Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trip update!

Would it be redundant if I was to claim that our trip, thus far, has been long? Well, for all those wondering, it's been a LONG drive. But thankfully (fingers crossed, because nothing is final in life except for death, taxes, and really really high "official" M Dot entry fees), today is our final day.

We're currently in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. After three solid days of driving, we entered Mountain Time yesterday, and today we'll hit Pacific. I feel oddly awake at 5 am.

And for the record, no - I haven't seen any Armadillos in Amarillo, TX. We were there as well.

So far the drive has gone really well. The Gulf Coast gradually slipped away as we headed North, to our delight finding deciduous trees that had yet to loose their leaves. The rolling swampland of Louisiana turned into rolling fields in Texas. Small oil wells, cattle farms, and cowboys dotted the plains as we made our way from Dallas to Amarillo. When we crossed into New Mexico, the climb was steady, scenery beautiful, and mesa cliffs absolutely breathtaking. The red soil and red rock rose up, up, and up, and after crossing the continental divide on I-40 (elevation of 7275), we flew along the high plains. Indian trading posts, petrified trees, and dried up rivers called "washes" came to pass as we made our way into Arizona. Past roads leading to Homolovi Ruins and the Meteor Crater. About an hour outside of Flagstaff, Humphrey's Peak, the highest peak in AZ at 12,633 feet came into view. Snow covered hills whirred past our windows as we made our way into Flagstaff, the highest peaks covered in the white stuff.

And this morning by 8 am, we plan on hitting the road for sunny South California. We've still got the bikes, the cats, and our sanity. Then again, with another day of driving, you never know.

I'm just looking forward to breathing in the Salty Pacific Air, standing at the Ocean's edge, and listening to the roar of the waves. San Diego, here we come!


Kim said...

Yipppeee!! You're almost there! Only one more day of driving Marit. It's been fun to hear about your trip and what you have seen and experienced (including the nuienses of being in the car all day!). Travel safe - SD or BUST!!!!!!

Roo said...

See you soon!

Bob Mitera said...

Safe travels Nate, Marit and kitties!

Oh! How we wish we were there!

Eileen Swanson said...

I'm soooooo excited that you guys will be in CA!! How are the HM and MM doing? Are they ready to be done with the drive? ;-)


Train-This said...

Oh my GOD..... you are going to wrong way! You are suppoused to be heading to Rochester NEW YORK!

Shan said...

woohooo you're almost here! Safe travels! :)

Cat said...

you'll be arriving just in time for a heatwave this weekend! at least ... i'm pretty sure you'll be getting it "down south" as well.

here's what inquiring minds want to know ... do you guys have walkie-talkies in order to talk car-to-car or are you each really flying solo (except the kitties with you).

welcome to sunny and hilly san diego!


Chad Holderbaum said...

Glad to hear everything is going well with all your travels. Wishing we lived in sunny SD!!!

ADC said...

I am so envious of your new posting. I am an army wife (British Army, though attached to US Army at the moment) so know what it's like. We stayed at Camp Pendletton in March and aboslutely loved it. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Nearly there.

Mer! said...

It's gorgeous here today, you'll love it!!!!