Sunday, September 28, 2008

West Coast Wishes

We are so not getting San Diego as our next place of living.

And you want to know why?

Because yesterday afternoon, Nathaniel and I spent mucho time looking at houses, apartments, condos, and townhouses in the greater San Diego area. We've narrowed it down to Carlsbad, or possibly Encinitas. We loved Del Mar, but think that the commute for Nathaniel (getting to the base, and then getting to the flight line way in the middle of base) would be a little far.

Besides, Carlsbad looked positively wonderful.

And then we found it.

The perfect townhouse. Hard wood floors, two stories, a fireplace, high ceilings (vaulted), three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Okay - so maybe it was a few blocks from I-5. But still - it was within walking distance of Carlsbad Village and had a view of the Blue Lagoon.

Now: cue the crashing music. The "catch" if you may.

We haven't been assigned our next duty station. Yet. We don't know where we'll be: still a toss up between San Diego (Camp Pendleton) or Jacksonville, NC (Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station).

So, I'm convinced that we're doomed.

There is no way that we're going to get San Diego.

Instead, we'll be spending an eternity, er, a long time in North Carolina. Not that there's anything wrong with that... But we're ready for a change. We're ready to be out of the south. We're ready for mountains, a Pacific view, local vineyards, an area with lots of great universities, many different kinds of people, different sorts of restaurants (I love the Falafel at Roxies in Encinitas!)... a new experience, if you may.

So the realist (nay, not pessimist) knows that we'll end up with North Carolina. Again.

But there is still hope. Nathaniel hasn't been selected yet (the way this works: he lists his top helicopter picks and on which coast he wants to fly them. The instructors do their best to accommodate the students with their first or second picks...but there's always an off-chance that things will go very wrong. Like if there are no West Coast Cobra slots available the week of his selection.)

According to this model, we could potentially end up in Okinawa, Japan.

And that's someplace we definitely don't want.

Back in March when I crashed and broke my sacrum, my Dad and Nathaniel flew out to stay with me. After I was released from Scripps La Jolla (the best hospital ever!), we stayed right on the ocean in Del Mar. It was then that Dad became convinced that we were going to end up in Southern California.

He claimed that he had "a feeling".

Lately, Nathaniel has been having "a feeling" as well. His "feeling" points to San Diego, hence the online house hunt yesterday.

I seem to be the only realist, er pessimist, that realizes that we haven't been given our next assignment.

I guess a big part of me doesn't want to dare to hope. I would love to live in San Diego so much - but am afraid of getting my hopes up only to be disappointed with Jacksonville, NC. The tough part is that I don't have any control over this. None - absolutely zero. And I knew that when I married Nathaniel.

It just doesn't get any easier.

But that's the great thing about hope. It's still there. She's still whispering the sweet songs of Southern California, which we dare to dream. We don't know yet; therefore hope is still alive. And that's something that the realist in me does recognize.

So in the meantime, I'll continue to dream, continue to hope. And we'll keep looking for houses in the San Diego and the Carlsbad area. Because that's the great thing about hope: it's still alive and we're still in the running. Until we hear otherwise.


Pedergraham said...

Aaah yes, I remember all of this from Andrew's days on active duty. We didn't dare talk about our hopes for locations... We didn't end up where we hoped to be--me in NYC and him at Fort Drum in update NY--and instead ended up married and living in rural Germany together. It all worked its way out in the end and we were happy. I am hoping that whatever duty station you gte assigned to next, it all works out really well in the end. I can't remember who told me this, but I try to keep it in mind: It's the people where you are that matter more than the where of where you are. (Of course that is what I tell myself everytime there is talk about Andrew getting moved to Charlotte, I only follow that advice in "foul weather".)
:) Danielle

Cat said...

wow, for a second i thought you had come to southern california ...i woulda killed you for not calling!!!

i so hope you get s.d. in fact, let's put all the ju-ju aside ... you stop thinking about it and i'll do it for you. good work around, eh?

carlsbad ... the carlsbad 5000 is one of the FASTEST races out there. all the biggies come out for it. look it up.

here's to hopin'!


Train-This said...

And won't you be suprised when the powers that be send you up to Rocheser NY. which at first may make you want to throw up in yuour mouth. But then you realize that the house for sale down the street from me is coming at a really good price, I do need another assistant coach, training aprtner, and you will realize that while we don't always have sun, we have pools, we have open water, we have trails we have great roads and we have loads of sledding.

I have a feeling..... Upstae New York. I am sure we do helicpoter things here!

Damie said...

Oh...I am so behind on my reading. I didn't know you guys were slated to move? Humph...the benefits of the military...and the drawbacks. I hope you get to go somewhere beautiful with lots to do- a place with great spirit. Good luck to Nathaniel in moving up and getting to do some things he wants to do.

Bill said...

If it does happen, Okinawa is not the end of the world.

Open water swimming year round just down the street in some of the most beautiful water you'll ever swim in

Some of the friendliest drivers towards cyclists you'll ever meet, on great riding terrain from flat time-trial friendly courses to lung-busting mountain climbs and a great outdoor velodrome.

Plus a huge, huge running population with lots of races to be found.

Beth said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys Marit!! But I'm sure, like everyone else said, you guys will make it work wherever you end up!

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck!! I hope it all works out!!

Maijaleena said...

Hopefully you get to go to San Diego, it is so nice out there. I almost went to grad school there, and then ended up choosing...NC.

NC is stil nice. There are a lot worse places you could end up, right?

Eileen Swanson said...

OH Marit, I soooo hope you guys get the assignment in SD. That would be truly awesome and I know it's what you want! I sincerely hope you will be surprised with amazing news that N will be stationed @ Camp Pendleton! Then we would only be a 7 hour drive away!


Kim said...

Well, you don't have control over the decision, but just like training & racing - you do have control over the attitude that goes with it (I know, I know..a mom type lecture is just what you needed). Some things I do know are that WHEREVER you go, you will probably be training, and enjoying it, and making the best of the warm (but not hot and humid weather like FL) and you will make lots of friends! That's just your sprit Marit! SO, try not to worry too much. It will work out regardless. Hope your well!! Talk soon!!

Mira Lelovic said...

Hope it works out and you end where you want to be. We were in a similar situation 3 years ago and I thought moving to
Arkansas was going to be the end of the world. It's turned out to be wonderful for us. So stay hopeful if your news ends up being not what you want. Things always happen for a reason.

Mer! said...

Hi Marit!! It's Mer from San Diego!! I've been following your blog for a bit since your accident and I was curious when the billets would come out for your next move...and I am SO hoping San Diego!!! I live down near the Zoo, but North County is AMAZING, perfect for triathlon =0 and all things related to the beach and falafel =0.
HUGS! And i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Trigirlpink said...

Oh boy.. how long will you be tortured waiting to hear?
Fingers and toes crossed for ya.

Sarah said...

Keeping my fingers crossed, Marit, that you can join us California girls!!!

Bob Mitera said...

really hoping you get so cal!

Shan said...

Hopefully you get to go to San Diego!! There are quite a few people from blog-land that live here, and we manage to have a great time! We'd love to welcome you to our home! :)

Fingers crossed!