Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling hot, Hot, HOT!

My first mistake was to drive with the air conditioning on. Nothing says "heat acclimatization" like stepping from your 65-ish degree car interior, to an outside temperature that's easily pushing 100. But I had already spent 30+ minutes driving inland, away from the sanctity and cool breeze of the Pacific, and at that point, I just wanted to get my 14-mile run finished.

The fact that my skin felt as though it was on fire less than one hundred seconds after stepping out of the car - well, it only added to the "experience." And yes, I did wear sunscreen. SPF 70, or something of the sort.

The run was long, hot, long, hot, hot, long, and did I mention - hot?

I mapped out a 4.4 mile loop somewhere in the furnaces, err, along the fire roads and trials of Camp Pendleton. Part of the loop would take me around Lake O'Neil - which at the time of my planning sounded awesome. Right up until I started running with the heat index in the 3-digit range.

I have to hand it to my will power: it's A LOT stronger than I give it credit for. I remained on dry land the entire run, even though my head was telling my feet to head over there towards the water! No, IN the water. No - you're GOING THE WRONG WAY! TO THE WATER! Now if only I could apply the same will power against Ritter Sport Chocolate. THEN we could talk.

First loop found me getting lost, in spite of my quick Google Earth map study. Yes, my sense of direction sucks, but once I figured out my way - well, I was less "lost-er" (as long as I stuck to the same trail and didn't venture off and "explore" other fire trails. I'll have to save that for next time. And when I don't hear gunfire.)

Second loop was a little faster, as I felt more sure of myself. As for the last loop? Well - it can be summed up in 3 words:




Yes, I carried a water bottle and YES, I grabbed a new water bottle with each successive lap. And I even paused half way on laps number 2 and 3 to re-fill near the group campground and picnic area. The Marines and civilians assembled at some sort of event barely glanced my way the first lap; by the third one had asked if I was okay.

I think I mumbled something somewhat coherent, because I found myself running. Again.

The good news was that each loop took me past the Naval Hospital twice - and I almost considered checking myself in after the run. I guarantee they would have given me an IV. And probably a lecture about the dangers of exercising in extreme heat and black flag conditions.

But I got it done, and wasn't too much worse for the wear. Yes, my pace was slower than I would have wanted, my heart rate well above its prescribed zones. But just under two hours spent running in what felt like the fires of, well, you-know-where, and I managed to finish intact, alive, and without need for the IV.

My second mistake was walking out of the gym wearing BRIGHT PINK COMPRESSION SOCKS. One of the gym attendants - who sees me doing functional strength from time to time - looked quizzically at my legs and asked if I played soccer.

I replied, "No, I do triathlon." At this point, I think it would be pertinant to add that the shirt I was wearing read: TRIATHLON.

In BOLD letters.

"Oh.." he answered, nodding his head. "Oh, I though you did a real sport...?"

I didn't really know what to say. For the first time in a while, I was speechless. Maybe it was the heat. Or the run. Hell, it was probably both. But I just shook my head and walked out.

My third mistake was wearing BRIGHT PINK COMPRESSION SOCKS into the military commissary. And even though my shirt read "TRIATHLON", I still replied 'Yes' when someone asked if I played soccer. It just wasn't worth the effort, and I was afraid of the Lime Tortilla Chips that were staring me down across the isle from the almonds I was choosing.

Hhhhmmmmm....almonds or Lime Tortilla Chips....hhhhmmmmm.....what would you do? Lime Chips? Good Choice! I agree. But they weren't on the list, and in my post-run delirium, I swear they were calling my name. Maaarit....Maaaaaaarit....

Maybe I should have gone for the IV.

My fourth mistake was shopping at the commissary after a long run. Yes, recovery bars and chocolate milk are nice and all...but man. Everything looks good after a workout. Luckily my will power wasn't all used up by not running into Lake O'Neil; I stuck to my list. And only one Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar made it into the cart.

Okay, two. Humph.

And I guess that my fifth and last mistake was putting Tabbitha on a diet. I thought everything was going great, really well. Until...lo and behold, some kitty had pooped in my shoe.

Not to get all graphic and stuff, but I'm pretty sure about who was the culprit. Trust me. Anabelle couldn't produce something of that size if she tried.

So in addition to diet food, we may have to work on some behavior therapy. But that will have to wait for another day.

For now, that's all I've got. I guess I didn't really need to list "mistakes" - because overall (aside from the poop-in-shoe incident, because who wants to find that?), it really was a good day. For some reason I started writing the post in my head in the middle of my run - so there you go. And yes, it was hot, Hot, HOT out there!


Missy said...

Yeah, I though you did a real sport too. I don't know if I can come back here any longer. Where's the real sports? Some arguments just aren't worth having.

Molly said...

Real sport *snort* Throw his ass into even a sprint and see what he thinks then.

Ange said...

GREAT Heat training for Kona!!! I NEED That too!!!! But alas, I'm in Maine. It was 45 when I woke up and hit the lake. 70 now...but no more 100s I'm afraid.
I'm going to scroll lower for this list..I need one too I'm afraid.

Beth said...

Well that sounds like just the perfect training for your next race!! Great job for getting through it. Ugh - running in the heat is like death.

As for poop in the shoe...Roxy has done some bad things but poop in the shoe has to take the cake. I hope you saw it before you put your foot in there!! :)

Greg Remaly said...

you know you wrote "trials" instead of "trails" near the top - a perfect example of a Freudian slip? Trials, indeed. It's 112 here now in AZ, I wouldn't even think of running outdoors today, or really anytime when it's over 95, biking is hard enough. Kudos, and the lime tortilla chips sound like a perfect choice - Were they Tostitos hint of lime chips (i.e. the best tortilla chips ever)???

I knew there would be "problems" the HM diet...

Nicole said...

Oh trust me, it isn't much different at the Ramstein AFB commissary!!! I had just bought some compression sleeves (purple), and I was getting crazy looks too. I was also asked if I played soccer with compression sleeves not even with socks? But then again, I show up to the commissary with sweat and salt stains on my face and workout clothes. I probably look different than the other wives (who dress up for the commissary) that shop there. :)

TriGirl Kate O said...

No guac to go with those chips?!

Runner Leana said...

Triathlon not a real sport? Sheesh! Great job on the heat training though!

I need to get some pink compression socks...

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