Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November? Really??

Well, howdy!

Over the past few days, I've noticed that when life kicks things up a notch, I go into preservation mode. Yes, I get done what needs to get done, but other things (reading the newspaper, blogs, facebook, and generally the fun stuff that I enjoy) are in need of some attention.

And why am I so rushed?

Great question!

Um, because on Saturday (or Sunday), Nathaniel, the kitties, and myself are moving to California. There was a small debate about which route to take: I-10 being the most direct, but I-40 being the more scenic. In the end, we both agreed that an extra few hours in the car was worth the pretty scenery.

Somehow I think that 30 hours into our trip, right about the time we're coasting through Barstow, CA we'll believe otherwise.

In other news, not one but both cars are totally great. New tires, some overhauling on brake lines, and check-ups for both. About the cost of a great new sub nine zero disc. But I'm not counting.

And just for the heck of it - and because Nathaniel and I are doing our part in keeping the economy going - we bought a new laptop. Actually the old one was about to die. Literally. It was on its last breath, and we should have put it out if its misery long ago. I got it my senior year of college, so it's, like, really ancient.

The new one is fantastic. And I never realized how great Google Earth was until the computer would load the new image and move within seconds of typing in the destination. Nathaniel and I have had fun looking up various places around the world, including (but not limited to): The Cayman Islands, Fiji, The Bahamas. Not that we're itching for a vaction... but....

Okay - we really WANT a vacation. And after this move and flight school, frankly - well, we've earned it. Unfortunately because of our cars and computer purchases, I think Paradise will have to wait.

Then again we are moving to San Diego in a few days...

I've been really busy packing. Even thought we've got packers and movers arriving Thursday and Friday, there are some things I just don't trust them with. We've had so much of our stuff broken or damaged, and I'm not willing to sacrifice any more teapots or Czech cut glass to a governmental move, thank-you-very-much.

So the teapots, glass, china, zipp wheels, bikes, violin, Nathaniel's flight stuff, and a few other odds and ends are traveling with us. Oh yeah - and the cats.

We're still debating: which cat goes in which car? Nathaniel is willing to take any cat, but I know better. I saw how tightly he gripped the steering wheel when we drove from Wisconsin to North Carolina with Tabbitha a few years ago. We made the mistake of quietly conversing after she fell asleep, and were quickly reminded of her discord when she started up again at the sound of our voices.

Suffice to say, I've got a much better tolerance for kitties in cars than Nate. Then again, we might have a meltdown around Barstow. We'll have to wait and see.

In other news, I had an amazing time Spectathaleting Ironman Florida last weekend. After running with Bri and Marty Gaal, I met up with Danni Kruse and Mary Eggers, and had a blast cheering at mile one of the run course. Let's just say that the Memphis gals - Halloween costumes, booze, loud music, bare butt cheecks and all - was an incredible sight. And I think the athletes were pretty happy as well.

It was wonderful seeing the racers, getting to cheer for Damie, Tri-Girl Kate-O and all of her friends, Bree, Wes, Curt, my best training partner EVER Ludi, and Ryan. Major props to everyone who competed - I thought I would be sad after missing Arizona. Instead I found myself looking forward to Coeur d'Alene.

At some point I hope to sit down and actually write about my experiences last weekend, because they were incredible. But now I don't have time.

Other things? I know I'm leaving stuff out, but I can't think of them right now. My mind is already jumping ahead to tomorrow's workouts and moving prep. I need to figure out which clothes to pack with us and which clothes to let the movers pack. Because we still haven't found a permanent residence (which we're also still doing) yet, our stuff will most likely be put into storage.

So if you see me wearing the same thing three days in a row, don't think anything of it. Then again, on Sunday I'll be in Texas and Monday somewhere in... Texas still? Suffice to say, we've still got some planning on that department.

And finally - a BIG congratulations to everyone who raced last weekend! Your strength and courage was incredible, and I will carry your passion with me into my own training. And to Ryan - no longer "Caught on the Run". Ryan - bravo on an incredible race! You worked your butt of this past year, honing and perfecting everything the best you could. I know it wasn't easy, but your journey is inspirational. Your Ironman Florida has become to me, what my Mt. Palomar was to you.

Congratulations on 9:31!


Beth said...

Good luck with the move Marit...hope you and Nathaniel have a blast!!!! (and that the kitties made it okay too... :) What an adventure. We'll be thinking about you guys. SD or bust!! :)

Kim said...

Glad you got a new lap top and that you are getting all ready for the long, but memoriable drive! It will be fun seeing the country like that! You'll love it. Plus, that's quality time together. You'll probably get sick of each other, but that's part of it too! So excited for you and all the wonderful things you have in store. I just signed up for IM Florida so it was nice to hear your recap! talk soon!!!

Laura said...

Marit, It was really great to meet you on Saturday. Thanks for hanging out with us (even if we were a bit much)! Enjoy your road trip and safe travels! All the best in San Diego!!

Alili said...

Safe travels to your new home in CA!!!

Marni said...

Have a safe trip! we will miss you here in Florida! Karel told me he wouldn't mind a move to California :) Have a great time!

Chad Holderbaum said...

Wow that has to be a long drive. Stay safe. And yes I'm jealous about the move to sunny SD! Have fun.

Shan said...

Definitely take the I-40 out to CA and stop in Sedona, AZ - SOOO beautiful! :)

San Diego awaits you - it's sunny and gorgeous, and the ocean is calling! :)

BriGaal said...

Hey Marit - great running with you! Wish we could've met up again later on in the day -- I guess you guys were just around the corner from us. I had no idea!

Pedergraham said...

Safe travels. The mid west will seem veeeeerrrrryyyyy long, but once you catch sight of the mountains, it will all be worth it!!!

Damie said...

I can't believe you are moving! wow- it is here! I hate that I didn't get to hang out during florida...that would have been such a great opportunity. Thank you for cheering me on, it was so much fun to see everyone. I hope it got you pumped for your next year of racing too. :)

Maijaleena said...

Moving across the country=stress+adventure! Have fun and stay calm. San Diego will be lots of fun. I hope the cats like the car.

Anonymous said...

Girl!! It was awesome to see you throughout the race! You have no idea!! YOU MADE my day at the finishline!! THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!!!! AND CAN"T WAIT TO GO TO SN. DIEGO TO TRAIN W YOU LIKE OLD TIMES!!! LUV YA MY FRIEND!!!Ludi

TriGirl Kate O said...

Ok, so give. Who was that woman in the thong who kept letting guys (and some girls) slap her butt???? I'm so sorry to have missed meeting you, but thank you for all the support over the phone on Friday. It helped me more than you know.

Travel super safe, and I'll see you in Tucson!

Mer! said...

Hey marit!
Have a super safe drive and....nice move on the I-40....I wanted to claw my eyes out with 3 days in texas (when we drove from Pensacola to SD)...=0.

Enjoy it and totally stack up on vacation when you guys get settled! It'll be great having you out here!

Amber and Eric Rydholm said...

If you take I-40, pay attention after going through Albuqureque, NM to the mountian to the north that shows up after 30 minutes or so. Its Mt Taylor and the top is the halfway point of the Mt Taylor Quad in February. The town of Grants (an hour from Alb.) is the start and finish. A decent place to rest for the night as the motels are afforable and we hit El Cafecito for lunch or dinner every year.