Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lunch Ladies Rule!

If you're reading this, chances are that you've seen my profile. And therefore - by now - you must be aware that I'm a Survivor fan.

So guess what I'm doing right now? (Aside from writing??)

A++ to those of you who guessed watching the Survivor China Finale!

And at this point, I have to write. I am SO sad... not in an "orphaned kitten" or "world hunger" or "broken bike" kind of way. I'm sad that Denise, the spunky lunch lady, was voted off. She had formed a solid alliance with 3 other players, and when it came down to the vote before Tribal Council, Amanda, Todd, and Courtney voted her off 3-1.

Poor Denise. Not because she's a lunch lady, or has a mullet - gotta LOVE the mullet! But I really wish she would have won. She was ethical, she was honest, and she played a heckuva game. I was rooting for her! She was a self-proclaimed "outsider" all of her life, and in the end, this title did her in just as much as her teammates. Because she believed that she was on the outside, it affected her confidence, her image.

But it was also endearing, sweet, and honest.

I can relate to Denise. I think a lot of us can: she's a bit awkward, a bit clumsy, but her heart is pure, she'll fight to the end, but remain true to herself throughout the journey. But she still remained on the outside of "the clique" or "the crowd". I understand some of what she went through - and no, this won't turn into a "sob" story about me OR Denise. No, I can relate because I've always been an introverted person, someone who prefers to stay on the outside of the crowd, the outside of the group and kind of do my own thing. I suppose that's why I loved rowing a single so much, or love swimming, biking, and running on my own (or with a very small group). I've always been a bit shy, and it's been a challenge for me to be a bit more assertive. I can see a bit of myself in Denise, and I truly do admire how she remained true to herself while playing the game. She wasn't necessarily an introverted person, but she wasn't truly in with "the group". They formed an alliance with her out of necessity, but she hung in there and remained strong. In the end, it was simply her time.

I take back a previous statement: Denise is not poor! On the contrary, she walked out of this game, this "outwit, outlast, outplay" keeping her integrity and moral fiber intact. She was honest, ethical, true, and a kindred spirit throughout. Qualities that not everyone, Survivor or not, can possess. Even though she won't walk away with 1 million dollars and the title of "sole survivor", she's a winner in my book. Great Job Denise!

And now, for the final vote... who do I want...? Denise, if it was still possible. Well, the votes haven't been cast (as of yet). But the final tribal council, where the jury gets to grill, er "ask" the final 3 survivors questions, is going on as I'm writing... so I'll settle back, diet coke and some crispy, crunchy delight in hand, sit back, and enjoy the best that I can.

But I'm still holding out for Denise. I know that it's not possible, but I personally think it would be really cool if a lady with a mullet won the entire game.


BreeWee said...

Hi Marit! Thank you so much for your supportive comment... and this post! It truly is a reminder that in some way we are all sort of "different". You are super cool- if you come to Kona you can bike with us and not feel too shy :) You can be in our little group!!!! AND last night was the first time I ever sat to watch Survivor! I saw the lunch lady- she pulled at my heart but I kept wanting to fix her hair(actually mine isn't much better). can you post who won though.... I fell asleep!

Alicia Parr said...

For Bree, Todd the Schemer won. Amanda blew her shot at the million when she kept Todd in the final three. Gary & I liked James, but he changed the game totally when he chose not to play one of his immunity idols when it mattered. If Courtney had won, I would have been really disappointed.