Friday, March 5, 2010

Just swimmingly.

Have you ever found yourself rooting for the Houses and against the potential buyers on HGTV's "House Hunters"? Tonight I did. To summarize - Rob and Ellen wanted to drop major bucks on a Napa Valley Vacation Home. To clarify - I have no problem, absolutely none with that. You want a vacation home? Great!

The part that made me gag, was their elitist attitude. Seriously.

Well - if the orange living room in $1.85 million (yes...million) dollar House Number 2 doesn't work, then clearly the rest of the house is trash (hopefully you can sense my sarcasm. Because they were serious). And I got tired of them referring to their 600+ collection of wine bottles, criticizing the quality of hundred+++ thousand dollar kitchens, vineyards are too close, vineyards aren't close enough, and finding fault with every house while managing to compare how the house-being-viewed doesn't compare to their house.

I think its time to take my anti-nausea medication. Again.

You know its bad when the host - while summarizing the episode after a commercial break - refers to them as, "Very finicky." And later, "Highly Selective..."

Oh well.

Just another Friday night in my life, I suppose.

In other news, I swam for the FIRST time since my septoplasty today. It felt...weird. But halfway through the sprinting-based workout, I completely forgot about the sinus pressure while flip turning, for fear of loosing the draft. There should be a rule against MULTIPLE SETS OF MAX EFFORT 50s on your first swim back. Seriously. This time I really did jump into a slower lane - and still just about died.

Clearly, my fast-twitch fibers need work.

Although I did get a, "NICE JOB!" from the Coach on Deck on my last 25 meter sprint. Its amazing how much faster you can swim when you use your legs to kick. I'll keep that in mind for my next swim.

And finally - both Tabbitha and Anabelle are afraid of my violin.

And my violin playing.

I swear, whenever I take out my case, I see Anabelle dart out of the room ahead of Tabbitha (which in itself is a festivus miracle because its usually the Mini Monster chasing the House Monster). And Tabbitha - bless her heart - moves faster to get away from the music than she does when she gets a treat.

Did you follow that?

I suppose the best way to make her loose weight, would be to run after her with my violin. We might just set some sort of record. Biggest Looser: You have met your match!

And with that, I'm off. Tomorrow includes some workouts, some music, some socializing, and some driving. Not in that order.

Oh good - the anti nausea meds are kicking in...just in time for The Soup Awards. If only Nathaniel were here to enjoy the comedy of Joel McHale with me. Oh well.

PS - For the record...They picked House Number 1. The $1.9 million dollar one that was too close to the vineyards, had cheap kitchen upgrades, and lacked a pool. Barf. At least they have each other. And their 600+ bottles of wine.


cherelli said...

Hmmm you need to work on a photoshop pic of you running after a weary, anxious cat around the neighbourhood in your tri gear while playing your violin...that would be funny. As for that House Hunters - can't watch it. It's like I go into the episode feeling quite normal then finish feeling like I've woken on the wrong side of my chair.

GoBigGreen said...

MARIT!!! good for you! horray for swimming.
I just did a 10 x 400 from Jen and wished you were here:) YOu know i totally dont even remember the flip turn of old, you are a rockstar for encouraging me to "keep my hands to myself." HA!

Teresa said...

thanks for the t.v. update :) I can only imagine how that flip turn felt! Have a great rest of the weekend!


Angela and David Kidd said...

Yeah! Welcome back to the pool! You'll be back to your old speeds in no time.

And I love me some Joel McHale. He's going to be in Chicago next week and I'd kill for some tickets.

Nicole said...

...hilarious, I watched the same episode last night of house hunters and thought the same thing....I couldn't even believe they were serious...besides, who has 1.8 million dollars to spend on a vacation home??!! Congrats on your leap back into the pool!!

maija said...

I like making fun of the people on house hunters. They always seem to be interested in how the house is set up foe "entertaining". Do people really "entertain" that often that is a main concern?

Glad you could get back in the pool. I'm sure it won't feel weird for long and you'll be back to your old swimming self in no time.

Maria said...

you should probably tape yourself running around the house with your violin chasing cats. you tube that shiznit!

Beth said...

I am laughing envisioning you chasing the House Monster around with your violin. Exercise time! :)

So glad you are back in the pool! I swear it only takes a few swims before you feel like your old self again!!

Heidi Austin said...

welcome back to the poooooll!!!! i'm sure your violin playin is fine. maybe tabitha and anabelle just have bad taste in music? :)