Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Self Proclamation

Self Proclamation: I, Marit (Mar-it,like Marsh-mellow) C-L (because who really wants to say me entire last name? Way too long!), have decided that a race report should NOT take longer to write than the actual race.


My 5k race report - ONLY a 5k - NOT like I had to do anything fancy with a wetsuit, or bike - took longer to write than an actual triathlon. And that is just wrong.

From now on: report shall not take longer to write than race.


Beware if you decide to read it. Your bells might just come off as well.


Charisa said...

haha - love it! ;)

Maijaleena said...

So, when you do your Ironman, it will only take 8-9 hours to write your report?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to read your lenghty race reports!!! = )

Damie said...

awesome race report, and yes, consistency does count- I am a huge fan of it! I was laughing thinking about your 3:00 800s in HS. I know exactly what you mean. I am so glad to see you are so fit. Yes for Mar-It!!! Will you send some of that fitness my way?

Ryan said...

Is running without cycling or swimming first really a sport? And they really have races that involve only running...how cute.

I saw the shirt at the IM village this year

Oh! You ran a marathon...how cute!

I'll read the "race" report in the morning.

TRI-ROB said...

Wait... my race reports take at LEAST a week to write... and in multiple parts. Now I'm all self-conscious! Thanks a LOT Marit!

Hope you're enjoying SD!


Cy said...

It was a great report Mar-it!

You've overcome so much and to read about the emotions and the victory is really great. You deserve this-You've worked so hard, and it goes to show that amazing thing happen when you put your heart into it!

Kim said...

Just read the race report! 19:57 Marit!! Ahh!! So proud of you most of all for just getting out there, facing your fears and going for it!! You have to feel so good about it and it should give you confidence that you are on to feeling more and more like the best parts of your old self and a new even stronger self emerging. Way to go! I read the whole thing.. all 21 minutes of it! Kidding!!