Friday, April 2, 2010

Off Exploring!

Well, as I'm still awaiting doctor's blessing to swim-bike-run, this weekend brings another great opportunity for adventures with Nathaniel. We selected (what appears to be) a fun but challenging day-hike, and are in the midst of final preparations.

Oddly enough, it sort of feels like the night before a long training day....

Instead of prepping my bike, clothes, and nutrition, I've arranged my backpack, triple checked our emergency kit, and threw in an extra goody or two for Nathaniel (AND me!). I figure a chocolate egg will taste GREAT atop the mountain.

And I gamely suggested to Nathaniel if he was really worried about carrying too much extra food, we could always throw a bunch of Powergels into the pack. He politely declined.

I'm happy to report that my pack weighs less than Tabbitha. Barely. But that's due mostly to the fact that I'm carrying four quarts of water. Don't ask: there's no water on the trail and I would rather have more than less. If a Kona-esque aid station suddenly appears around a corner, I'll know that either I'm hallucinating (and therefore need to drink more water), or something really really really bad happened.

And - true to form - I picked up a little extra gear. Just in case.
Too bad they don't make this stuff for sharks. Not that I would trust a little spray to stop a two ton great white charging at 40 mph. Ugh.

For the record, its not the bears that worry me; its those other big thingys out there. And I figure Bear Spray will work just as good on other animals as it does on, um, bears. But enough about that.

With all the gear we're packing, I think Nathaniel and I will look like this.

But that's okay. We - er I - "heart" Russell. And the Wilderness MUST be explored! Right? Right.

Okay folks! Over and out. Have a FANTASTIC weekend doing whatever you're doing - be it swim-bike-run or "other". I know that we will!


Anonymous said...

yes, truly, the wilderness MUST be explored!

Have a great hike - already looking forward to seeing the pictures!

And see if you can lure in the SNIPE. Clapping three times helps. "Here, snipey, snipe!"

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I hope you have an awesome hike! I'm so jealous! We can't really start hiking here until late spring/early summer. The snow stays in the mt. for a LONG time here in CO!

SSB said...

Have a great hike and a happy Easter. And yes, the wilderness must be explored. I loved that movie

Teresa said...

Enjoy your hike with your hubby! What fun!!!

Beth said...

Have a blast today Marit! Sounds like so much fun - especially because you can do it with Nathaniel! Here's hoping you don't have to use that bear spray!! :)

Kim said...

Omg bear spray? They make bear spray? Hehehe, hope you will never have to use it! Marit, I know its frustrating to not be swim/bike/running but you are making the most out of having pnenomonia. Have a blast with hubster,and I can't wait to see pictures. Be safe!

cherelli said...

Have a great hike - fingers crossed you don't have to use the bear - sorry, "mountain lion" - spray - that stuff ain't all that cheap if you use it too much :) !!! You can never have too much chocolate on a hike either....Mmmm chocolate. Happy easter!

Jennifer Harrison said...

BEAR spray? Oh good gosh.
:) Hope you and Nate have a great hike....:) I LOVE to hike! Keep enjoying those hikes!

Charisa said...

Hope your hike was great!