Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ladies of Camp HTFU!

Miss Daisy finishing the climb on Panther: 2 miles at 20%+ grade! Pink helmet and pink bike - who else could make a climb like this look so good?

Thank goodness Miss Daisy is okay - bruised, but okay. The Land Rover saved her life! The M&Ms are helping the healing, and before we know it, she'll be pulling us all up Panther Mountain.Leading by example. A missed National Championship - very sad indeed. But this does not detract from the great triathlete we all know her to be. Heal fast JH!

Thanks goodness The Sleeper is okay - bruised, but okay. Her helmet was cracked in two, and she as fake ligaments implanted in her shoulder. Faster than Michale Phellps she will be - one day. As long as she follows Miss Daisy's workouts...Heal fast AL!

Thank goodness Miss Mary Sunshine is okay - sore, but okay. She has taught me more about triathlon, life, and love than just about anyone I know. Before we all know it, she'll be smiling her way down a 70.3 course in Texas. Totally adjusted to the heat - because she's been biking in sweats in 80+ degrees! And at times, wearing a newfangled swim helmet to boot. Heal fast ME!

Thanks goodness The Kidd is okay - on the way to recovery, but okay. Enjoying a newfound love for triathlon, her back healing at an astounding rate. Taking things day-by-day, bit by by.

To Curley and Smallie Biggs: I am officially sending you BOTH all my good vibes. Wear helmets, ride the rollers, don't swim with sharks, and stick to the track. On second track, nix the rollers and stick to the trainer! Be sure that if you dirve - use a Land Rover. And as sushi was the culprit in the last case, try to avoid that as well! Difficult, but we've all got to make sacrifices, right?

I love the five of you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Marit. xoxo Elizabeth is NOT allowed to leave her house. The installer is putting padding in her basement NOW! :) Jen H.
VERY freaky about HTFU group. ick.

Train-This said...

Thanks sister. I have learned more from you. Now..... I need to CALL YOU, now that I have some couch time. Expect a ring on FRIDAY.

Liz and Leslie, to your padded basements. NOW.

Love Mary

E.L.F. said...

The black cloud has already moved on. Believe you me.

Ashley said...

hugs and more hugs to all.