Saturday, March 21, 2009

Foggy Pictures

(Cliff's edge. Most days you get a clear shot of the ocean and horizon)

I've been meaning to share some incredible fog pictures...taken Thursday morning after Master's Swim practice. But one thing lead to another, which lead to another. And then today it was sunny, and therefore fog pictures weren't really appropriate...but tomorrow it's supposed to rain and be really windy.

So the fog pictures will be fitting after all. Sort of, right?

Here they are, just to prove that it's not always sunny in Southern California... (but mostly, I wanted my Dad to be able to see them - he LOVES fog. While growing up, it was always a big deal if there was fog...)

Bottom of the hill I do repeats on. It was so foggy that I couldn't even see the top!
Top of the "Big-hill-repeat-hill", appropriately named 'Highland'. How fitting.
Nothing other than high cliff with a foggy ocean below? I know, I know - I'm soooo creative when it comes to titles. Especially after a long Saturday of training. Toss in a 6-beer sampler from a local tavern, and I'm toast. Not that I HAD six beers. Believe you, me - I would NOT be writing at this point if I did. Nope, instead I ordered the min-sampler, because I can never make up my mind. Beer is beer. And somewhere, my husband just dropped his pint!

At the ocean's edge. I swear there were three or four people no less than 100 yards away, running towards me. Very eerie.

My back is to the Pacific in this one. The shot is taken looking up towards a Lifeguard stand just off PCH 101. I think a car was driving by as I got this shot, but I can't be sure. Can YOU see it?

Twain Twacks (Mom - that's for you! I've still got the book, you know)...

Another ocean shot - I tried to get the timing of the waves just right. But with the camera, that was (seemingly) impossible. But look! Fog!

Overlooking our back deck towards the lagoon, power plant, and ocean - today of which you can see none.

I seriously think it was the fog - or else Tabbitha was half asleep and didn't realize Anabelle was right there. small sigh. The kitties DO get along, for the most part. They just don't realize it yet. Something about Anabelle wanting to play, and Tabbitha thinking that the little one, with her funny gait, is out to get her. As though anything so mini could get the best of our 20+ pound House Monster!


D said...

My big kitty (and by big I really mean older cuz she weighs about 2lbs haha) used to LOVE to wrestle with my little kitty. Now that the little kitty is just slightly bigger there's no more wrestling. Only chasing. The chasing is amusing, but not quite as hysterical as the grown kitty wrestling with a 3 month old kitten was.

ADC said...

Well those are some foggy pictures. Maybe Tabitha thinks she is too cool for mini-monster.

Maijaleena said...

When I speant the summer in San Luis Obispo, it was foggy almost every morning. Then sunny during the day. A lot of my crack of dawn rides were foggy like that.

Do kitties have an alpha kitty like dogs do? If so, I think we know who the boss of the kitty pack would be.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Kitties!!! Yey.