Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Challenge

Well, it has begun.

TriGirl Pink's October "Fun" Challenge. Is "Funtober" a word? Didn't think so. But never mind that.

For specific details, see her blog. But I'll summarize.

No candy for the month of October.


Don't say "what" it's not polite.
(movie quote, I can't help myself.)

Let's try this again.


Yes, you read correctly. No. Candy. For. The. Month. Of. October.


Some participants are taking things a bit extreme. Rachel Ross is not having any chocolate. What, no chocolate? That's like Elizabeth not having PB Cups. Or coffee. A very scary thought indeed!

And my uber coach Jen is not having any candy OR baked goods. For. The. Entire. Month. PERIOD. That's very nuts.

So much so, that I jumped on her bandwagon and enacted the same "challenge" for myself. So exnay on the candy or baked goods. Candy I can do without. Unless it's an emergency - like a PB Cup or Peanut M&M-type emergencey - then all bets have been off in the past.

Baked goods are a different story all together. And no, I'm not banning bagels or casserole or anything like that. Just brownies. And cookies. And (sniff) individual-slized-sheet-cake-with-lots-of-yummy-frosting.


And can you believe that its only October 1st?

I have a feeling that this will be a long month.

But that's the thing about a challenge: it's supposed to be difficult. It's supposed to be hard. If it were easy (like eating a bag of Peanut M&Ms) everyone would do it. But by nature, it's a "challenge" for a reason.

And for those wondering, yes I did purchase a large bag of Peanut M&Ms yesterday. I got about halfway through the bag, then could do no more. The damage was already done and my stomach was beyond full. So I did what any respectable M&M-aholic would do, and pushed them to the other side of the bed. Had Nathaniel been home, he would have enjoyed the other half of the bag.

As it was, he was out flying.

Lucky me.

So the next hour found my hand intermittently in the bag. Luckily I fell asleep before the entire bag was consumed.

And that's the sight I awoke to this morning. The first of October, our "Challenge" month - a more-than-half eaten bag of Peanut M&Ms resting on the counter with a hair binder tied tightly around the top to prevent any more snacking.

I swear, the M&Ms were trying to guilt-trip me into polishing off the bag.

"Come on Marit," they called, " - no one will know! And besides, you LOVE us...we are delicious, chocolaty, peanuty, and satisfyingly crunch! You cannot resist! If you don't eat us, you'll think about it all day and the inevitable break down will occur. Just you wait...."

Was I hallucinating?

Hope - just my overly active imagination at work. But still...

I figured that M&Ms of any sort in my house are not safe - and told Nathaniel to take the sorry-looking-bag to the squadron with him. He could enjoy all that he wanted.

So October is looking to be a very interesting month indeed. I'll have to find something to take place of my baked goods and candy itch. Perhaps light chocolate soy milk?

Alas, I'm getting ahead of myself.

One day down, thirty more to go.

And what a challenge it will be!


Muppetdog said...

OMG you're all nuts! ;p OK, not really, you can do it!

The hardest thing I ever had to give up was jalapeno chips. I have ZERO control where they are concerned and can polish off an entire bag like nobody's business. Hmm, I wonder if I have replaced that with sweets now though? :)

Maijaleena said...

giving up candy in October is a little crazy, but probably a good idea. I need to think of something and make sure I didn't already have it today.

E.L.F. said...

I like the Superfly challenge MUCH better. 10x less painful. No candy in October. Nonsense.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Liz - aren't YOU the one busting out a 200 fly at the 70.3 World Champs? I thought that was your game plan. :) How about this - I'll eat M&Ms on the shore and cheer as you "fly" out towards the buoys. :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes, I am NUTTSSSS, but this is necessary when you are not really training!!!! October with out Candy - I can do it. Today is day #2. I have been a good girl! :) Jen H.
PS It it the apple cinnamon/pumpking baked goods that I will miss!

Kellye Mills said...

Oh... I raced on Sunday and spent the next 4 days consuming all of those lost calories!! I SOOOO need this challenge! :) If I commit now, would it be cheating??

rr said...

I just threw away a symphony bar. I considered calling myself a human garbage disposal and scarfing it all down quickly, but didn't do it for the sake of the challenge.

We can do it! (picture some WW II era women's propaganda poster here)

Eileen Swanson said...

No way, didn't see the challenge and already had 3 M&Ms in some trail mix. Ooops!!


Trigirlpink said...

I'm so proud of you girls (sniff)

and the rest of you naysayers...
poo poo on you. :-)

BreeWee said...

How you doing w/o candy chica?! Only a few more days to go,ya right! Do sugary gels count?