Friday, December 11, 2009


We've continued to lose ornaments in record numbers. Not only is Anabelle a Fake-Christmas-Tree-Climber, but also an Ornament Killer. Last week I started collecting the downed ornaments in a bowl - just for kicks - and we've amassed quite a collection.

Some of them aren't broken, rather yanked unceremoniously off the tree. Not exactly the kind of Christmas they had in mind, I'm sure. Others have been cracked, and still one or two more are downright destroyed. A shattered butterfly and an angel that has lost its wings are the worst casualties. I don't have the heart to throw the angel away - it just seems like bad luck with Christmas just around the corner.

But we're all managing to cope just fine.

In other news...Nathaniel returned from 10 days in Yuma and its nice to have him home. Although his homecoming wasn't the glamorous one I had been imagining... rather than being all dolled up and waiting in my most elegant clothes (read: jeans and non-sports attired), I was taking a shower. I think I yelled at him 'DO NOT COME INTO THE BATHROOM', because really - there are just some things I don't want him to see.

I found him, twenty minutes later, drinking a beer and surfing the net. Some things never change.

What did surprise me, was his comment that he was, "really craving vegetables and healthy food."


"The healthiest thing I've eaten since being in Yuma - was Outback Steakhouse..."

I just stared.

He continued. "Yeah - and that was because I was trying to be healthy by ordering the 6 oz steak instead of the 10 oz or 14 oz."

"What else did you eat..." I asked, noting in amazement that the boy can consume whatever he wants and still not gain weight. Bastard. I swear that my stomach expands at the sight of milk chocolate and egg nog.

"We all split 4 or 5 appetizers between the 8 of us..." He went on to explain about the 2-pound burrito, the mid-flight snack of pop tarts and snickers, and the unusual mealtime hours.

"Wasn't there anything...good for you?" I interjected. This sounded like my own personal version of hell. Bad food and horrible hours; my GI system would rebel after two days, of that I was sure.

"Well, there was the 'Garden Burrito'...but that had spinach in it and I refuse to eat a burrito with spinach." was the only reply I got.

Oh my.

It knocked my socks off when he voluntarily chose to eat leftover Tofu Stir Fry. After enduring that particular meal for weeks during my Kona workups, I was sure he would never want to touch the stuff again. But he went after it with a vivacity that I rarely see.

Wow. It is nice to have him home.

On a different note: Is it wrong to admit that I actually like Russel from Survivor? The guy started out as a jerk - and still is in my opinion - but he's certainly making the game interesting. I actually cheered when he wasn't voted out last night. Brilliant strategist or classic asshole? You be the judge. All I know is that he's making the show more fun to watch.

And finally, we've got quite the busy weekend ahead; between Oscar's visit in support of his athlete racing the Footlocker National Cross Country Meet in Balboa Park, to the squadron Christmas Party (Nathaniel may be tasked to fly Santa in on the Huey - how exciting!), to rumors of an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (think: Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in 'Bridget Jone's Diary'), to our Wine Club Holiday Celebration, and my new book club on Sunday night, and Kim arriving for work on Monday (but we get to hang out for a few hours! YEA!)... I'm not really sure how we'll fit it in.

Thrown in the mix, I still need to complete my workouts, pick up a few Christmas Presents, READ the book club book (oops!), find an Ugly Sweater (because I've thrown all the old ones away...some things should just not be donated.), pack for Wisconsin and Minnesota (oh my god it will be cold cold cold), and keep the cat out of the tree.

I swear....

But hey - 'Tis the Season. And in spite the bustle and the chaoticness of it all, I love this time of year.

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear the telling chiming of ornaments. Time to prevent Anabelle from getting another one down. If she hasn't already.


Molly said...

Sounds like you are truly in the season and enjoying things!!! :) Have a great weekend!

PJ said...

I feel the same way about Russel. I loathed him at first with all the "dumb girl" comments and he reverted back to that a bit yesterday but you can't help but respect his game play a bit. He's definitely a love/hate kind of guy.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

The Dumb Girl comments - yea, I know. Serious Rat Bastard. However... the game play has been pretty remarkable. Even though I love the show, I can't remember ever rooting for a character as much. Then again...some of the people on that show...are chosen purely for, um, aesthetic reasons. (ahem). But still, hate to love and love to hate - but end up rooting for him in the end.

We'll see though...

Maria said...

Good luck with the busy holiday season. Do pack warmly for the midwest it is freaking cold here!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Have fun this weekend. I'm about to leave work for an ugly sweater contest. Sadly, my sweater turned out not to be so ugly. I think the purchases expected it to be much more low cut and scandalous. Oh well.

And what is it with boys and eating crap and not gaining weight? Bastards.

Nicole said...

Welcome to my life!! That is soooo my husband!! He can eat butter for every meal for two weeks and lose 10 pounds. haha

Windtunnel in Yuma? Yes, yes, what a life!

At least the ornament bowl looks cool! :)

Emily said...

Hi, I came across your blog and really enjoy reading it. One of my favorites was your post on hot yoga, mainly because it was so true! Anyway, I'm de-lurking to say I completely agree with you on Russell - I hate him, but I love him and I'm so glad he lives to scheme another day.

Beth said...

Thanks again for housing O!!! We are very grateful! Boy, all the Pittsburgh people are coming to visit!! (except me, sniff.. ;) Anyway - have a great, great, busy weekend! This is such a busy time of year but so fun too!! ;)

Ryan said...

So Nate doesn't get in the mood at the sight of Ironman Logos and Compression Socks???

Oh, got the check...thx!

I'm going to Minnesota too, on Sunday for a weeks. Yikes I'm going to die with a giant snotsicle forming from my nose it is going to be so cold.

Wish me luck!

GoBigGreen said...

IT is above zero now:) not sure about the windchill.
Yea if you need a TM wko or something let me know, I can get you into the YW.

Let me know when you are nearby so we can coordiant a swim. you will trounce me but I am up for it. hee hee. when Kate was here Jen wrote us dual workouts, how fun was that! But it was OW so no go this time!


Missy said...

Russell is a genius if you ask me. He's played everyone like a daYum fiddle.

My husband is the same way - total bastard - can EAT chicken fried steak every day if he wanted with a dozen donuts for breakfast. Yep, still 6'5" and 185lbs. Believe it.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Have fun in the cold. Take pics in the ugly Christmas Sweater. Hee Hee Hee. Yes, do come ride with us in Jan and Feb. We have a rather infectiously fun group. You will love it.

Mer! said...

Aww, love all the things "homecomings" bring!!! It's so fun!! I'm *sure* you found something to wear with the compression socks though--i'm just jealous I don't have a pair!!! (only pants).

Do NOT read the book! I didn't read it...=0....and we invited a new girl tonight, Sara, she's a 2nd year anesth. and very very fun! You'll like her, super sweet! So maybe 3 new people at book club!! =0

Thanks for commenting on my blog..I feel loved =0

Have an awesome time and I hope Nate gets to play Santa!! Pics please!

Still dying over Annabelle in the tree...kills me..

Kim Schafer said...

Add our household to the list of the Russell fans. Yeah, his dumb blonde comments were a little much in the beginning, but the burning of socks, pouring out other's water were strategically brilliant. Then, finding the hidden immunity idol 3 TIMES, 2 without any clues was damn impressive. Love survivor this season and a lot of it has to do with him. Good times.
Glad Nathaniel is back!

Teresa said...

So one of my girl friends had the same problem and somehow did an upside down christmas tree...not sure how it works..but maybe something to look into.

I am glad eating healthy is on someones mind, but as for now, you and I need to EAT and then train it off later ;)

Anxiously awaiting a pic from the Christmas sweater party :)


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ojs said...

I was witness to the ornament carnage. Pretty funny how Annabelle would jump on the tree. Thanks again for giving me a place to put my head for the weekend!