Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Beach 2X!

Who ever said that salt water is bad for skin never lived in San Diego. Rather, I find it quite invigorating. I think it's interesting that, although I've lived on the coast (Havelock, NC and Pensacola, FL), I've never spent a lot of time on the beach.

Until today.

I went to the beach not once, but twice - in an eight hour span.

The first time was at Torrey Pines with Nathaniel. Hand-in-hand we walked along the beautiful Pacific, enjoying the sights and sounds. I nearly peed my pants when we spotted the dolphins surfing in the waves. For a moment I thought I had seen an unmentionable with really big teeth. But alas - no. Instead, we tried to count dolphins. But there were too many.

So instead we climbed a really big cliff with stairs thoughtfully built in. I counted 61 and then decided that counting was stupid when I should instead be focusing on important stuff, like breathing. But the views were stunning. Didn't spot any unmentionables with really big teeth, but there were lots of kelp beds and surfers.

And ocean. Lots and lots and lots of calm, beautiful, sparkling Pacific Ocean.

My second time at The Beach was while running. I set out from our hotel in South Carlsbad, watched the sun sink beneath the horizon, and enjoyed a 60 min run along PCH 101 and then onto the hard-packed sand. After turning around at the Power Plant south of The Lagoon (sorry - still learning names here), I made my way back in the darkness.

However I noticed that the tide was rising. And quite rapidly. It seemed that my footprints that had been half way between the cliff bottom and surf's edge were now being covered by the water.

Not being sure how rapidly the tide came in, I quickened my pace. Yes, I should have checked the tide chart like my Dad used to do while he ran along California beaches in the '70s, but I didn't. The last thing that I wanted was a Bay of Fundy type torrent. Jen Harrison would have been proud of my high tempo effort, especially after not working out while driving cross country.

In other news - absolutely FANTASTIC news, I might add - Nathaniel and I are signing for our place tomorrow morning at 10. I am still in disbelief. The only bad thing that we can thing of, is that the parking garage takes a bunch of time to get to. But otherwise, the wood floors, layout, friendly price, and the fact that its within walking distance of The Beach AND The Carlsbad Village, well, we're over The Moon about it. So for my Northern cold-weathered-counterparts, any time you want to stay and train in Sunny SD - my house is your house.

Beware of the House Monster and Mini Monster, though. Walk without sturdy shoes and pants at your own risk.

And for those inquiring minds, the kitties did exceptionally well during the drive. Apparently Anabelle falls asleep to car sounds. Tabbitha, though, voices her displeasure. But after two or three hours every day, she stopped meowing and would fall asleep somewhere in the car. I didn't have the heart to leave her in the kennel for the entire time, so she usually perched herself in the backseat. Although she did curl up on my lap a few times.

At least she was warm: all that cat girth kept me warm at higher elevations. Fellow travelers even commented on her size; the funniest being, "Wow, he's a huge cat! Is he pregnant?"

Um - where to begin with that one?

And no, Nathaniel and I didn't use cell phones. So much of our trip was through areas without any reception. Instead, my very intelligent hubby thought we should use walkie talkies. I think he was a little annoyed at my chipper "Roger that!" and "Copy, over!"

I guess he hears stuff like that on the radio all the time. I did think about asking him what he was wearing, but 34 hours in the car doesn't do much for one's love life. So instead we would make random comments about passing scenery, how we were holding up, and the kitties. Nathaniel wasn't too impressed when I held the walkie talkie close to Tabbitha's meows.

Humbug. If it got real old real fast for him, it wasn't exactly a walk in the park for me.

But that's aside from the point. We're here, we made it safe and sound, and we have a great place to live. Tomorrow we sign and within a week our "stuff" will arrive. The Pacific Coast Highway beckons and I think its high time that I take my bike for a spin to greet the morning light.

Who knows, I may even see an unmentionable with really big teeth. You never know. On second thought, nix that. I'll keep my eyes on the road. Last time I took them off out here, I crashed. I'll focus forward, and love every minute of it.

Wish you were here! (sorry - I couldn't resist!)


Danni said...

I am so happy for you guys! I am really glad you arrived safe and sound and that you were able to fin a place so quickly! The beach must be beautiful and the dolphins! I love dolphins! I guess sometime in '09 I will have to pay you a visit ;-)
Take care, explore and enjoy!

Pedergraham said...

So glad you are there, had a run on the beach, are getting a great place, too. Thinking about heading to my college reunion in LA in May...just might have to take you up on your offer!!!!

The idea of MR. Tabbitha being pregnant made me laugh. I needed that this to violin lesson with a kid who has only practiced 2x this week....eeek.

Ryan said...

I'm glad you made it safely and you you got the place you were talking about at dinner. Pensacola is not the same without you and Nate. The necks are a little redder :)

Welcome to my homeland, enjoy your move in and tell Nate I said "HI"

Copy That?

CAMI said...

Glad you made it safely across the country! What a drive! Your new place sounds fantastic. Walking distance to the Pacific is so cool. I'm so jealous :)

Kim said...

Ahhh!!! You made it! The beach.. no fair. Just kidding. I am BEYOND happy for you. You are going to love living there, getting to know all your new surroundings. You and Bree can chat about the Dolphin sightings!!! I'll just listen in and look at the leaves all off the trees and snow on the ground. Congrats on the new place - take pics when you get it all set up! Yippee for the new life in SD!

BriGaal said...

Sounds like so much fun! Don't forget to check out the Pizza Port in Solana Beach - eat a portzel for me...YUM!

Laura said...

Soooooo jealous! Glad you got there safe and you found a nice place so quickly. Can't wait for pictures....

Eileen Swanson said...

OMG I just got the chills, I am SO HAPPY! We will be down in SD visiting Reid's family for Christmas. Let's meet up for sure. I am SO EXCITED!!

And you get to meet Belle too ;-)


Shan said...

whoohoo!! Isn't it just so great here? Welcome!! :)

Beth said...

Yay Marit!!! Going to the beach 2x in one day...ahh...that is the way to live!! Good luck setting up the new place and getting to know your way around!! Kim and I will be boarding a plane soon at the Pittsburgh airport... ;)

Mer! said...

Welcome to San Diego!!! Have fun settling in and finding your way---from what you described, living near Carlsbad village--you'll have no problem biking right on 101..from your doorstep, awesome!!

Roo said...

I am here!

I'm feeling like a grouch because I've been complaining about the heat and saying I'm going to move somewhere colder and then I read your post and you're so excited to be here. You are going to be very good for my attitude!

Charisa said...

Roo and I will have to take you out on a ride to "welcome" you officially to Carlsbad! :) Welcome, you're gonna love it here!!

Bruce said...

Congratulations on the move to the new location. I think you will really enjoy living around San Diego and it will be a really good place for training. Glad that you have a nice place to live.

rr said...

YEA! Welcome to lovely SoCal - you were meant to be there! I love Carlsbad.. let's sign up for the 5k?

Have fun :) Rach

Damie said...

Glad you made it! I love that your new place feels is so cool to have a fresh start somewhere in a new house! Enjoy that ocean- I would love to get by water too someday. Cheers! Damie