Thursday, April 8, 2010

Upward Bound

Sometimes life seems like a constant uphill battle, eh? A struggle to reach that metaphorical top - whatever and wherever that may be. Regardless: you take the time, energy, and effort - placing one foot in-front of the other..and just go with the flow, knowing that you'll get there. Eventually.

Would you believe it if I said I had another sinus infection?

Because x-rays confirmed it.


I seriously contemplated drinking after getting home from the doctor's office, but I'm a wimp when it comes to alcohol-induced headaches, so I'll leave it at that. Plus, the antibiotics that I'm taking don't mix well with red wine, blah blah blah.

On the flip side - today I learned lots of really interesting things about myself. First the GREAT news: I'm pneumonia free! Yea! The congestion is OUT of my lungs. Hallelujah! Score ONE BIG ONE for me! Yea!

(Did you get enough explanation points there?)

Now the 'other' stuff: my blood test revealed lots and lots of interesting things about me that I didn't realize. Some of it explains why I'm feeling the way I am, and other bits are - well - a little weird.

Like...did you know I'm (slightly) allergic to beef? Neither did I. Thankfully we don't eat a lot of, um, beef in our house and my favorite burger is usually a Turkey Bleu with extra BBQ sauce. So there you have it.

I'm supposed to stay away from beef. Great.

And while I'm at it, add chicken or bison to tofu stir fry. Because the tofu just isn't cutting it. See below.

On the flip side - I'm anemic. So...I'll need to take steps to get that taken care of. Thrown in for good measure (just because its my body and it just has to be complicated in this way), there are a few deficiencies and weird numbers that appeared. We don't know if its because of the Pneumonia and rash of sinus infections, OR if its the culprit. So I'm going in for another round of blood tests in three weeks after I finish this latest course of antibiotics.

Speaking of sinuses - they are still there. Clearly.

And the theory behind the sinusitis is that I've had the same infection since last September/October with major flare ups...and the courses of antibiotics that my old doctor prescribed were NOT in any way the proper dosage OR for the proper amount of time given the reoccurring frequency of the infections. They took care of the flare ups, but didn't kill the infection. (Did you get that?) Basically all the previous medications did were get the infection under control - but it never really got rid of it.


So I've basically had the same sinus infection for the past six months. Lovely.

Let's not even get started with the sinus surgery. At least the nasal passages are widened - but still.

So where does this leave me?

Well, first of all - GRATEFUL that my new doctor cares about me and getting me healthy. Three weeks of antibiotics are WELCOME if it means I can breath clearly. And its a new antibiotic - even better.

Training-wise, its a different story. I can continue to walk and hike...nothing super long or stupidly intense. And...I can do very very very very very light training - ie NO INTENSITY WHATSOEVER. And even though my doctor wants me to wait a little longer until I swim/bike/run - and warned me that it was IMPORTANT to let the medication kick in and not prolong the recovery process by doing serious training - I think she could sense my desperation.

So in that sense - I may wait another week or so to being the swim-bike-run regiment. And in the meantime, I'll continue to walk and hike and hike and walk... one foot in-front of the other.

And if that's what I learn this season - that sometimes you just have to hold yourself back to make extra progress - well so be it. Because in the end, the views from the top and achieving your goals (whatever they may be - health, training, racing, happiness) are well worth the effort.


Michelle Simmons said...

What a nightmare, Marit! I'm glad you finally have a good Dr who seems to have it figured out... But holy cow. What a nightmare! Get healthy soon! :)

Damie said...

WHAT?????? That STINKS!!! I have been thinking about you today- I have another sinus infection. Ughhh...totally thought about you. Then I read this post and I cannot believe you still have one! That frustrates me for you. well, hopefully this will be the big momma that you get only 1 x and won't have anything else the rest of the year. xxxxxooooo

GoBigGreen said...

Oh boy! ( that sounded like jh! Ha!) well of I had places like that to hike I may contemplate giving up tri. Of course I do. At the cabin:) 4 mos out of the year but I digress!
Your optimism is contagious and I know you are going to
come thru this stuff with flying colors.
I know you will get that fe up with things other than beef. I take a liquid fr called nifrex and it's far more tolerable than those pills:)
hang in there marit!! Love from MN!

cherelli said...

geez, you're like that person that sits above the pool at the fair and every time someone hits the target you get dunked!! BUT at least you're are past the pneumonia. Bison is a super lean meat to have for your iron - nice choice. If you do have iron containing non meat foods, make sure you have them with a vitamin C source (pepper, orange) to better absorb the iron. Hope you get to the bottom of the heap soon and the root cause!!

Kim said...

UGH! And double ugh! When it rains it pours, and you my dear marit need a poncho, umbrella and wellies! And a side of chicken (not beef) and spinach! I'm also anemic and need to make sure I take iron pills to stay on track... hopefully that will help your blood work. I'm so glad to hear your new dr is kickass and smart and I'm sure he will help pave your way to healthy. Keep that positive outlook; we are all rooting for you.

Teresa said...

So frustrating...but now you are on the right path! Get better soon!


Anonymous said...

It's good to know what's going on at least, even if the news isn't the best. Good to know about the anemia, too, a common thing for female endurance athletes, who need the most iron of any possible group. I think canned clams have tons of iron, more than beef, even. I don't like clams but they're palatable in NE clam chowder.

Molly said...

I too am grateful you've got a new doctor who is going to be more aggressive with your treatment! You don't deserve this at all! I'm so sorry it's been a rough road - I truly hope the recovery from here only moves in a positive direction.

jennabul said...

You have got to be kidding, another sinus infection, or rather, the SAME sinus infection?? I am so sorry!! Ugh, but yay for Pneumonia being gone - sinus infections you understand =). I am curious what new antibiotics they put you on. I certainly hope they take care of everything...Very happy you have a new doctor who seems to take your sinuses a bit more seriously...I hope it pays off! Hang in there!!!!

kerrie said...

oh wow! i'm so sorry. this sounds so much like where i was at last year. let me know if you want to chat about the anemia thing/f*ed up immune system....i can tell you what i did to deal with the anemia.
in the meantime, we need to find you a new hobby to keep you busy!

ADC said...

Oh no. I can't believe your old doctor did not treat that properly. I would sue him, but then again I am lawyer so I would...

On the positive side that photo of you and Nate is extra cute.

San said...

This is rotten luck with the sinus infection and the beef allergy. Better go to a homeopathic doc who finds the reason behind it.

Have a great weekend nonetheless.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hoorah for no more pneumonia! And all that other stuff, wow, that's a lot to take in but it sounds like you are on track and working with the right people to finally figure it out.

And I am scared for the women that have to race you later in the season because you are going to be HUNGRY to get after it.

Beth said...

Ugh - I know it seems neverending!! But like you said, the most important thing is this all lead to you finding a good doctor and getting to the bottom of once and for all kick the sinus infections and all other things YUCK! You'll get it figured out Marit!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and it is EXCLAMATION POINTS not explanation

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Wow Anonymous, how mature. Sorry that my health has affected you so. If it bothers you - don't read my blog. I've always been upfront with the truth and my life - spelling mistakes and all. You are not welcome here.

Mer! said...

Hey Anonymous---any reason you can't leave your name?? Is it possible that you didn't leave your name because you suck and you're a coward...i'll bet you ride a bike with your knees out and your idea of a "workout" is water aerobics. Why so negative? Yikes!

Now that I got that off my chest...MARIT! *shaking my head...** NO WAY....can't even find the words, so I will have to just give you a hug on Sunday!!! Can't even find the words! I'd be SO incredibly pissed and you're doing SO great with handling all of are in GOOD hands now with the docs!!!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

What a bummer about the sinus infection. That is just not fair. Rooting for you to recover quickly. You've been through a lot and I think you are a trooper. You are a physically elite athlete/individual who has handled this with way more grace than I ever could. Thanks for sharing and keep your chin up.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I am glad you have no pneumonia, but geez - you need a break. I have a ton of sympathy for this because I battled ALL of the SAME issues for the last 8 years. 2 sinus surgeries plus 20 weeks antibiotics a year. Trust me, you will get better and eventually get this thing solved! If my story give you any hope it should, sometimes it just takes a lot of time to get there. By the way, allergy shots DO work, get thoroughly tested - I did and I have been taking drops the last 5 months and doing a lot better.

Missy said...

DaYum it! What the hell?! You've had quite a time. You shouldn't have beef but you need the iron, take extra iron and you'll get just goes on. BUT, great picture of the two of you. See, you would have been training instead but look what you got!?!?!

Midwestern Dot said...

Well that is crappy, just crappy. Are there such things as sinus replacements? Cause you should get one.
Love the picture of you two!

Runner Leana said...

Wow, first off, I can't believe someone said that to you! How incredibly rude!! Keep writing for yourself and for no one else. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Second of all, I'm glad to hear the pneumonia is all gone! But boo for the sinus infection to still be kicking around. How awful! At least you have a doctor who is there for you. I hope you are finally able to kick this with your new round of antibiotics.

And wow, what an amazing hike you went on! It looks absolutely gorgeous out there this time of year. Such colourful wildflowers. I'm glad that you are getting in some beautiful hikes. Feel better soon. Hugs!