Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Snow Bunny

Happy Christmas to all, and to ALL a good night! Oops - er, not yet.

No, I'm not Santa, far from it. But apparently Santa's a pretty busy guy - he really got around last night! What a man! It's a good thing that we left out a plate of sweets, just incase he was hungry when he hit up our place (always good to be "in" with the jolly guy in the red suit, eh?). Surprisingly enough, MOST of the candies and chocolates were gone, devoured, by the time I woke up this morning. Was it Santa? Perhaps?

I'm not exactly sure... but Nathaniel looked a little off-color, mentioned a "sugar high", and complained of a "heavy stomach" all morning.

Poor guy!

I could tell exactly what he and Santa enjoyed, as a lot of the buttery wafers, pecan covered chocolates, spice drops, fruit slices (the sugar kind!), and carmelized nuts were gone. The peanut toffee chocolate thingy was completeley MIA (I had a part in that, though), and even the flourless chocolate/licorice cake had a few nibbles. It wasn't that popular though, as it's still sitting out - rejected - on the dining room table. Next to the Model Train set that Nathaniel and Dad built.

What a day!

Along with Santa, there's been a mysterious "Snow Bunny" sighting in our neighborhood.

Who is this Snow Bunny and WHERE did she come from?

Not exactly sure, but she emerged sometime around 1995. There were various sightings throughout the St. Paul area - usually only tracks. Big, feet-like tracks, left in soft, fresh snow.

Occasionally, she was even spotted - blond hair, and face filled with concentration as she hopped her way from one jump to the next, leaving a bunny-like track in her wake.

She is me and I am her.

Sometime in high school, I decided to become a Snow Bunny.

For Pete's Sake - it was just too fun, and I couldn't resist. Besides, its SNOW - who WOULDN'T want to go outside and romp around?

Me, apparently.

Whenever it snowed, I would throw on a pair of shoes, a warm jacket if it was in the immediate vicinity, and dash outside. The minute I came into contact with the new-fallen snow, I would put my heels together, carefully squat down, balance myself, and then HOP down the snow covered sidewalk, leaving a bunny-like trail behind. Okay, it wasn't exactly like a bunny, but it's as "rabbit" like as I can get.

And besides, it's a lot of fun leaving BIG BUNNY tracks behid - better than plain old walking.

Even better - it's a whole lot of fun.

It's a chance for the little girl in me - the same one that used to run around the backyard in her underwear yelling "Mr T, Mr T, Mr T!" - emerge. (I was 3 at the time, NOT older...) Now, she usually hangs back, waiting for just the right moment to come out.

Fresh snow, the powdery stuff, the soft stuff, the kind of snow that leaves every path, every trail, every road covered in a fresh, white blanket, beckons and calls to this little girl. Before I know what's happening, she's throwing on my running shoes, and running outside - all while I'm wearing my green polar bear boxer shorts and long sleeved white shirt. The 27 degree temperature, bare legs, and exposed ears don't bother her a bit. She just puts her heels together, and happily hops down the sidewalk.

Hop, hop, hop!


hop hop.

If by chance, you happen to be in the Twin Cities area, around the Como Lake region - and see a woman, wearing green boxer shorts, orange running shoes, and hopping down a sidewalk, don't worry. It's just me.

Don't be alarmed. Just know that the little girl in me has once again emerged. Just honk your horn and wave. She'll probably wave back, but focus on the untreaded path ahead.

You may want to even try it yourself. It's a lot of fun. And it leaves great tracks behind in the snow.


Pedergraham said...

My mom got the complete set of Keeping Up Appearances for Xmas and it made me think of you and your appreciation of British comedy...I really try to like other British comedy shows, but I never seem to get the joke, no matter how hard I try, except when I watch Keeping Up Appearances. Nice to hear that Nathan and your sis get along well! Hope you are getting back in the groove of snowy/icy/cold running!

Pedergraham said...

P.S. You shared the solution to how I fly...I was a little afraid to publicly admit it, but now that I see how alcohol can be combined with all sorts of other liquids high in vitamins and minerals and followed the next day by a 75-minute run, it seems especially therapeutic!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Awesome! I love "Keeping UP Appearances!" As for the British Comedy - well, I don't get "all" the comedies either. I'm a sucker for Fawlty Towers, As Time Goes By, KUA, Are You Being Served?, Waiting for God... some of the "classics" that you find on PBS. For me, it's just a lot of fun. As for the alcohol and flying - I figure that it's "real". In the sense that it's something that I do - but it doesen't define me. I know enough to know that there will be people wo disagree and agree (and everything in between) with what I do. I can't change that - just do what works for me. So if an Apple Martini or Bloody Mary suits my fancy - so be it! Ah - but enough about that. Yes, I'm getting used to the snow, as a 25 degree temp feels downright "balmy". I won't know what to do with myself when I get back to Florida! Thanks for your comments - I always appreciate them!