Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Karyna!

Karyna and me, 2007 Timberman Half-Ironman post race party! Even though we're both animal lovers, that night we became lobster lovers as well.

Happy Birthday Little Sis! Welcome to the wonderful age of 24! Holy Cow!! My LITTLE sister is now 24?!? It makes me feel OLD. Now before YOU (dear readers) start laughing too much, remember that I have all the memories of the two of us growing up. Romping through the back yard and playing with Barbie! in the basement.

Somehow 24 just seems like an adult. And as I still see myself as growing up (and learning all the time), it seems just so wrong that my young whipper snapper of a sister is getting on in years. Deep down to me, she's still the chubby cheeked, spunky kid who hated being called Cute!

So... in celebration of her birthday, here are The Top Ten Great Things about having Karyna as a Little Sister (while growing up). Long enough title? Thought so.

10. Hair cutting. I got to practice on her. And when she wouldn't let me snip snip, I told her where to "trim". Let's just say that Mom wasn't all that impressed with the upside down "V" shape that became her bangs. Whereas I was so proud. In her defense, I was 9 and curious.

9. Playing with Barbie! As the older sister I got to decide who played who. Karyna was a great Ken. But she bargained hard and got the corvette.

8. She became a vegetarian after a nasty bout of food poisoning from a tainted pizza at a friend's birthday party. The pizza went down fine. The wonderful Czech meal that Mom so lovingly made did not. Poor Karyna! More of the good stuff for me, Dad and Mom.

7. The little squirt loved homework. I did not. I thought briefly about having her do mine, but the realized that her second grade writing would look suspicious on my sixth grade assignment. But I was always impressed with her ability to get her work done right away. Ms. Me-Procrastination had a slightly more difficult time with that concept (and still do).

6. She was an awesome rock "climbing" parter up at Lake Superior during our annual August family vacation. We would go out for hours and scramble across the rocks along the North Shore. And later we became "wave hoppers" by jumping in the cold water.

5. Midnight meetings for hot cocoa next to the Christmas Tree. For three years in a row, we would sneak downstairs, make hot chocolate and turn on the Christmas Tree lights. Looking out the window to the brightly lit midnight snow (and sometimes falling flakes), and being surrounded by Christmas and Santa everywhere was truly special. I'm sure that Mom and Dad were suspicious of the copious amounts of Swiss Miss that disappeared, but if they suspected anything, they never commented.

4. We used to play violin duets together all the time. Even though she insisted on playing "The Two Grenadiers" from the very first moment she picked up the instrument, she practiced and practiced (and practiced!) and eventually got it. As a big sister I was so proud. Until she performed better than me. And then I practiced and practiced (and practiced).

3. "Gordon, Look!" Karyna provided the absolute BEST comic relief one night, when upset with having to go to bed while our guests were still visiting, she mooned Gordon before scampering up the stairs. We will never forget. Neither will Gordon.

2. Clothes. For some weird reason I liked running clothes from an early age (thank god I grew out of that phase last year), but Karyna always had a great fashion and style sense. So much so that I took more clothes of hers than I should have. Sorry K! This girl would give Stacey and Clinton of TLC's "What Not To Wear" a run for their money. I still look to her for fashion advice. Luckily the running shoes have been abandoned for low heels with dark wash jeans...

1. A partner in Crime! Can't tell you how many mishaps and messes we got in together while growing up. But I always knew I could count on her, and she could always count on me. That's what sisters are for!

Happy Birthday Karna! I love you and am SO PROUD of you! Keep doing great things - you are always number one to me! Enjoy your birthday with Mom - I know that Dad and I wish we could celebrate with you in person. Tabbitha and Anabelle AND Nathaniel all send their love as well.

love - MZ


Beth said...

Oh my do you two look alike! I guess that's why you are sisters! :) Happy birthday to Karyna!

Eileen Swanson said...

Awww, that is so sweet! You two look so happy and cute!!


Flatman said...

Great post...I thought you two were twins!

Mel said...

What a great photo of you and your sister and I agree you two do look a lot alike:) OK I need to comment on your shirt..WTF with the cut out for the thumb...I just ordered 3 shirts off line and when I got them they had the cut out too...but actually they are pretty cute and unique...but I did have to question are they suppose to be this way...Ha!!! AND now seeing you having one on...I think it is pretty cool!!!