Friday, October 31, 2008

The LONG ride

Once upon a time...

I set out to ride
One fine, sunny day,
My bike was all ready
And I shouted "YEA!"

I passed through the gate
Of Whiting Field North
Steady and determined,
Ready to go forth.

Down the hill I went
And then right back up
Climbing my heart out
Hup hup hup!

No sooner did I turn
Onto Highway 89
I looked at my watch
Trying to determine the time.

My stomach felt weird,
My legs fat and slow
Suddenly I knew
This ride would be low

A long time it felt
But my watch did not lie
Only 11:29 into it,
And I felt ready to die.

So I negotiated and talked
To myself out loud
Keep going you'll be okay
You'll do yourself proud.

But the further I went
The harder it became
I didn't know why
I felt so darned lame.

I decided to turn around
Forty five minutes in
That would work out,
And then I would be fin!

I reached the mark,
But was determined to go on
Another few minutes
I couldn't go wrong.

You see my schedule it called
For a three hour ride
And I would feel guilty all day
If I let myself slide.

And then I figured
If I cut it short
I would call Coach Jen,
And give her my report.

Sympathetic she would NOT be,
Deep down I knew
She would tell me to keep going,
To H-T-F-U!

Instead I kept riding
North and then East
Upright and spinning
I was up against a Beast.

The creature was within
And its banter was fierce
It goaded and cajoled
And my heart it did pierce.

But I put my head down
And bravely pressed on
Pausing only to stretch
Willing it to be gone!

The wind was constant
Blowing ever more
It's presence wore at me
And my legs became sore.

The direction I traveled
Seemed to matter not a bit
Headwind, crosswind,
It just never quit.

So on to Highway 4
And the rollers I did meet.
It was a constant uphill battle
But I wouldn't be beat.

Beyond the point of no return
The shortest way back,
The path lay ahead, not behind
And courage I did not lack.

So I put my head down
And the miles ticked past
Even thought I was still moving
I wasn't going fast.

But that didn't matter,
I finally resolved
As long as I did my work
I would be absolved.

Finally onto Munson
Still 20 miles to go
The hills seemed bigger
And I was beyond low.

I just wanted to sit
Under a large shady tree
And eat bon bons and candy
And sip iced tea.

Get comfortable and relax
And get off my seat
I was tired and done
Physically and mentally beat.

I could call Nathaniel
My rescuer he would be.
But that wouldn't get the ride done
It wouldn't save me from me.

So I turned once again
And pedaled down the road
Carrying my thoughts with me,
A large and heavy load.

But the closer I came
To the end of my ride
I realized I was doing it,
I was staying alive.

Though the times were tough
And I wanted to stop
I kept going forward
Unwilling to drop.

I was proud of myself,
It would have been easy to quit
But I took the hard road
My fire had been lit.

Onto the Blackwater Trail
I made my final turn
A little over three hours and ten minutes,
Off the bike seat I did yearn.

Spinning up the trail
To the South Whiting Post
I flashed my ID card
And felt like making a toast.

I had done it, I had finished!
The ride was done!
Through the physical and mental battle,
I knew I had won.

I rode back to my car
A sight for sore eyes,
I circled the lot
And looked towards the skies.

The brilliant blue
And wispy white clouds
Made me feel happy I was done
And I sighed aloud.

The battle was tough,
Fraught with many lows
But I had prevailed through
Pushed past each bloody blow.

I don't know how I did it
At times it seemed so rough
But patience and perserverence,
Had me say, "Enough is enough!"

And all the while riding
This poem I did make up
It was enough to keep my going
Get me out of my rut.

Now I am done
And thankfully so
It this was annoying to you,
Imagine 3+ hours on the go.

Recovered and relaxed
But tired am I
I finished my ride
And did not die.

And next time it gets tough
I know what to say
Will get me through my day.


kerri said...

That was awesome! You put a smile on my face. And that poem was off the cuff...soo well written. Three hours down the hatch...Way to go!!

Pedergraham said...

This is great, Marit

Kim said...

BEST POEM WRITER EVER! That was awesome. I loved it! You are too funny and very creative and that is good for long rides and keeping your mind busy busy. Can you remind me again what HTFU is? I have some ideas because of the context, but I need to know details,. I might have missed that blog! Way to get through it!! So proud of you!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Marit! Man, are you talented in the writing dept....this poem was amazing!!! I loved it! :) Jen H.

Eileen Swanson said...

LOVE this, you are awesome Marit!! Cant wait to see you this winter in SD!