Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self Preservation.

For the sake of Self-Preservation, I've decided to skip my morning run. Nothing personal; just the thin layer of snow that fell over night will - to my demise - hide every patch of ice from here to the Fox River. Through some Festivus Miracle, I've been thus far able to remain upright while running, but I'm also a realist. I know the likelihood of slipping on ice increases with each run where that doesn't happen.

I'm not one to test fate, really.

So instead, Nathaniel and I made coffee and well...here I am. Sitting at the breakfast table, watching him eat his Raisin Bran while snow lightly falls outside the kitchen window. It's quite pretty, actually (the snow, not him).

Later this morning the two of us are headed to Madison, the home to our Alma matter. Go Badgers! I guess the irony was lost on my subconscious as last night I dreamed that of the six Wisco classes I was taking, I was barely squeaking by with "D"s in three of them. Not exactly how I wanted my college career to go down, but hey - it didn't bother me too much in my dream, so why worry?

But still, I awoke slightly unsettled, as though I had done something really bad.

Perhaps it was my subconscious in relation to the two Christmas Wreaths that I ate last night. Throw in a pumpkin bar (and if you know me, I hate pumpkin), and you've got the general idea. I'm sort of doing my best to stay away from the vast array of Christmas Cookies and Treats; but let's not kid ourselves.

At this point, I'm running and working out more to keep the holiday weight off than anything else. I might as well be honest, but I can happily report that my jeans still fit. Sort of.

You never know, I could decided to go all tofu and stir fry on everyone and insist on eating healthy for the rest of my tenure up north.

What was that?

Did you hear the laughter??

No, actually that was the sound of a Snowball's chance in hell. There is none.

And finally, the Lauterbach Household is about to bust itself at the seams; today Bethany, Adelyn, and Any arrive from Hawaii and Nathaniel and I are picking Taylor up after her last final at UW-Madison. It seems very strange that a family would choose the Great Blustery North over Hawaii during Christmas.

Then again, Nathaniel and I left Southern California, so who knows.

In the meantime, I'll stare out the window and think up ways to stay upright during my run later today. Hopefully people will have shoveled or at least thrown salt down on the sidewalk; I've learned that giving those few houses that neglect to shovel their walks the finger does nothing for my balance. But it makes me feel slightly better to flip 'em the bird while I gingerly step over the frozen mass of snow and ice.

Here's hoping that wherever you are, you're happy, warm, safe, and enjoying your own Christmas Wreaths.


Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! I got your email (before I read your blog) and replied, "Marit, get your holiday butt out and run in this pretty snow, it is WARM OUT!" You know that when it snows it is the best to run in b/c the temps are so warm! It is what comes AFTER the snow that will be rough...did you see the temps for the weekend? Um, 10F? yep! hee hee....glad you slept in and enjoyed some coffee w/ Nate.


PS I love downtown Madison! have fun!

Amanda said...

it's ok to call your husband pretty :)

good luck out there in the ice and snow. and don't worry about the weight...if you've gained any at all. it'll come off right quick! remember the days when you couldn't get enough food? yeah, they'll be here again...

Kim said...

you should get some yak tracks for your sneaks while you are out in the cold snow and ice! be careful friend! happy holidays to you and nate!

Teresa said...

Awe a white christmas is in store for you. I love those cold mornings where working out is not an option and coffee with your hubby IS. Glad your morning was so wonderful.

Now go find a treadmill :)
Merry Christmas!


Angela and David Kidd said...

Have fun in Madison. Such a great city.

And I always have dreams that I am either failing a class in college or that I don't realize until right before a final exam that I am signed up for a class and haven't attended the entire semester. I wake up totally stressed out.

Wytosk said...

Sounds like you're sorta kinda liking wisconsin! that's one of us. Hope you're stay here is great, fall-free (i flip them off too) and cheery. If you're looking for any swim stuff to do, there are a few events and clinics going on - and cc skiing (which a lot of the triathletes around here do)...Lapham Peak State Park has a great course, and a lit-up-at-night-course too (and they make snow) if you're looking for anything extra to do!

erin (eewichtoski@gmail if you need places to swim or anything!)

Mike Russell said...

You are right -- giving people the bird does nothing for balance nor does it give you wings. But man does it ever make you feel better! Have fun in Wisconsin.

GoBigGreen said...

I have already emailed jen once with the "well I felt ok till i stopped and tho ididnt fall my knee's are all out of whack running off camber." you are smart to stay upright!
I made tofu stir fry last night LOL knowing that we had alot of Beef Tenderloin and other goodies starting tonight. Oh and dont get me started on the XMAS cookies. Man, too hard!
Talk with you soon! Merry XMas!

Beth said...

I think I need a picture of the Christmas Wreathes. I can't picture what they might be in my head!! :)

Hope you guys have fun in Madison...and I hope you stayed upright on your run later in the day!! :)

Pedergraham said...

Yes, the Christmas wreathes are making my mouth water. Skiing? Where is all the skiing? :)

Mama Simmons said...

My good friend and training partner (Nalani) is headed to Wisconsin tomorrow for 10 days... she's lived here her whole life but her husband is from WI so they're visiting his family. She doesn't know how she's going to survive the cold!!! But she's never in her life had a white Christmas so that part will be cool. :)

Charisa said...

Have a very fun white Christmas! I'm sure you are :)

ADC said...

Oh white Christmas. Lucky you. Have a lovely Christmas.

Heidi Austin said...

smart call Marit!!!! we are already accident prone and we don't need ice involved....Definitely doesn't help with training, but we have to be realistic sometimes! Have a great Christmas :)

Cole said...

It's always the thin layers of snow that are the worst -- I've fallen prey to the false calm that is the thin layer of snow one too many times. Good choice to stay in!

Damie said...

Marit- Merry Christmas!!!!! I hope you have a great holiday and I can't wait for you to have a great 2010....love you and take care!!!!

Missy said...

Have a great Christmas! I'm busy eating and drinking my weight in everything bad for me. 2010 will be here soon enough...is that bad?

Herrad said...

Happy Christmas.

Kim said...

Oh..man! Yes, be careful out there!! I'm sure you are finding a way to get it done! Hope you are enjoying your time with family so much and just having a grand time! Nothing beats it! I missed you in SD Marit! It wasn't the same without you but I know next time we'll make it work. Take care and hope you had a wonderful Holiday!!