Wednesday, March 17, 2010


First - THANK YOU to everyone for your kind and thoughtful comments. They mean a lot - and I'm always grateful for your support. See...the community of triathletes and even those non-triathletes are/is wonderful. Also - for the many fantastic emails from friends and family...thanks. My replies may have been a tad, um, long - but I'm not going anywhere fast.

Still - thanks!

Things for me have looked mostly like this...
Me and two house monsters. Tabbitha front and center and Anabelle's rear view.

I know, I know - the flash (or lack thereof) is off. Nathaniel was trying to fiddle around with it during last weekend's concert. But I think we got it fixed. After this photo.

I've been parked on the couch. Literally. Parked. On. The. Couch. This having pneumonia thing is really exhausting! Phew! I have to personally thank my Mom for dusting the triangle shelves when she was here last month - from where I'm sitting they look great! And given my current state of boredom, I probably would have gotten up to dust.

Oh my.

But I've got two kitties keeping me company. Actually - they're fighting an eternal struggle for posession of the Most Awesome Fleece Blanket Ever (again - thanks Mom). I think for once, The Ugly Green Recliner is finishing a distant second. But don't you go and get worried: its still there, Ugly. And Green.

Now I'm just waiting. Waiting. Waiting.... ho hum.

I haven't practiced violin for a few days, but I'll get back to it tomorrow. I think I'll be strong enough to hold the darned thing up. And as I've got an entirely new concert of music to learn by next week's rehearsal - I had better get the ball rolling.

As for the training. Ah yes...that thing I so love to do and dearly miss.

Well - I'm no fan of junk miles. And given the fact that I lean up against a wall while waiting for our elevator, and find the walk from the bedroom to the kitchen tiring - I won't be doing anything too soon. But all in good time...that will return.

So that's the latest and greatest.

I think I'm going to have dinner and take my prescription narcotic medicine to help suppress my cough (so I can actually sleep at night - wonderful!). Appropriately I'm going to watch Pixar's "Up". Again. Ha ha - oh well. I'll blame the pneumonia for my weak jokes...

Here's to YOUR health and happiness - wherever you may be. And thank you again to everyone - you know who you are...


elizabeth said...

UGH! I am soooo sorry you are sick again :( I can definitely relate and hope you get better and back to your healthy self soon!

AND - Thanks for your kind words as well, it means a lot to me. As it's been a rough week.

Okay, now go FEEL BETTER!!!!!

San said...

Hey couch days have it's advantages. Like reading a lot. But yeah I can relate even though I never had Pnemonia so far, knock on wood.

The second picture of Annabelle on the blanket looks fierce. "Don't you dare to take it away from me. MINE!" LOL.

Cheers, San

SSB said...

I really hope you feel better soon. The latest buzz is about the book Primal Blue Print

Supposed to have some good stuff on eating to stay healthy etc. Might want to check it out, if you can read on all those narcotics (-;

Missy said...

I'm going to run for you right now!

Ken said...

As a musician/beg. triathlete I am enjoying your blog, though bummed for your sickness. Hope you feel better soon.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hopefully all that couch time is paying off huge dividends for you. It already sounds like your spirit is better!

Dot (it's a new nickname) said...

Hope the recovery process is going well, I'm glad the house monsters are helping as well too...see even the big one loves you!

Trigirlpink said...

Do this right Marit, and you will come back strong and rested and ready to race late summer, early fall. Plenty of races to do then and you'll be fresh as a daisy or fresh as a (clean litter box?)
Pull out that lap top and start planning your attack. It will give you some motivation and something to look toward.

Did you hear? Having your felines close by,like perched on you while resting is a ancient HEALING METHOD!!! heee heee

Beth said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes when we are training hard we would give anything to just lay down on the couch but right now you probably hate that thing!!?? ;) Oh well - your time will come Marit!! And I gotta watch Up now...sounds like a good one!

Runner Leana said...

Get better soon! It definitely looks like your kitties are fighting over that awesome fleece blanket.

An UP! I love UP! But why, oh why, must it make me cry in the first 11 minutes??

Charisa said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

OMG! So I just got caught up on your blog! I'm so sorry, and yes it is your blog and you can rant if you want to!! Please feel better! I know how it feels, TRUST me! I just got over pneumonia a few weeks ago!