Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hospital Shots

Yes, the pun is intended. It's horrible, and I'll readily admit that. I swear that ever since I've been on blood thinners, I've lost my ability to "filter" what I say or how my thoughts come out of my mouth. I think my Mom was horrified on the way to the airport to pick up my Dad. My mental middle finger, which is usually aimed towards crappy drivers, instead became a free flowing commentary as we sped down the 5.


But I'm still INR is stable...and I've managed to dig up the camera for a few hospital "shots". Ha ha ha - I know, I know - awful. But really - I can't help it.

Don't blame me - blame the Coumadin. It's what I'm doing.

Welcome to Scripps Encinitas Emergency Room!Waiting for my CT scan with NO IDEA how bad off I really was. My stupid grin gives proof to that fact. Then again, Meredith kept me laughing the entire time

This IV brought to you by Power Bar and Diet Coke.Awesome! THANK YOU MEREDITH for supplying me with Diet Coke. I could not have gotten through the 8 days without that. Well... I guess I could have - it just would have been really really ugly.

My Lovenox injection shots...And I have a collection of dime-sized bruises along my "love handles" as testament to my self-injection blunders.

CUPCAKES from Molly! WOO HOO!!!!!!Along with the BEST nurses EVER!!!!

Wow! These flowers smell a lot better......than the lady sharing my room. (Luckily I moved to a private "suite" after two days. BLISS!)

No, I swear to you that I'm not about to blow up.Wires from my EKG, which I wore CONSTANTLY. The weird part about being home, is knowing that no one is monitoring my heart. Slightly disconcerting given the fact that there's a VERY big clot de-clotting itself in my leg. But still...I miss that EKG and the security it brought.

Meet my new friend Dallas!!!Canine Companions were AWESOME, and I made three new doggie friends. They really brightened up my day. Many thanks to Dallas, Tomas, and Shirley!

A healthy lunch of pita, Greek salad, milk, and...almond butter...?Clearly, I talk about peanut butter and almond butter too much, if people are bringing me jars of the stuff. And yes - I said jars. The PB went to the nurses, but I kept the AB for myself and visitors...

After one day, I added a fourth goal...Mission Accomplished!

The volunteers who delivered flowers and packages and chocolate were extra pleasant!

Happy Anniversary!Chocolate covered strawberries from Nathaniel. Okay - so NOT the hike + Pizza Port (pizza + GREAT beer) we had planned. However - the added bonus was that we BOTH got to celebrate on this earth.

Speaking of love...four of the images from my heart ultrasound.Sorry - I can't tell you what any of the pictures mean... But I do know, that it belongs to Nathaniel.

Still swollen. Sigh.And slightly discolored (due to the -cringe- broken cappilaries and tissues within the skin). I've always hated feet - and here is another reason why.

(Psst: It's the RIGHT foot)


Wall of hearts --discovered during my 4th of July foray through the empty-feeling hospital.

This sign gave me hope! Do I get to run stairs? Yes?? Please! YES!! PICK ME!!!NO. For much of the time I was restricted to the bed or very light walking - my doctors didn't want me to dislodge the DVTs in my right leg. Again.

Mirrors were everywhere.
Rocks in the garden - always helping me to find my way.
Happy 4th of July!
I found this on the camera, and laughed.I have to hand it to Nathaniel - a Marine, helicopter pilot, and lifelong lego lover - this was AWESOME. I think he's planning on building the Yankee version soon.

I had warned Meredith...that my friend Jaime makes the BEST BAKED GOODS EVER. Sshhhh:even better than sheet cake!Yes, we were all amazed. And I swear, that I waddled out of that place.

Seven days and counting...two IVs, more bruises than I ever though possible......but GRATEFUL to be alive.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your incredible support. Still working on those emails...and grateful to be here.


Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

It looks like you were well taken care of in the hospital! I love how cheerful you look even though your body was going through such a hard core thing. I'm glad your feeling better! :)

Michelle Simmons said...

OK, all those IVs look horrible! But glad you had such good people taking care of you. Amazing you have been able to smile so much through all of this. :)

MaineSport said...

Awesome hospital humor.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am impressed that you made your hospital stay into an artistic photo session! What a great attitude.

Kim said...

you make hospital stays look like fun! (almost!)

KayVee said...

I wanted to add my well wishes and get better soons! You are amazing with such a great attitude...I can learn a lot from you. (And next time hubby has one of his "fainting spells," I am definitely bringing the camera.)

Angela and David Kidd said...

So glad your dad made it! I was hoping that since I hadn't heard from him that all had gone smoothly.

And only you could find that much humor and beauty in a hospital.

Dave said...

Still giggling at the picture of Mer. :)

Midwestern Dot said...

Great pictures...I love the mirror and the legos! What a cool husband you have, I love legos!
All those IVs and drugs make me cringe..not a huge fan of needles!
I hope you and Nathaniel get a better chance to celebrate your anniversary later!

Bob Mitera said...

Dallas looks like Greta's cousin! We are planning on doing "therapy dog work" when Greta is old enough. She must be 1 yr old and have a training class. She LOVES people and has seen a wheelchair, walker and IVs. Our little 10 lbs puppy is now a 58.4 lbs. teenager. Glad you are better and enjoy your humor during uneasy times. I LOVE the PowerBar bottle with the IV.

Beth said...

Love all the pictures Marit. Especially your smile.

SSB said...

So glad you got to see therapy dogs. My next dog is going to be trained to be one.

Heidi Austin said...

wow i'm so behind girl! i don't know where to start or what to say except I hope everything heals fast and that your INR levels stay therapeutic and the lovenox shots aren't too painful...(if you still have to self administer). ouchies. i cried when i had to do that 2x a day. yuck. anyway sending lots of good vibes your way. glad you are staying positive as always!!!!

Mer! said...

LOVE seeing all the pictures turn out! You were SO good at "chronicling" your stay I was wondering what the blog entry would look take THE best pictures ..and on a "point and shoot"...we need to get you a Cannon 40D one of these days i'm thinking???

Marit-your spirit, humor, motivation and patience is truly a life lesson...I learned many tidbits from you during your ordeal--I know, not something everyone wants to hear--but I did---seriously--if you can handle this type of situation with as much grace as you did with everything---you will ALWAYS're amazing...

Just wish I lived closer, I totally would've slept in those comfy chairs =0....

Many are a joy to know!!

PS: My nostrils are flared in that picture....HORRID!

Anonymous said...
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