Monday, November 17, 2008

Missing: sock & Popped: mattres

Well, if moving doesn't keep you occupied, I'm not sure what exactly will.

The totally sad part? We don't have our "stuff" yet. Yes, we're physically living in our new-wonderful-apartment-that-we both-absolutely-love (except for the parking thing. Oh, and I don't think that it gets enough light in the afternoon....), but its mostly empty.

Okay - really, really, REALLY empty.

Although it's amazing how quickly a few suitcases worth of clothing can spread out around the place. I'm still missing my right sock. Seriously, my running socks are marked L and R. The other day when I ran with a new buddy from San Diego (Hello Roo!!!), I had two left socks on. I made some sort of lame joke about running with two left feet.

Thankfully I didn't kill myself on horse dung, or anything like that. But the two L's had Nathaniel commenting on my never-matching socks.

Really, I don't mind running with mismatching socks. I've been known to wear one blue and one pink. But never two "L"s. But, there's a first for everything, right?

Besides, no one really ever sees your socks, right? I mean, you don't actually LOOK at a person and wonder, "Gee - are their socks matching?"

Then again, maybe you do. And if that's the case - you're not that weird. But I think I'm way off the subject.

So yes, our sparsely furnished apartment is very empty. It's hilarious watching the cats sprint from one end to the other. Mostly because we've got wood floors now, and they can't grip the surface like they used to with the carpet. So before they actually get going, it takes a few seconds of running in place a la Scooby Doo. Amazing how two grown adults can amuse themselves in an empty place!

Also, Nathaniel and I made a BIG trip to IKEA to pick out some new stuff. Simply incredible how you don't think you really NEED most of the stuff they have, but then you see it on display and WOW, you just have to have it.

Suffice to say, over the past week with all of our travels, the new apartment, grocery bills, IKEA, and some random triathlon-related stuff for good measure (running shoes and a little work on my bike) - Nathaniel and I have done our best to stimulate the economy.

And now, I've finally snagged a few moments to myself. I'm not getting lost in Mera Mesa, or trying to track down random socks that have gone missing. The apartment is quiet, and I've got the computer to myself. Yes, the wood floors are a tad uncomfortable to lay on, but I've got the comforter and a few pillows to keep me slightly more comfy. As for the air mattress - we ended up getting a new one.

I think it's okay. But then again, you never know. After 3 popped previous air mattresses, I'm beginning to think our cats have it in for us. Or at least Nathaniel. They are not allowed in the room with the air mattress.

BUT, for the three seconds that Tabbitha managed to sneak in this morning while I was removing Anabelle from the doorway (and thus preventing her from sneaking in and popping the mattress), I did hear the big one jump on the thing with her claws out. There's just something about that Fat Grey Cat. And her need to keep her claws out.

Great for house guests that overstay their welcome.

But NOT so great for the air mattress department.

We'll blow it up tonight and after a few hours we'll see. If we wake up on the floor, we'll know who the culprit was.

Always an adventure in San Diego. But honestly, at this point, I wouldn't have it any other way. Now about those socks...


Kim said...

Hope you find the sock and yes, I am one of those people who wears mis-matched socks sometimes. I mostly do it at home (like I did this morning while riding the trainer) so no one can see me and comment! I can't help it, both are good socks, just they don't match!! They still work! Hope you get your stuff soon and that the kitties behave with those claws!!

Charisa said...

Oh I wear different color socks sometimes because I can't seem to find the pair :)

Roo said...

Why is it that you had the two left socks on but I was the one who appeared to be running with two left feet?

Ryan said...

Hopefully one of your cats didn't eat it...and ends up hacking it back up a couple of months later...Like one of Melissa's cats did :0

Nothing says "Yum" like 3 week old partially digested cotton!!!!