Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day!

We love you! Salute!

Even though Karyna and I live on opposite coasts and can't give you a hug on this very special day...we wanted you to know how special you are.

A few memories...for old time's sake...

-Collecting snails at Como Lake and bringing them home, only to discover they were very very stinky snails.

-Giving Karyna a bath and shaping her hair into various presidential hairpieces of past (George Washington being my favorite) while she played obliviously in the tub. Big sisters have it made (in some ways).

-Red Lobster waitress.

-Jumping on the beds at Suzuki violin camp. Oops - did you know about that?

-We've already discussed the destroyed stair banister that Karyna and I hastily concealed before you or Dad could discover it had been kicked down a flight of stairs. If you look closely, the cocoa-smelling brown marker should still be covering the stripped wood.

-I love how you love Nathaniel.

-And the House Monsters (even though the Big One attacks).

-For teaching me to appreciate plants and flowers and all-things-nature-like... Even though I'm a plant killer... Happily, the fern we bought together is still alive.

I could go on, and on, and on...but I won't I hope you enjoyed the album! I love you!



Zora said...

I got up at 5:30 this morning and rushed downstairs to the dinning room where your gift awaited. I grabbed it, but couldn't open it there, not with the cat meowing for food; so I fed said cat, rushed upstairs, jumped into bed and waited for dad to wake up, and WAITED and WAITED. So I helped him out a little! He would have been so disapointed had I opened your gift without him. And how you wrapped it - with "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL SUNDAY" clearly marked.
(how well you know me.......some things never change)!

There it was - From the Oceans to the Mountains,
into the Canyons and Desert, To right back Home. I love the album, and I love your note.

And it is I who lucked out. I'm so happy you're my daughter and Nathaniel's my son.

Teresa said...

Moms are the best and yours clearly is an amzing lady!


Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds wonderful! Happy mothers day to her and to you (you ARE a kitty mommy!). HEE HEE!!

BTW - Humphrey's is ON, let's pick a weekend that works best! YAY

Damie said...

the Suzuki band camp is what cracks me up. We have a big joke in my family that my sister stayed on book 2 for YEARS! and sometimes, just to mess with her I say "The Happy Farmer." Ahh haha! good times for you two!! :)