Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seattle and Alaska pictures (part 1)

It has come to my attention that I have neglected to publish pictures from our most excellent Alaskan trip and cruise. Oops! Now that I've figured out how to transfer the pictures to the computer, I suppose there really isn't an excuse. Without further ado..... (and realize - the images below are just a few....between the two of us, Nathaniel and I took well over 700 shots. Yeah.)

Our trip!

(small cough - part 1)

Nathaniel and I on our way to Seattle from Bainbridge Island, WA
The view from out the car deck of the Bainbridge Island Ferry
My Dad LOVES reading maps. We often found him planning routes and the most efficient method of getting from one place to the other. In this case, he was preparing to pick Karyna - the little sis - up from the airport.
Pikes Market! Lots of fun stuff to do and see - though I wasn't moving quickly by any means. Post-Ironman legs or something like that...
Rows and rows of beautiful flowers - I saw these and immediately thought of my Mom. Mom - this one is for you!
Holy Seafood Batman! And the guys working behind the counter really DO yell and throw fish. I ducked.
THE original Starbucks. You couldn't walk two blocks in Seattle and NOT see one or two on a corner. By the end, I was a little annoyed. But still, interesting to see the original (Mary Eggers - that's for you!)
The Piroshky place - the best baked goods (aside from sheet cake) ever. Nathaniel walking towards the long long LONG line.
Nathaniel with his potato and onion Piroshky. Seriously?! His was good, mine was better - Rhubarb Piroshky all the way! And wouldn't you know it - but just as I turned to take another picture, he ate the other half of mine. At least he agreed, mine was better.For the record Nathaniel: you still owe me half a Rhubarb Piroshky...

A very interesting vent/architectural feature...
Close up of the expression written on the vent
What does one wear two days after an Ironman? Why Pink Compression socks and sandals! My feet were too swollen for my running shoes and the socks (at that point) were essential. Hello Cankles! And no - I did NOT take any pictures of those...
THIS is what a giant Peanut Butter Cup looks like. And for a bit of comparison - you can see "normal" things like my watch and wedding band in the picture. Aaahhhh. Heaven.
Dad and Nathaniel. I love this shot -
The view departing Seattle on THE CRUISE! Lovely Mt. Raineer.

First formal night on the cruise: Mom and Dad!
Nathaniel giving me a strange look. Yes - he does stuff like this all the time, and I love him for it.
Nate and me, formal night. I think we had just finished our 5-course meal. Next time we'll take pictures BEFORE the drinking and eating commence.
Ketchikan, Alaska!
Nathaniel in Ketchikan, pre-hike. You see that mountain directly behind him...? That's where we headed, though we only got about 1/2 way up. Still, just stunning!
On the way to the base of Deer Mountain, I saw the cutest red bug. I know - so touristy...but still, it was a very cute car!
Hello moss and Alaskan rainforest! The slate was slick with moisture and the moss was soft under our hands.
Apparently even the slugs in Alaska are super-sized.
Deer Mountain Trailhead. Interestingly, there was more information on the Billy Goat population than there was information on bears (and what to do if/when you encounter them). When push comes to shove, I would rather meet the goat than the bear, though. At least I've never heard of someone getting run off a mountain by an enraged goat. But there's always a first...
The Alaskan Rainforest - just beautiful!
Nathaniel in his element - compass at hand, somewhere in the woods.
We made it! The overlook! FINALLY (after 1500 vertical feet gained in just over a mile's worth of hiking from the base of the hill. Yeah, it was steep, humid, and we were drenched!)
Overlook with Nathaniel's map - he gets total credit and creative kudos for this shot.
Beautiful wood...
Me and my heart shaped rock! Every hike, we just had to fine one. And we did!
Nathaniel next to an overturned tree - yes, this was the base.
More flowers in the Alaskan rainforest - just stunning!
Wow! A giant leaf! (Maybe home to a giant slug?)
Overlook of Kechikan somewhere on the hike down from Deer Mountain
Yes, we hiked up some MONSTER switchbacks. This was just one...(wide angle, not necessary)
The beautiful Ketchikan riverfront.
VERY clear water! Cold - so obviously no swimming. But crystal clear. (You can take the athlete away from the sport, but can you really ever take the sport away from the athlete? Nope!)
Nathaniel contemplating said clear water. Somehow, I don't think he'll take up triathlon any time soon.
GIANT Peanut Butter Cups Ketchikan-style! YEA! It was delicious, trust me.
The arrival of Karyna, talking to her boyfriend Billy. The phone-to-ear phenomenon was a frequent occurrence anytime reception was available.
One of the MANY float planes that we saw during our trip. As Nathaniel once put it, "Wouldn't you like to retire up here? I could fly those things...?" Um, yeah....I'll get back to you on that one!
Fishing boat leaving the harbor.
Bald Eagle on a radio antenae - you have to look REALLY hard to spot the little (or as they are -BIG) guy!
Me and Karyna waiting in line to get back on the ship.
Clearly, this one doesn't like lines. Or stupid people. Or getting his photo taken hundreds of times each day. (ahem, small cough)
Final downtown view of Ketchikan, with Deer Mountain in the background (and we hiked there!)
View off the back of the boat (and yes, we were REALLY high up!)
Entering the chanel...
Farewell Ketchikan!


D said...

1. I'd like to know how long it took you to load all these pics up. I hate blogger.

2. You looked GORG on formal night. That dress looks much better on you than on the hanger :)

3. That slug was relatively small. You should see some of the monsters we get up here.

Train-This said...

Seiously this must have taken forever!

I love the formal pictures! MORE!

Beth said...

Love the pictures Marit!! Those peanut butter cups...WOW - now that's how a peanut butter cup should be made!! :)

Missy said...

Gorgeous pix! I'm with N - I HATE lines and stupid people:)

Rebecca DeWire said...

Great pics! I really enjoyed them. And you look gorgeous in the formal wear pic; what a great photo.

Molly said...

Beautiful photos! I can't believe you did so much so soon after IM! :) I think I'd still be curled up in bed crying LOL

Maijaleena said...

It looks beautiful up there in Alaska! Love all the pics! Those peanut butter cups look great too.

Ryan said...

Awesome pics but the best is Nate in line...Awesome!

Heidi Austin said...

Gorgeous! I love seattle....It's one of my fav cities. I was wondering when you were gona post these too!! hahahhaha

Charisa said...

U look beautiful!!!! Love the pb cups too :)

GoBigGreen said...

I loved Ketchikan! We saw the Lumberjacks there and that was too much fun. I SWEAR I have seen your dad around, and maybe your sister too...I still have to go stalk their house.

GoBigGreen said...

Oh I mean in daylight, not in a weird way. LOL.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hmmmm, peanut butter cups. I'm drooling on my keyboard.

Great pics!

ADC said...

Great photos Marit. You and Nate look gorgeous on the formal night. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Say hello to your parents from me :))

Pedergraham said...

Marit, I can't wait to see more photos. Thanks for bringing us along on this adventure. I think Nathaniel should do an adventure race--he'd be a whiz at the orienteering. BTW, on one of my ski trips in Austria, I taught an Army dentist whose husband was a float pilot in Alaska. He spent half the year flying around in Alaska and half the year in Germany with her. You and Nathaniel would have loved meeting them.

TriGirl Kate O said...

LOVE the formal pic of you and your handsome marine. I'm a sucker for those dress uniforms! Growing up overseas in the embassy community, I always dreamed of marrying a marine...

Can't wait for the next installment.

Runner Leana said...

Looks like a fantastic trip! I'm going to have to suss out that piroshky place for next week!

Kim said...

First of all.. I love the HUGE peanut butter cup pics! Marit! The rest of the pics were great also. Love seeing your trip first hand. Looks like so much fun. THe formal pic of you both is wonderful! Miss you! Countdown to kona is on!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Love the pics, Marit! You look so peaceful and happy and recovering well after IM! :))

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