Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Fun

Well, I'm sorry to say - the Packers lost. But it was bound to happen at some point. I would rather it happen NOW than later. Like when its really important. But there is life after football, even for my husband.

But that's not what this post is about.

You know when you and your Significant Other/Domesticate Associate/Lifetime Companion/You-get-the-point are sitting on the couch... And the music playing on the radio (NPR evening in Pensacola, Florida for all those wondering) is so awful.... But the two of you are listening while you do other things (like read blogs and play Tetris)....

And then it hits you:

What in the name of God is this awful music playing?

Nathaniel looked at me the moment I looked at him and paused his GameBoy (yes, he was the one playing Tetris) and commented, "That's a little too Kenny G for me. Glad that one of us budged..."

So I obliged and changed the radio to the other local NPR station... And its not that much better. Yes, "Elephants Keep Sinking into Hearts" by Rachael Yamagata is not that high on my play list.

"This one isn't much better...." observed Nathaniel.

And that's how our night went.

Unless you want to count the games of Gin Rummy we played (he beat me 4-2). But now Nathaniel is amusing himself, er - amusing the cat by playing with her and her toy mouse.

Luckily he's encouraging her like I taught him with helpful phrases such as, "What a good little hunter you are..." and "good girl! So fierce!" and "You're as dumb as a bag of $600 hammers..."

Except I didn't teach him the hammer phrase.

But when he says stuff like that, I know he really loves Anabelle.

And when questioned about his love for Anabelle... His response? "I think she's stupid..."

Yep, he's smitten.

And that's what a childless couple in Pensacola does for Monday night fun.


Pedergraham said...

I've got you beat for excitement. I swept and vacuumed the garage while I talked to Andrew in Charlotte on the phone. No gin rummy, not even one bad song...

Luc said...

Geez, has somebody died? Just kidding but the black template really looks somber.

Damie said...

I can totally relate- except we watched Back to the Future and commented on how great that movie is and these younger kids just don't know what they are missing!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the template had changed or there was something wrong with my computer. Marit - how come the change? It does seem a bit dark - although I love the green headers. Your other design was much livelier (spelling?).