Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pre-flight Scattered Observations

Why Is It


When You Are


A Rush,

Simple Things






There was no reason for today to get so out of control. Looking back, it really shouldn't have been all that difficult.

Then again, we are flying up to Minnesota tomorrow for Babi Val's funeral. (She's probably laughing right now at my scatter-brainedness. Something I obviously got from someone other than her). As a rule, the day before I fly (anywhere, race or not), things get hectic.

Someone, probably really smart, once said (and remember I'm paraphrasing here!): if you give yourself 5 hours to do something, chances are it'll probably take you 5 hours. Even though the work could be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Does that sound right?

I guess that's because we're not leaving until tomorrow afternoon - although I really should check on that... hhhmmmm - I'll be rushing around, like a chicken with my head cut off, until the last minute.

And why?

Because I'm a bit scattered. Lovable, but scattered.

But today, with my scattered brain and all, here are a few observations that I made.

1) The laundry takes way too long to dry. Especially when you are waiting to fold it.

2)When you're running on time (or gasp! early!!!), traffic is always great. If you're running slightly behind schedule, forget about it. You're screwed.

3) Animals - meaning pets - can tell that you're leaving. And they don't mind giving you bad looks or attacking at free will, just to make their point.

4)After not having a Diet Coke for 3 days, I can get pretty antsy. Next time, I should just bite the bullet and go to the convenience store. Or buy 2 packs at the grocery store. Or get my lazy butt into the store. Especially, after those 3 days, when the husband timidly offered me a 20 oz bottle, and I ceased my bike workout to immediately take a big gulp. Yeah. Next time get another pack.

5) The color palate on CSI: Miami is just as mesmerizing to watch, as listening to the way Horatio talks. Not really what he says, but the way he says it. Never was a big fan of the show, until I fell in love with the colors.

6) I can't believe that I used to like "Alvin & The Chipmunks". It was a staple in our house. Now I that I've seen the movie commercials, and have a heckuva time trying to get their little voices out of my head. Oy vay. Very annoying. Or maybe that's just me, talking to myself.

7) Doing 8 X 150, then 8 X 100, and then 8 X 50 in the pool isn't that bad. Until you have to do ALL the sets with paddles and pull buoys. My coach is mean. And now I'm having a hard time doing simple things, like opening doorhandles, or reaching for anything above my waist.

8) "Lord of the Rings" extended version is really long. I was waiting to go do something - obviously not that important, because I can't think of it now - but wanted to finish out the first move. Big mistake. I guess I'm easily distracted.

9) Did you know that helicopter blades, while they're turning in a full circle, additionally move in an up-and-down movement, and a side-to-side movement? And have really big vortices's coming off their blades. Which is why they've got great power output while hovering within one blade tips distance from the ground (I think that I've got it right...). Thankfully I don't fly helicopters.

10) I have tremendous will power (today. not usually, though). All day, I kept passing not one, but two coconut chocolate ritter sports - some of the BEST candy in the world - that we happen to have at home, displayed prominently on the counter top, and I didn't scarf them. I am amazing. (Now why can't this be the same way with peanut butter?)

11) That random guys at the pool deck are NOT your neighbors, just because (and this is in HIS words, not mine) they have similar physical features. When I proclaimed, "HELLO!" to the guy in the lane next to me, he seemed pretty surprised, until I told him he looked just like my neighbor.

To which he replied, "You think I look fat and bald?"

He did, I assure you.

But I was too embarrassed to say anything.

12)When in doubt, keep your mouth shut.

13) I am great at finishing all the food in the fridge (even though we'll be gone for 3 days, I hate having veggies-gone-bad awaiting my return), but am awful at estimating how long it takes to defrost frozen chicken. We've got no veggies or salad left, but a half-thawed container of chicken in the sink. It'll get made tomorrow. Before we fly out. But I should probably check on the time.

14) 60 degrees is cold. I've adapted to Florida, and am about to pay for it big time when I go home to the cold and snow for a few days. But that's okay, as I'll need to pay homage to my Minnesota roots and Norwegian ancestors. At least I'll have a tan.

15) I chew a lot of gum. And when I'm rushed or worried, I chew more. Thankfully, I don't smoke. And we don't have any wheat thins in the house. And Nate hid the peanut butter.

16) I hate flying. I get nervous before flying. But now I've got a lot of gum to chew. Maybe that'll help.

17) If not, I'll read Sue Grafton's latest novel, "T is for Trespass". Excellent series. I may have to lock myself away for a few hours on the couch, while watching the snow fall (hopefully, keep your fingers crossed!) and read - something I loved to do while growing up.

18) I need a haircut. And a brow wax. If I get desperate, I'll do it myself. Not a pretty picture. I started doing this when I was in second grade, and decided that I no longer liked my bangs. So I cut them off. Entirely. And then I got my sister, for good measure. It's not that bad now, I just am sick of the chlorine and sun-damaged ends. But my Mom and Sister will certainly prevail and knock some sense into me. But I'll schedule a cut anyway, just in case I see the scissors laying around. In the meantime, I'll just keep my hair up or under a cap.

19) When I fly, I have to wear running shoes. That way, in case the plane crashes and I find myself miraculously intact and alive, I can dash through the fiery fuselage without burning my feet.

20) My coach really IS mean. I have testing next week. Good times.

21) The batter power on this computer is pretty low. I need to move or find the battery charger.

22) Why is it, that when you need to cut your finger nails, you can never find the nail clippers?

23) I love to listen to classical music, and I used to play the violin pretty seriously. Which is why I get easily annoyed when I hear a piece of music played over the radio, recognize the tune, but can't name the song or composer. Aaak! Even worse, when the npr guy doesn't announce the music or the composer. That should be outlawed.

24) My compression socks are no longer compressing as well as they used to.

25) These lists are fun. I was going to start out with 5, and then came up with 25. Either that, or I'm pretty scattered.

Yep - I'm scattered!

And with that, it's 1:11 am. Oh boy - the plane leaves in something like 12 hours. Or so.

I should probably check on that. Just in case.

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