Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Night Stats

As the title says, here we go:

1) Packers v. Cowboys. We are watching the game and hopeful that Our Packers will come back in the 4th quarter. Although I'm currently out in the Living Room writing, I can hear random shouts of "Sack Him!" and "Go! Go! Go!" and "Get rid of IT!" from the bedroom. The Husband is a fan. And if I didn't know that Sunday Night Football was on television, I wouldn't be exactly sure what he was up to.

2) It is difficult to type, as my forearms are sore. Nathaniel and I went rock climbing again this weekend. We both made it to the top of a few walls (the ones with the big, handle-like grips!), and tried Bouldering for the first time. Bouldering simply means climbing without a rope no higher than eight feet off the ground. Usually I was only 2 or 3 feet - but moving from one side of the wall to another. Much more challenging than it looked, especially since my favorite big-handle grips aren't always present. There were a few times I had to go for the really really arrowhead-shaped small grips. The ones smaller than a quarter. And my fingers are also sore.

I learned that a) speed is my friend in cases like these and b) I get really sweaty hands while climbing. It seems that I'm slightly afraid of heights. But its all about conquering our fears, right? I suppose if I was less afraid of high-up places, my hands wouldn't be so sweaty. Oh well.

3) The cats - namely Anabelle - really enjoy the couches. Its a loosing battle, I fear. Nathaniel and I don't want claw marks on the couch, nor do we want oodles of gray cat hair. So we have a fleece blanket they can sit on. However, more often than not, we'll find Mini Monster perched on top of the pillows, staring at us with her big eyes. I don't have the heart to spray her with water, our "tried and true" method of "disciplining" the cats.

4) Do oatmeal bars count as breakfast?

And if so, do they count as dinner?

We were out of ideas about what to fix for dinner, so I pulled out my tried-and-true oatmeal in prep for a second round of breakfast. Unfortunately - or fortunately - (however you choose to look at it), there was a recipie for Oatmeal Raisin cookies. I substituted apple sauce for butter and used egg whites and much less sugar in an effort to make them healthier. Also, I didn't make the cookie version - just the bar. As if that would make a difference.

Add some dried cherries and a bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest and you've got my dinner. I know, I know - the "epitome" of health. But you do what you gotta do. And besides, I earned it after climbing today!

5)After reading Beth's blog about signing up for Oceanside 70.3 and then seeing Jen's comment about the race being almost closed out, I momentarily panicked when I went to the site and saw that "registration opens for the 2009 event on April 10, 2008..."

Yeah, even though it's SEPTEMBER of 2008, I thought I was back in 2007. Sheesh. All I can say was that it was very early in the morning, and I had yet to consume my first sip of that ever-important coffee. (with french vanilla creamer, of course).

Glad I wasn't driving or doing anything really important.

After realizing my "folly" aka Nathaniel gently reminding me of our current year, I realized how much I wanted to do the race again. I've done it twice and have had a blast both times.

So without further thought, I signed up. And nearly threw up when I saw the price - WOW, has it gone up (or is it just me!)? Does it sound awful to say that I can remember when NA Sports Events were less than $200 for a half IM race? Yowzers! Thank you to all the RDs who keep the race entry fees down!

But hey - I love the sport, Oceanside is my favorite race (LOVE the bike course), and there's a 50-50 chance we'll already be out there.

6) After 4 weeks of actual training, I've only missed three workouts - I am very proud of myself. As Ness said on her blog - "In 6 weeks I'll be in better shape than I was 6 weeks ago..." And its something that I think about every day.

Next week? I've got a full schedule. And I can't wait.

7) Apparently there's some kind of football game up in Green Bay, Wisconsin... oh yeah, I already mentioned that.



Anonymous said...

i love that mini-monster uses her big-browns to sit on the furniture without repercussion, and oatmeal bars and sam adams sounds like a great dinner to me!

glad to hear you are enjoying the training and being consistent with it - it's a great feeling, huh?

Beth said...

Yeah for Oceanside!!! I'm excited Marit! (can you please put an order in on some warm water though - not so sure I'm excited about cold water temps to swim in...)

Anyway, hope your week of training is awesome!

Anonymous said...

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