Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to Wisconsin!

Oh my God.

It is cold.

Holy cow - I don't know how you people do it. Seriously. And the fact that I used to spend my fall/winter/early spring months frolicking outside in the snow and cold weather -

Oh my gosh.

Just wow.

Suffice to say, Nathaniel and I have arrived in Wisconsin. And yes, the snow is beautiful...and I love how warm and cheerful the house feels after spending any amount of time outside in said cold weather. And yes, I fully and freely admit that - compared to what my northern colleagues endure throughout the winter - the weather isn't all that bad.


It is still cold. (insert evil laugh).

And slippery.

In addition to loosing all ability to withstand frigid temperatures for any respectable amount of time, I've also lost the ability to run safely over slick surfaces. Not that I was great at it to begin with.


Today during my run through Waukesha's quaint streets and along the Fox Riverfront, I realized that maintaining one's balance and "uprightedness" while bounding over ice and other snow-covered surfaces is indeed a perishable skill set. As in, I used to be able to safely remain upright while skidding across the icy ground. Let's just say that today I barely saved myself - to the amusement of downtown traffic and several disgruntled ducks that were within my line of fire.

At some point I'm supposed to find a "hilly" course and run up and down said hills. Yeah, um...sure. Seeing as I can barely hold my balance on flat surfaces, somehow I don't think hills are exactly a great fit for my now-adept Southern California footing. Give me another few weeks and maybe...but still. No guarantees. I like my sacrum the way it is - I don't need to break it again.

But really, I couldn't be more excited to be here. It is WONDERFUL to be home in Wisconsin with Nathaniel and his family. And I'm SUPER EXCITED to be in St. Paul in a few short days... Until then, my main set of goals will involve 1) no slipping on ice while running 2) no slipping on ice while walking 3) no eating all the holiday cookies (especially the cornflake wreaths...but that's a different topic of conversation all together).

Now if you'll excuse me, dinner is ready. We're having lasagna and I'm throwing in another glass of wine for good measure. And maybe a holiday wreath or two. We'll see...but regardless, its safe to say that I shall remain housebound tonight. Ice + me aren't a great combination as I already found out. And I don't think adding red wine would help me in any way whatsoever.

So I'll cuddle up near the fire, watch the snow fall, read my new book "U is for Undertow" and avoid the wreaths as much as possible. But whatever happens, I can hardly wait.


Molly said...

It's AMAZING how fast you lose your winter-weather toughness, isn't it? I spent my first 2 winters in Chicago without owning a winter coat and now I'm walking the dogs in California in a parka when it's 50 degrees out. Have a wonderful trip!!!

runningyankee said...

ohh is that a new sue grafton??
happy holidays marit! we're heading north tomorrow.. hoping to beat the storm coming up the east coast.. should make for an intersting trip..

Angela and David Kidd said...

I have lived here 5 years and have no winter weather toughness. Every winter I think I'll be tougher and every winter I'm not. Good luck staying upright - I usually bust my ass at least once a week so be careful!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

I know exactly what your talking about. Maybe you should just drink the wine before you run. Then the inevitable slip and slide would be less painful.

cherelli said...

Yak Trax...they are my new best friend for winter I have decided. Either that or wear your wetsuit running - it'll 1. keep you warm, 2. may buffer any falls. Otherwise just tape a pillow to your butt, wear a helmet and just give that running thing a go :)

San said...

I can soooo feel you. I had speed training yesterday, in the dark with snow falling and swirling around my feet. I couldn't see all the frozen puddles. There were a few times when I nearly lost my balance. I made it safely back to the track and I'll stay on it under this weather conditions. It's a bit boring, but a lot safer.

Happy Holidays.

GoBigGreen said...

Hahahaha! At least we are above zero now:)
so glad you got here safely and will hope to see you when you get to st Paul!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OK it is SO funny you talked about the COLD. Today I thought it is SO warm out @ 31F. Yesterday a few brave men were out in shorts. I ALMOST ran in shorts...after you have 0F degrees, 32 is a HEAT wave! And it is snowing down here now - I am not too far from you - perhaps 2 hours or so. ENJOY your time! And, Yak Tracks are the way to go - we have to wear them a lot in these parts! LOL

PS I have NO idea how we do it either and I am born and bred here!

Beth said...

HAHA!! Your run sounds like mine on Sunday. Ice skates would have been much more helpful than running shoes. :)

If you lived back in Wisconsin/Minnesota you'd get used to it again. It's all a matter of perspective. But I'm sure this trip will make you thankful (again) for living where you do now! :)

Hope you guys have a great visit at home!!!

Maria said...

Ummm...just wanted to toss this ball back in your court, sound familiar?

"You are SO LUCKY you get to experience snow."

Lol, gotta love winter, but ya gotta love spring even more! Welcome back to the Midwest!

Cortney Riese said...

Oh, I'll be in Waukesha next week and I hope by then the weather will be a tad warmer. I might have to drag my husband out for a run along the Fox, that sounds like a great idea. Happy Holidays and safe travels.

Charisa said...

I really miss going "home" to Chicago this time of year. I used to love going for runs in the cold night air and looking at everyone's Christmas decorations. Do a run like that one night - you will love it! Then come in to the fire and have hot chocolate. Hope you have a blast - Merry Christmas!!

Mary said...

Welcome back to the MW! Funny, I agree with Jenny, 32 is feeling warm now! Enjoy!

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