness said...

That is one heck of a tan, Marit! Sounds like your training is going really well these days - and like Tabitha's resting is also going very well!

ADC said...

Seems like you had a nice weekend. Tan lines are funny. I was sporting my race number for months last year - once the black marker pen is gone and the rest of the body is sunburnt the race number is sooo visible. People looked at me strange at the pool :-)

Missy said...

The stripes are hawwwwt. Hard to think about the sun when you're bundled up like that. ...and really WHO can resist a cat in a sink!? Too cute. Sounds like a great weekend.

Laura said...

The cat in the sink is cracking me up!

Beth said...

The cat in the sink is killing me Marit!!! Too funny! (but maybe not as funny as the strips on your arms... ;)

Mama Simmons said...

I used to have a cat that would hang out in my sink. A good place to be, really. ;)
Apparently it's time to get out the sunscreen, eh? Too funny. Glad you had a good weekend!

Charisa said...

Your kitties are so cute!! And healthy! :) Glad your weekend was fun - sounds pretty amazing! And next time you make cookies call me - I will help you eat them :)

D said...

Obviously I enjoy reading your whole post, but the pictures of your cat were enough for me. AWESOME! :)

Damie said...

oh, I remember when Presters used to sit in the sink like that. So cute! I haven't seem him do it in our new"er" house. Girl, looks like you are getting the training in! I can't wait to boast some sweet tan lines. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I love the HM in the sink pictures! Your cookies make me hungry - an excellent food item to take on a long ride!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I love love love that pic of your kitty in the sink...she looks so very content and beautiful!!