Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Totally Random Wednesday!

T: TABBITHA! (And yes, she ate herself into a frenzy and fell asleep.)

O: Overall great mood. YEA!

T: T-Bone. I wanted one, but had salmon instead. Somehow, just not the same.

A: ANABELLE! (such a lady!)

L: (I) Love Nathaniel

L: (I) Love the kitties (even if this is the closest they'll ever get)

Y: Yes, I CAN finish the workout at the designated pace! (Even if I want to throw up and think my arms are about to give out.)

R: RACING - this weekend! Bu not what I originally planned. Lake Stevens is OUT. Instead, replaced by a local Half Ironman put on by the San Diego Tri Club. Three Cheers for 1) sleeping in your own bed before and after a LONG race and 2) Post race Beer sampler!

A: Almost scared myself silly by catching a peek of Ghost Hunters. Not that I'm afraid of the dark or anything. I'm just afraid of what I KNOW is there, but that I can't see (hhhmmmmm.....this could be applied to open water swimming as well)

N: Nathaniel - what a guy. And we finally got around to putting away the Christmas Decorations (and no, we do NOT have Christmas lights on the porch. Anymore).

D: Dill! I sprinkled some on the salmon.

O: Open water swimming - will happen this weekend!

M: Mythbusters - is on in the background while I write. Nathaniel and Anabelle are captivated.

W: Wheat Thins (of the Tomato Basil Variety). I had a box last week. They were delicious. And they didn't last long. But I kind of want some now...hhhhmmmmmm

E: Energy! It's building, in anticipation of my race this weekend (SUNDAY!!!)

D: Darned Psoas. At Active Release Therapy yesterday, I nearly kicked my therapist in the groin as he released the tension. It was one of those "I'd rather be giving birth" moments that I don't recommend.

N: Nathaniel - still love the guy. How could I not?

E: Eeks! 10th high school reunion happened last weekend. I didn't go, but it got me thinking (always dangerous). If I could meet the girl that I once was - I would tell her to STAY EXACTLY THE SAME - because I really like how I've turned out (slightly awkward and all). But lay off the open faced Peanut Butter Sandwiches late at night.

S: Sugar, which I spilled in my attempt to re-fill the brown sugar bowl. Luckily the sink caught the most of it. But still - I need to work on my hand-eye coordination. Oh well.

D: Delightfully anticipating my bike intervals tomorrow (small cough). The puke bowl will be present.

A: AMC - BOTH Nathaniel and I are excited about Sunday's premiere of Season 3 "Mad Men". The writing is wonderful and I'm looking forward to this season.

Y: Yes, I realize I still have Alaska photos to upload - and they WILL be shared at some point.'s one of The Family. YEA!


D said...

I don't approve of your "D". Ahem.

And I'm really looking forward to Molly's opinion of you skipping your reunion! :D

ADC said...

I love the last photo of the family. Very nice!

Missy said...

I have heard that Mad Men is good -may need to check that out. Now that Crabs is over, I just don't know what to watch?!?! I love Deadliest Catch - who knew that crab fishing was so interesting? I could NEVER watch Ghost Hunters. I would totally freak!

Did you say something about working out?

Bob Mitera said...

Lorrie is enjoying seeing the kitties. I just heard, "KITTIES!" from downstairs.

Have to tease you about the xmas lites on the porch. FL hangover? JK In California, those are "mood lights" and "italian lights" after Christmas. In the South... not. It is all where you live!

Good wishes to you guys.

Bob Mitera said...
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Bob Mitera said...
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Bob Mitera said...
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Bob Mitera said...

Sorry for the deleted comments - my Mac threw up and put my comment on there five times.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ok, you are giving me a bad rap with your puke bowl all the time. Your intervals tomorrow are NOT that hard, you are racing this weekend!!!!! ;)) Good luck! (have fun - no pressure! YAY!)

Molly said...

Hahahaha, laughing at D's comment. If going to a reunion meant being able to talk to my high school self, it'd be useful. Instead it involves going to listen to a bunch of women I'm not really interested in blab about their babies - not so much fun. Great job on the randomness and good luck this weekend!

Ange said...

have fun at your race this weekend!!! Glad you're feeling ready to rock again!!
hope to see you in Kona!

Beth said...

Marit!!! RACE TIME!! Yay! :) Have a wonderful, awesome, amazing and of course FUN race on Sunday! You will be great. And I don't blame you for wanting to stay home to race. I would definitely do that too if there were actually races in Pittsburgh. ;)

Charisa said...

I LOVE your cats!!!

Marni said...

Love your kitties! Hope the race went well!