Monday, July 26, 2010

Awesome Animal Encounters

I was out at dinner tonight with a few good friends - Mer, Jen, Stacy, and Jess, who are ALL very aware of my Fear-Of-Being-Eaten-While-Training "issue". Ahem. It is so prevalent at the forefront of my mind, that while Jess was telling stories of running 4 miles during her recent trip to Africa, I couldn't get past the point that she was running 4 miles through Lion Infested Areas.

I think she laughed when I inquired about shot guns and bear spray.

Um.. for the record - I was being TOTALLY SERIOUS.

It would be fitting, then, that upon arriving home from dinner, I would find an email from Grandpa L. with the images below. I particularly enjoyed the Hippo shot - where it looks like the hippo is actually moving fast. Wow - that's some pretty good knee flexion, that is.

Is it me, or is this a Devil Bird?Thank God for Rock Walls and REI.

Um....If it's snout is the size of your ENTIRE probably should NOT be pointing at it.

Chinese Fire Drill--The Polar Bear Version.

Wow. The LAST animal I thought would ever stalk someone from the bush - is the hippo.Clearly, I was wrong. (But seriously - you have to admire BOTH beings form. I mean...for a hippo, he/she looks pretty good).

Honk!Sadly, this has happened to me.

Dude - that bear is SO not going into that cage.Hopefully it can't climb car.

Not everyone likes to be filmedI guess his feathers were ruffled.

Okay - I'm REALLY sorry for that. It's the coumadin.

Um....perhaps there's something fishy with the car.LOTS of House Monsters!

Sometimes you just have to stand up and applaud the Kangaroo. There are times in my life where I have NOT wanted my picture taken.What I wouldn't give for a pouch and extra long legs.

And before you get your knickers in a twist - there were NO Mountain Lion, Shark, OR Snake pictures in here. let's keep it that way. Unless, of course, we're talking about the Cement Sharks. Yeah - we already know about those guys.


Steve said...

Ha Ha!!

Sweet dreams. ;)

ADC said...

Too funny!

Midwestern Dot said...

I love the Chinese fire drill polar bear version!! These are all great!

Molly said...

LOL! I'm pretty sure I've read that hippos account for more animal-related deaths in Africa than any of the other animals.

cherelli said...

Ha - great animal encounter pics. Strangely enough the hippo might be the worst possible encounter - extremely unfriendly animals I've heard...and I'm glad you skipped the shark and mountain lion pics too; shark ones seem to find it into my "permanent storage" and I can't discard them.

Anonymous said...

The hippo seems to be looking for understanding and companionship.

You know my feelings about hippos


TriGirl Kate O said...

My parents had a story about being chased in a volkswagon by a rhino when they were stationed in Sierra Leone. Rhinos can be MEAN and can run VERY FAST! Will send you a pic of one of the house monsters we just visited--at my uncle's house in Williamsburg.

It was great chatting w/ you on Sunday! Hugs.

Trigirlpink said...

Oh my f-ing word... that is stupendous and scary at the same time!

Orca Kitty got dragged to the vet last week. That is always a pleasure! NOT!!! I like when she(vet)flips him over to check his belly for masses. He just lays there limp BUT not without a very low baritone belly growl. lol

Clair said...

Those are hilarious. Guess I shouldn't worry so much about coyotes roaming around San Francisco anymore.

Teresa said...

Funny stuff, that is if it is not happening to us! Yikes!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Seriously classic photos and they all look real - well maybe except for that seagull one. I think.

Beth said...

That most definitely is the devil bird!!

Heidi Austin said...

hahah hilarious... very ironic because saturday as i finished my long ride i was attacked by a cross between a duck and turkey... scared the crap out of me! given my stellar bike handing skills, i was sooo lucky i didn't eat it. crazy animals!

Kim said...

So funny! I LOVE these! Hey! I need your address to send you some little things to say "Hey, I'm happy you're alive & my friend!!" Can you give me that one more time please (I know you've done it like 2300 times, just humor me!). Email me or leave it on the blog or whatever -! MISS YA LADY!

Anonymous said...

If you want my favorite - it's the ruffled feather dude. I have to learn that technique for the next time I'm in San Diego. Now that is an effective way to get your point across!

And about about the bear spray - YOU ARE SO VINDICATED! Jack Hanna (Columbus Zoo keeper and frequent David Letterman guest) sprayed a grizzly cub - weighing about 125 lbs - who came charging at him, his wife and others while hiking in Glacier National Park. Hanna sprayed the bear in the face, and it fled


San said...

Haha, great post. And yep, never thought of hippos to be scary, but they can get pretty mean.

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kerrie said...

wow - those are some interesting pictures! just getting caught up on some blog reading after my rather extended internetless holiday, and i must say, i am so with you on that fear. i was just out walking around in northern canada and i found myself all alone and the total, utter silence started to freak me out and i swear that my hr jumped up over 200 at the thought of all the bears that were tracking me.
it could happen...4 had been trapped and moved during the previous 72 hours.
keep on keeping on!!!

Lisa T said...

Thanks for the laugh. The speaker at the pasta dinner for the marathon I did last month was a "bear expert." I declined to go. I was already scared enough and didn't need one more thing to worry about the night before! I seriously considered carrying bear spray. I went for the "run next to large man" tactic instead.

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