Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The (dreaded) Book of Face.

Well, I did it. I caved. And by that, I mean I joined Facebook!

I have held out. I have done my best of avoiding it at all costs. I watched Nathaniel join. And made fun of him. And then started asking questions.

"Who's on?"

"Are any of my friends your friends?"

"Marit," he replied. "Sweetheart, why don't YOU join facebook?"

Humph - well obviously that was besides the point. Honestly... I was afraid that no one would be my friend. I would have only had, like, 12. And no offense to those who have 12 friends. But seriously.

Flashback to high school where - at times - it seemed as though I had only a few friends. And everybody else (ie the cool people) were all friends with each other. Yes, I marched to the beat of my own drum. But it would have been nice if I had more people marching along with me.

But that was so-fifteen-years-ago! And I've grown and gotten over my bad self.

So now I'm on. After an email from Bree Wee. Turns out she lost a bet. And then a facebook invite got sent to her entire email address book. Nice.

But aside from the complete time warp that happens when I log in (amazing how fast 2 hours can disappear!), I'm actually kind of enjoying it. Yes, it was a bit overwhelming - all the alerts and beeps happening at once. Nathaniel was trying to (helpfully) explain a few things while I had 18 notifications within :30 seconds.

I would be over the moon if I could sprint 50 yards in the pool in :30. I'm close - but not there yet. All things considered, give me the pool over the computer any day.

Can we say sensory overload?

But seriously, I'm having a lot of fun with the headers.... The Status Updates, I mean.

Marit is blogging about facebook!

Marit talked to her Mom for 40 minutes today. Marit loves her Mom and feels lucky to have her as a Mom!

Marit is wishing it she could see snow!

Marit ate a pomegranate and is off to do single leg drills on the bike. Marit's coach has a sense of humor...

(Okay, only one of those was on my header today...) But I thought about them all.

So in celebration of my newfound Facebook obsession, er activation, I'm making a list of all the Status lines that have been running through my head. And because I "do" triathlon - I'll make these about triathlon. And if we have time, I may just throw in a few more... just for fun.

Marit's Swim-Bike-Run Status Updates!

Marit is feeling nauseated in the pool and thinks she should get out before she becomes sick.

Marit does NOT like flip turns after swimming backstroke!

Marit enjoys 5 X 5 minute zone 3 pieces on the bike. Controlled fury!

Marit thinks her running shoes smell like death. Along with her bike shoes.

Marit loves running in the cooler temps. No more high temps with 90% dew point. And RIGHT before we leave Florida...

Marit thinks that people who give her the middle finger during her bike rides should get them chopped off.

Marit is willing to wear a wet suit and swim in 60 degree water temps as long as the outside pool remains open!

Marit is thinking that her coach is CRAZY! A 1:35 run where pushing the pace into zone 5 is acceptable?? Marit would like to give her wonderful coach a few select words...

Marit is amazed at how many miles she covered for her 1:35 run. 12.51! Her running legs are returning and maybe her coach isn't so crazy after all... Those select words are now positive select words.

Marit thinks that really ripped guys running without shirts in 40 degree temps and strong winds are stupid. And in future, should use a tanning bed to avoid tan lines.

Marit does not like ripped shirtless guys in 40 degree and windy weather passing her when she's running. If she REALLY wanted to, she would have chased him down. But then she would have to look at his goose bumps. Yuck!

Marit is SOOOOOO behind in updating Training Peaks.

Marit thinks that she should put the FUN in Functional Strength.

Marit wonders which grunting guy in the next room is about to give birth. His groans are VERY distracting.

Marit thinks her Garmin is slightly off when she runs through the woods. Or maybe she's just a little s-l-o-w on trails. She gets a little distracted in nature...

Marit think the UWF pool is HOT after swimming 60-degree water. Marit will NO LONGER ease into the water... CANNON BALL!

Marit is thinking that the rollers on Hwy 4 will look like the bike course at IM CdA. Hopefully the tailwind that sends her at speeds of over 28 mph will ALSO be present in Idaho.

Marit wishes that her Northern Counterparts would keep their COLD weather, because biking in 39-degree temperatures is NOT fun.

Marit is stylin' in her ZOOT apparel. She has NEVER looked so good in "cooler" temps while on the bike or out running!

Marit never ceases to be amazed at how high her heart rate goes while running up BIG hills. Like the 30% grade on UWF Campus. Fun times!

Marit is dreaming of BAKED GOODS (SHEET CAKE) while running. How many more days until the October Challenge is over?

Marit thinks that people who give her weird looks when she's running should try blowing snot rockets into a 20 mph cross wind. Not so easy, eh?

And a few more, just for fun...

Marit wonders how many blocks away from the Ocean she and Nathaniel will live. In NC it was 20 miles, in Florida it was 20 minutes...

Marit is excited that the movers are arriving on November 6th! She and Nate will be on the road for California by the 10th!

Marit is watching Anabelle run laps around the house.

Marit is now playing fetch with Anabelle.

Marit thinks that Anabelle thinks that she is a puppy.

Marit is SO EXCITED to meet up with Tri Girl Kate O, Mary Eggers, Dani K, Bri Gaal, and MANY MORE at IM Florida!

Marit is annoyed that it's "that time of the month." But she is SO HAPPY that she's not a man. Phew!

Marit wonders why so many people run red lights in Pensacola, and why the police don't mount cameras at intersections? Seriously people!!! Is it worth it?

Marit thinks that Facebook is dangerous. And foresees many future moments poised at the edge of her computer awaiting updates and notifications...

Marit thinks this blog is getting out of control and she should have stopped a long time ago!

Marit believes that Bree has created a monster. And that her friends will only add fuel to her fire. And she's having a great time so far!


TriGirl Kate O said...

My goodness! I'm dizzy just reading your blog...so many thoughts. I'm excited to finally meet you too. See you tomorrow!

GoBigGreen said...

cute! But you REALLY dont want the snow!

Kim said...

Ha! You finally gave in! It really is a good tool for keeping up with friends and family as long as you don't get obsessed with it! I sometimes get obsessed with the blog or feel bad if I don't write for a week or so, but then, I realize we all have lives and sometimes they don't lend themselves to writing and that is perfectly fine! We're supposed to be living first, then writing about it second if we feel compelled, not the other way around! Hopefully, we are friends now! So excited for your big move and for all the things Marit is doing right now!

Shan said...

Hey Marit!

Just wanted to send you an early "welcome" to San Diego! I think you might just love it here! :)

Sarah said...

Ha ha, that's funny. The book of face.

So addicting but so fun. Have you added the SuperPoke application yet? That's my favorite. :) Oh and WordScraper...be careful with that one if you like Scrabble...be very careful (and if you do download it, the best room is The Coffee House!).

Yeah, Marit!

Anonymous said...

My new status update: "Greg is sending a friend request to Marit"


Jennifer Harrison said...

I KNEW you would like Facebook! I fought it for a long, long time, but I am having fun with it - I get on frequently, but am never on longer than a couple of minutes - it is nice, I have 1 page that has all the different tangets of my life on there: childhood friends, High School friends, College friends, ex-boyfriends, Sorority sisters, neighbors, family, triathlon friends, athletes, one-night stands (OH I am ONLY KIDDING!)...but all on 1 page, I LOVE it.....Enjoy! :) Jen H.

BreeWee said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh ha ha ha, it is so bad huh!? I totally lost the bet that I wouldn't just "look". I am glad you got a new addiction- ha ha ha.

Man your Florida is so cold...

Can't wait to see ya (you will be here right?)

AND glad you are back to some swim/bike/run!

Mira Lelovic said...

Oh you'll definitely love it. It's another great way to waste time!